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New York Giants 1933 Throwback Jersey Apparently Leaks

As you can see, we have yet another apparent jersey leak from Antonio Brown’s @CTESPN Twitter account. It appears to be based on the Giants’ 1933 uniforms, as shown in this mock-up from the Gridiron Uniform Database:

I cannot independently verify the accuracy of this leak. But earlier this month I heard from a source who said that the Giants would be wearing a 1933 throwback this season. He didn’t have visuals but said it was “basically this” (he included that link):

Everything else my source told me has turned out to be accurate, so I believe this leak to be accurate as well.

The Giants are marking their 100th season in 2024, so some sort of archival throwback makes sense for them.

My source doesn’t know anything about when this design will be announced and revealed, but that’s presumably coming soon. If anyone knows more about this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

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    I’m a Giants fan. I think it’s OK. Lots of bad throwbacks out there, so they avoided that.

    That’s a hideous uniform, but I love it as a one-time anniversary throwback option.
    I guess it is a specifically unique looking design and that is why they picked it. I would have a thought they’d go with something from a championship season, like the 1938 uniform; the tan pants, solid red jersey, and blue helmet with the Michigan style wings in red.

    Yeah, I’d really think red Michigan wings would make a great throwback Giants helmet, though I imagine Michigan would probably gripe about it.


    This was one of the throwbacks I said I wanted to see when Jim & I picked our choices


    So which uniform (jersey) gets scrapped for this? The Classic (throwback) …


    … or the “color rush”?


    Both are great, but if I had to choose: keep classic, trash Color Rush. Something about that blue of the jersey and helmet *not* matching that really does something (good) for me.

    That said, I think they’ll probably want to keep a “road alternate” option available, so they’ll likely go the other way. Totally fine. I can see strong arguments for either.

    Les Canadiens de Nouvelle York! I really like this uniform, hope they will wear it more often than only one game next season.

    Quite a bold choice for the conservative Giants, even if it’s a look that’s from their past. Next: Revive the “disco NY” helmets and uniforms (specifically, the white jersey/blue pants) of 1975.

    Does this mean they have to not wear one of their other awesome throwbacks this year? They can only have four sets, right? This one is OK but not even close to the other two throwbacks. Though the 100 year thing makes sense.

    Giants fan here. I like these throwbacks, for a game or two, anyway. They will never have really garish/bad uniforms as long as John Mara is in charge there, in my view. Supposedly the story is Nike/the NFL came to Giants a few years ago with Color Rush proposals complete with red jerseys & pants, then navy blue ones & Mara said no to all of that, that’s why the white throwback jerseys & helmets from the ‘80s & ‘90s came about, as a compromise.

    I’m guessing that this means the blue throwbacks they’ve been using for the last two years will go away. The all-whites seem to be here to stay (and I honestly would love for the team to drop the current white uniforms in favor of these) so I assume the blue throwbacks will be going into the bin for these.

    While it makes more sense for them to get rid of the blue throwback because this is a primary color jersey, they’ve been seemingly phasing out the current white color rush jersey. Look at the team store online, two Kayvon jerseys and no custom options. I think there may have been two color rush games this year as well. Seeming more and more like they’re going to phase out the white color rush. As well, the blue throwbacks are like 90% of what they’re selling on the team store.

    I hope they get to wear it against a team with an equally old-timey throwback, preferably on a Thursday…

    I still think the NFL should have a couple of weeks where teams break out their throwbacks (replicating a bit like the 75year season) – where we see the Creamsicles, the Kelly green, Pat Patriot etc – maybe around Thanksgiving? we can ride the wave of nostalgia, and then get back to proper business and proper unis.
    The mess last year of teams breaking out throwbacks at different times meant someone or other was doing it every week, and seeing thinks like the Browns fauxbacks in white against the Niners in modern unis rather than their throwbacks feels like it diminishes the impact of some of these looks.

    This is what made the 1995 season so special…
    wise words from both of you…

    I don’t how Antonio Brown is able to have access to those leaks but he is doing a great job putting it out their through his CTESPN account despite his erratic behavior.

    Also, the Giants’ 1933 throwbacks look alright; they’re not certainly so great looking. Hopefully it will only be used for their upcoming 100th season.

    Fun for one game like on Thanksgiving, but not as a frequent alternate throwback. They’ve already got one of the cleanest throwbacks in the NFL with their 80’s kits. Seeing Tommy Cutlets in the wordmark helmet last season gave me real Jeff Hostetler vibes.

    Looks very cool as a jersey to wear a few times. It will make the emotionally unstable and whiny fan lose their minds. See some comments here. Those are your NY sports writer loyalists and radio talk show daily callers and obsessive listeners. The people who literally panic with every move. Who are first in line to tell you how great the team is after a win and how the franchise is the worst after one bad quarter. But they are cool. Just don’t show them to the lunatics

    Kind of a messy looking uniform. I’m surprised a conservative organization like NYG would allow this. At least the numbers look good.

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