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Category: NBA

Wemby Watch: Rookie’s NOB Typo Adds to Spurs’ Misfortunes

As if an 11-game losing streak weren’t bad enough, San Antonio sent their celebrated rookie onto the court with his name misspelled.

The Strange Saga of LaMelo Ball’s Neck Tattoo Cover-Up

Thanks to an NBA rule, the Charlotte guard now leads the league in bandage colors.

Young Man: Hawks Add YMCA as Uni Advertiser

It’s the most unexpected uni ad in years.

Bizarre Development: Utah Jazz Apparently Leak Seattle Kraken Winter Classic Jersey

what’s kraken??? #VivintCam | @VivintHome — Utah Jazz (@utahjazz) November 18, 2023 Paul here, making a rare weekend appearance, because something very strange is going on in the NHL …

NBA Releases Another 22 (!) New Court Designs

If your head is spinning from all the recent NBA machinations, you’re not alone.

NBA Releases All 30 City Edition Uniforms, Confirming Earlier Leaks

A few hits, lots of swings and misses.

Miami Heat’s Uni-Numbered Shorts Present Logistical Challenge

There’s a reason you don’t often see uni-numbered shorts in the NBA.

NBA Unveils 30 (!) New Court Designs for In-Season Tourney

The project appears to have skidded off the runway.

NBA Returning to East/West All-Star Game Format

For the first time since 2017, we’ll have “East” uniforms vs. “West” uniforms.

Ewww: Nuggets Are Latest NBA Team With New Uni Advertiser

Teams are racing to get their new ads in place in time for the start of the regular season.

All 30 NBA City Jerseys (and Some Shorts) Have Now Leaked

The creative poverty of the City Edition program is now on full display.

Ewww: Wizards Add First Uni Advertiser Since 2021

Just in time for the start of the regular season.

NBA City Edition Concept Series, Part II

30 different graphic designers each concepted a new NBA “City” edition jersey for 30 different teams.

Hahahaha: Knicks’ Leaked City Design Is Among the Worst Ever

Are we even trying?

Cleveland Cavaliers Reveal 2023-24 City Edition Uniform

For the second straight season, the Cavs will be wearing “The Land.”