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Category: College Hoops

Can’t Make It Up: College Hoops Player Blocks Shot With Shoe!

And yes, it’s legal.

Can’t Make It Up: Louisville Player Sits Out Due to Lack of Tights

Whatever else you can say about it, it made for a very entertaining postgame press conference.

Can You Spot the Uni Weirdness in This Photo?

It’s subtle, but it’s there!

Say It Ain’t So: The Sad Truth Behind the Final Four Bacon

My favorite March Madness promotion, it turns out, is not quite what it appears to be.

Setting the Stage for the Uni Watch Final Four Bacon Taste Test

Does bacon smoked over NCAA hardcourt lumber taste different than other bacon? We’re about to find out.

Tasty: Hormel Makin’ Bacon Smoked Over Final Four Hardcourt Scraps

If you’ve ever thought a court design looked good enough to eat, have we got the product for you.

A Uni Watch Look at Jim Boeheim

From his high school days through his coaching career, Boeheim has brought a distinctive look to most of his endeavors.

Oops! Aggies Receive Technical for Leaving Jerseys at Hotel

Texas A&M got T’d up after an absent-minded team manager committed a serious gaffe.

Period Piece: Grammarians Triggered by U.S.F.’s Jerseys

Click to enlarge The San Francisco men’s hoops team doesn’t get much national exposure these days, so lots of fans freaked out yesterday when they tuned in for the team’s …

How Patrick Ewing Changed the NCAA’s Logo Regulations

Click to enlarge Good morning, and happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of green today (including on the baseball diamond, where spring training games are slated …

Getting Set for March Madness, Uni Watch–Style

Click to enlarge March Madness begins this evening with the men’s First Four Games; the women’s First Four will tip off tomorrow. With that in mind, here’s a graphic (shown …

College Hoops Uniform Designs for a Film Production

By Phil Hecken Follow @PhilHecken Good Sunday morning, Uni Watchers. Hope everyone had a pleasant Saturday. Got an e-mail a little over a month ago from reader Jonathan Martin, who …

Uni Watch Field Trip: A Visit to the Carolina Basketball Museum

For all photos, click to enlarge When I announced a few weeks ago that I’d be visiting Durham, N.C., reader John Austin got in touch to recommend that I check …

The Legacy and Importance of the Sand Knit Number Font

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from the site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul may …

None More Black: Oregon Had ‘Soul Brother’ Mascot in ’71

Click to enlarge I forgot to say this yesterday, so I’ll say it today: Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be safe and well. Now …