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Category: NBA

Confusion Reigns Over Possible Suns Uni Leaks

Do the leaks show next year’s new uniforms? Discarded prototypes? Something else?

16 Designers Create 16 NBA ‘Earned’ Edition Jerseys

The Earned Edition jerseys last featured in the NBA in the 2020-21 season. So what if the Earned Edition jerseys would make a comeback for the 2022-23 NBA season?

Imagining the NBA in Reverse Retro Jerseys

The NHL has successfully created the “Reverse Retro” program, and today, two designers apply the concept to the NBA

April No-Foolin’: Nets Release Bizarre City Edition Clown Suit

Never a dull moment in the NBA!

Game-Changer: Interviewing the Designer of the ‘Basketball of the Future’

Paul has an exclusive, in-depth interview with the engineer behind Wilson’s new “airless” basketball, which has the potential to remake ball-driven sports.

Kickin’ It In 2023: Your NBA ASG Sneaker Guide

The All-Star sneaker preview has been a UW fixture since 2009. In 2019 Matt Weidner began his run, taking over for Matt Powers.

NBA Unveils 2023 All-Star Game Jerseys

Another year, another round of All-Star designs.

Hornets Make Unusual Paul Silas Patch Announcement

Some Hornets personnel will wear the patch, but others apparently won’t.

‘T’ Minus: Nets Player Victimized by Wayward Letter

Nic Claxton’s uniform looks a bit different tonight.

It’s a Good Uniform, but Is It a Good Pistons Uniform?

Detroit’s new City alternate encapsulates a lot of the tensions and contradictions of the NBA’s City Edition program.

Let’s Take a Look at the NBA’s New City Edition Uniforms

Good morning, and happy Veterans Day! For those of you who are veterans — and I know there are quite a few of you out there — please accept my …

If You Lie Down with Dogs: Crypto Deals Turn Ugly for Teams, Leagues

A sketchy industry, a market crash, a few ad patches and naming rights deals — what could go wrong?

Celtics Honor Bill Russell with New ‘City’ Uni Design

Most of the new NBA City designs won’t be unveiled until next month — but the Celtics have a good reason for revealing this one now.

Awesome New Mavs City Jersey Leaks

Amidst all the leaks, unveilings, and hype, a fantastic new design cuts through the clutter.

Suns Unveil New Statement Alternate

The NBA’s new Statement alts keep on coming!