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Category: College Football

West Virginia Mountaineers Add Coal-Themed Football Uniform

It’s not clear whether any school will follow with a uniform based on wind power or solar power.

Iowa State Cyclones Release New Football Uniforms

A college football uni unveiling in May? Sure, why not!

Hero TV News Reporter Draws His Own CFP Highlights!

No game footage available? No problem!

College Football’s Calendar Problem Is Even Worse Than the NFL’s

Come on, people — pick a year.

Football’s Weirdest-Looking Facemask Is Getting a Makeover

The Riddell Axiom helmet, which has a very unusual mask design, will have a more conventional-looking mask option this fall.

Decoding Michigan’s Merit Decals Ahead of Tonight’s National Championship Game

While you’re waiting for the big game, here’s some good uni-related info to keep you busy.

Uni Matchup Announced for CFP National Championship Game

Here’s what Washington and Michigan will be wearing for their showdown on Monday night.

Army-Navy 2023: Army Sings Last (Again)

The uniform battle between Army and Navy is as strong as ever, and yesterday marked the 124th time the teams have met on the gridiron.

Army/Navy Special Rivalry Uniforms Through the Years

Army and Navy first met on the field on November 29, 1890, and have met annually since 1930, with the game now taking place on the Second Saturday in December.

Army Salutes ‘Dogface Soldiers’ With New Uni for Army/Navy Game

Yesterday we saw Navy’s uniform. Now it’s Army’s turn.

Navy Unveils Submarine-Themed Uni for Army/Navy Game

The Midshipmen are going with an underwater theme for this year’s service academy showdown.

Houston Cougars Threatened With Trademark Suit by NFL

It’s turning out to be a big week for “Love Ya Blue,” but not in the way we expected.

UTEP Jersey Snafu Leads to Color-vs.-Color Game

The Miners accidentally packed their home jerseys for a road game against Sam Houston State.

Maryland Terps Add New Yellow Jerseys

Hey, they’ve already tried everything else!