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Category: NHL

Pens, Bruins Reveal Jerseys for 2023 NHL Winter Classic

The aesthetic battle lines for the two black-and-yellow teams are now set.

EXCLUSIVE: Bruins’ Winter Classic Jersey Has Leaked

The official unveiling won’t take place until Friday, but a retail shop has jumped the gun.

The Blues Suddenly Have the Best Uniforms in the NHL

The team’s new Reverse Retro uni, which made its on-ice debut last night, is the class of the league.

Flyers Finally Bring Back Cooperalls

For the first time in nearly 40 years, the long pants returned to the NHL ice.

Sabres Finally Unveil ‘Goathead’ Throwback

The retro design will be worn 12 times this season.

Welcome to the NHL’s Reverse Retro Day, 2022 Edition

After months of leaks, hints, and teasers, the big unveiling is finally upon us.

The Best Players by Uni Number for the NHL

It’s the latest entry in our ongoing “best player by number” series.

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.

New Drip: Oilers’ Reverse Retro McFarlane Design Now Confirmed

After a bunch of hints, we now have definitive confirmation that Edmonton is bringing back the “oil drip” design.

Got Milk? Leafs Add Dairy Patch to Uniforms

Toronto is the 10th NHL team so far to announce a uni advertiser for 2022-23

Local Black-Owned Coffee Shop Gets Free Ad Spot on Devils’ Road Helmets

For the second consecutive season, the Devils’ primary helmet advertiser is donating its spot to a local Black-owned business, free of charge.

Report: NHL Expects About Half of Teams to Remain Ad-Free This Season

The NHL uni ad situation could be a lot better — but it turns out that it could also be a lot worse.

Canes Unveil Retro-Flavored Red Alternate for 2022-23

Now that black is the team’s new home color, red has been relegated to alternate status.

Sharks Unveil New Look, Confirming Earlier Leaks

After a seemingly endless series of leaks, the Sharks finally made it official last night and revealed their new uni set.

How I First Got It™: A 1992 NHL Coloring Book

For one Uni Watch reader, an NHL coloring book from his youth had a transformative effect. Let’s take a look!