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Author: Paul Lukas

Detroit Lions Unveil New Uniform Set for 2024

The leaks from this morning were accurate.

BREAKING: Houston Texans Alternate Helmet Apparently Leaks

The leaks are coming fast and furious now.

Cardinals Announce City Connect Unveiling and On-Field Dates

Will they dare to do a design that doesn’t feature a bird on a bat?

Six WNBA Teams Add New ‘Rebel’ Alternate Uniforms

With the start of the season less than a month away, teams are launching some new looks.

BREAKING: The Detroit Lions’ Jerseys Have Apparently Leaked

And they look pretty good.

EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Story Behind the Jets’ 2019 Uniform Set

In his third and final Uni Watch interview, former Nike art director Tom Andrich explains the troubled process that resulted in an unpopular and short-lived uniform set.

Uni Watch News Ticker for April 18, 2024

In today’s Ticker: A strange in-game NFL jersey switcheroo, a bunch of new Olympic uniforms, and more.

Team Exec: Cleveland Browns Exploring Third Helmet Design for 2025

The white facemask, unveiled yesterday, may be just the beginning of the team’s headwear maneuvers.

First Look: Team USA Olympics Men’s Hoops Jerseys Are Here

Here’s what the United States men’s basketball team will be wearing at the Paris Games.

Color Conundrum: Eagles, Packers to Play in Stadium Where Green Is Banned

The NFL seems to have picked the worst possible team matchup for its first game in Brazil.

Diamondbacks Debut New City Connect Batting Helmet

The “Serpientes” uniform now has its own headgear.

Detroit Lions Give Uniform Hints in New Teaser Video

The official unveiling is tomorrow night, but a new video clip provides some tantalizing clues.

MLB Postseason Jersey Patches Maybe Not Happening After All

A new video game patch appears to walk back an earlier video game leak.

Think Pink: MLB Releases 2024 Mother’s Day Caps

MLB’s annual holiday merch dump is off and running!