A Close Look at the New Brewers and Jazz Uniforms

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Good morning! Last Friday I promised that I’d have a full assessment of the Brewers and Jazz unveilings, so let’s get into that, beginning with the Brewers. Their “Brew Crew” City Connect design is shown above, and here are some additional pics showing the socks, cap, sleeve […]

Cavs Reveal New Logo Set; Unis to Follow Soon

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The Cavs yesterday released a new set of logos for next season. As you can see above, the biggest change is that they’ve moved away from yellow and back to gold, plus they’ve also dropped the sword imagery and introduced a new “ball going into the basket-V” […]

Casey Vitelli’s 2022-23 ‘NBA Refresh’ Concept Series, Part II

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Good Sunday Morning and a Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Last weekend, I was pleased to present to you Casey Vitelli’s “NBA Refresh” Concept Series, Part I. Today, Casey is back for the final part. This was a fun series to run, and there were lots of […]

Our Latest Flag Project: The NBA Parade of Nations

[Editor’s Note: First Marc Mayntz brought us a “national flag” for each NFL team. Then he did the same thing for the NHL. Today he’s back with the NBA installment of this ongoing project. Enjoy. — PL]

By Marc Mayntz

I initially thought it would be too difficult to distill NBA teams down to simple […]