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Author: Paul Lukas

A Very Special Secret Bowling Alley in New Jersey

Old-school bowling alleys have been dropping like flies, but this one still delivers the goods.

Marlins Become Latest MLB Team to Sell Ad Space on Uni

Just in time for Opening Day.

Say It Ain’t So: The Sad Truth Behind the Final Four Bacon

My favorite March Madness promotion, it turns out, is not quite what it appears to be.

NFL Approves Use of No. 0 as Legal Uni Number; Kickers Can Wear 90-99

The Eagles’ proposal, submitted a month ago, was approved by the competition committee.

It’s Time for the Annual MLB Season Preview!

It’s always Uni Watch’s biggest and most popular post of the year.

Atlanta Unveils City Connect Uniform, Confirming Three Earlier Leaks

It’s not exactly a surprise, but here it is.

So Did the Mets Fix the Number Font on the Seaver Statue?

They had all winter to fix it. Did they?

Setting the Stage for the Uni Watch Final Four Bacon Taste Test

Does bacon smoked over NCAA hardcourt lumber taste different than other bacon? We’re about to find out.

Which MLB Teams Should Ditch Their Road Greys?

The Rays and Mariners have already scrapped their grey jerseys for this season. Which other clubs should follow their lead? We take a team-by-team look.

Colts Add Patch Marking 40 Years in Indy

For a team whose basic look almost never changes, a new patch qualifies as a big deal.

Uni Watch News Ticker for March 23, 2023

Our daily roundup of news items from across the uni-verse.

Chicago Is Latest NHL Team to Scrap Pride Jerseys, Citing Security Concerns

The ongoing controversy, which originally seemed to be rooted in religious concerns, is turning out to be more complicated than that.

A Brief Survey of Team Logos in MLB Coaching Boxes

It hasn’t happened often, but probably more often than you think.

Last Year Up the Hill: Some Brief Thoughts on the Number 59

On the occasion of Paul’s 59th birthday.

Fanatics to Take Over NHL Uni Contract in 2024

We’ve been wondering who would take over for Adidas. Now we know.