Period Piece, Revisited

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Nearly four years ago, I wrote a piece about how some NFL teams use a period after the “Jr” or “Sr” in NOBs that include those generational suffixes, while other teams don’t include the period. Now reader Sam Olmstead […]

Frankly, Scarlet: Buckeyes to Go Mono-Red vs. Penn State

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Things will look a little different for Ohio State’s matchup against Penn State on Oct. 30, as the Buckeyes yesterday announced that they’ll be going mono-red for that game. (Yes, I know, OSU prefers to say “scarlet,” but come on — it’s red.)

On […]

Florida State Pulls Out All the Stops for Bobby Bowden

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Good morning and greetings from Fun City, where we got just a wee bit of rain last night. Even stadiums with roofs weren’t immune (to say nothing of stadiums without roofs). Fortunately, everything is fine here at Uni Watch HQ, at least for now, […]

Paul Returns, Just in Time for College Football Season

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Hi there. Remember me?

Yes, it’s Paul here, back from my annual August break from the blog. Before I say anything else, please join me in giving a standing O to Mr. Phil Hecken, who produced some absolutely sensational content during my absence. If you enjoyed that […]