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Category: NBA

LA Lakers Unveil New ‘Classic’ Edition Jersey

It’s a beauty!

Golden State Warriors Unveil New ‘Classic’ Edition Uni

The team wore this uniform from 1988-1997

Warriors Unveil New Statement Edition Uni for 2022-23

The jersey features “Golden State” across the chest, marking the first time the phrase is displayed prominently on a Warriors uniform since 1975

Bucks Reveal New Statement Alternate, Hint at New Throwback

Milwaukee has replaced one black alternate uni with another and dropped a hint about a new retro design.

The Real Teal Deal: Pistons Reviving Late-’90s Favorite

One of the NBA’s most quintessentially 1990s uniforms is making a comeback.

Spurs Draw on Mexican Crafts for New Statement Alternate

San Antonio will have five uniforms this season. Here’s the latest one.

Cavs Unveil New Uni Set for 2022-23 Season

Six weeks after unveiling a new logo set, the Cavs now a new uni set to go along with it.

America The Beautiful (Uniform)

What team in each sport has worn the most “patriotic” uniform?

A Close Look at the New Brewers and Jazz Uniforms

Click to enlarge Good morning! Last Friday I promised that I’d have a full assessment of the Brewers and Jazz unveilings, so let’s get into that, beginning with the Brewers. …

Cavs Reveal New Logo Set; Unis to Follow Soon

Click to enlarge The Cavs yesterday released a new set of logos for next season. As you can see above, the biggest change is that they’ve moved away from yellow …

Casey Vitelli’s 2022-23 ‘NBA Refresh’ Concept Series, Part II

By Phil Hecken Follow @PhilHecken Good Sunday Morning and a Happy Mother’s Day to all! Last weekend, I was pleased to present to you Casey Vitelli’s “NBA Refresh” Concept Series, …

Our Latest Flag Project: The NBA Parade of Nations

[Editor’s Note: First Marc Mayntz brought us a “national flag” for each NFL team. Then he did the same thing for the NHL. Today he’s back with the NBA installment …

Casey Vitelli’s 2022-23 ‘NBA Refresh’ Concept Series, Part I

By Phil Hecken Follow @PhilHecken Good Saturday morning, Uni Watch crew. I hope everyone has had a good week! Got a fun one for you today. As you’re all aware, …

The Strange Story of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Necklace

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birthday was on Saturday — he turned 75 (just like the NBA this season!). And in a nice case of good timing, today’s Uni Watch entry is about …

The Script Is Back: NBA Unveils New Logo for 2022 Finals

Who writes in script anymore? The NBA, that’s who! The league yesterday announced that it’s going back to a cursive logo for this year’s NBA Finals. But it’s not the …