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Category: College Football

The Art of Football Officials’ Signals

Tim Brown’s “Football Archaeology” digs into gridiron history to examine how football’s evolution shapes today’s game.

Flag-Based Uni Era Ends, as Maryland Revives Script ‘Terps’ Design

As is often the case, the pendulum has swung back the other way.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Nike’s New NFL Jersey Template

Although it’s new to the NFL, it’s been used in the NCAA for several years now.

Heroes of Zero: Proposal Would Bring No. 0 Back to NFL Action

The Eagles have asked the league’s competition committee to put the quirky number back in play.

How Football’s Zebras Got Their Stripes

The black-and-white striped shirts universally worn by football officials today evolved over time, from no uniforms at all to the “zebra” stripe pattern ubiquitous in football for decades.

Let’s Look at a 100-Year-Old College Football Game Scorecard

A small booklet has a lot to tell us about the early days of college football.

Honoring Letter Sweaters and Jackets

Timothy Brown is the author of Football Archaeology, which digs into gridiron history to examine how football’s evolution shapes today’s game. Period images and a dash of humor help tell each thoroughly researched story.

Mike Leach Memorial Decals Continue to Pile Up

Schools from around the country are honoring the late coach during their bowl games.

The Only Game In Town: Army/Navy Meet for 123rd Edition of their Storied Rivalry

Army and Navy first met on the field on November 29, 1890, and have met annually since 1930, with the game now taking place on the Second Saturday in December.

Join the Navy, See the World … and Outer Space?

The Naval Academy’s uni for the Army/Navy game has an improbable NASA theme.

Say It Ain’t So: Ole Miss Sells Space on Helmet to Uni Advertiser

We’ve all been so focused on uni ads in the pro leagues that we haven’t thought much about it happening in the college ranks. But now it’s happened.

College Yearbook Football Art

A look at artwork found in yearbooks published between 1907 and 1931 whose primary themes include ball carriers, cheering fans, and battered heroes soaking in the thrill of victory often draped in a blanket

Penn State’s Surprisingly Varied Nose Bumper Graphics

For a team with such famously unchanging uniforms, the Nittany Lions have had a surprising amount of design churn on their nose bumpers.

Air Force Unveils Special ‘Space Force’ Unis for Navy Game

For their seventh “Air Power Series” uniform, the team will honor the United States Space Force

Nebraska Football Unveils Alternate Unis Paying Tribute to 1983 Squad

Jerseys feature “mesh” style numbers reminiscent of the mesh jerseys worn by the 1983 team