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Uni Watch News Ticker for April 13, 2024

In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a sleeve patch that’s more like a shoulder patch, more developments in the Team USA track and field uniform saga, and more.

Remembership, Part 8: The Bands Come Marching In

The latest installment in our retrospective series on the Uni Watch membership card program.

The Arizona Coyotes Could Be Moving to Utah

And not a moment too soon.

What the MLB Uniform Fiasco Says About How We Process Reality

The finger-pointing feels like a symptom of a problem that goes beyond uniforms.

Uni Watch News Ticker for April 12, 2024

In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a molecular structure on the ice, a rundown of what each participant in The Masters is wearing, and more!

The Latest Addition to Uni Watch HQ

I recently received an extremely cool birthday present.

Broncos and Texans Hint That New Uni Sets Will Have Three Helmets

It’s not hard to read these tea leaves.

Nifty 50: Hawaii Travel Report

I finally made it to all 50 states!

Finally, a Uni Error That We Can Actually Blame on Fanatics

Rangers pitcher Jacob Latz was victimized by a small but irksome uni-related glitch last night.

Uni Watch News Ticker for April 11, 2024

In today’s Ticker: The return of a storied uni number in Baltimore, more minor league alternate team identities, and more.

Head Games: NFL Allows Teams to Use Three Helmet Colors

Two years after allowing teams to add a second helmet, the league is once again upping the ante.

Browns’ Alternate Helmet May Also Be Getting New Facemask Color

The primary orange helmet is definitely getting a new mask color. Now it appears that the white alternate helmet may be due for a similar change.

A Bunch of MLB Players Have Set Uni Number Records This Season

19 players — mostly pitchers — have tied or set the records for the most seasons wearing a particular uni number.

Uni Watch News Ticker for April 10, 2024

Today on the Ticker: An MLBer paid tribute to the best college women’s basketball player, a follow-up on Kobe’s statue, and more.

Can’t Make It Up: MLBer’s Pants Come Apart at the Seams

Just when you thought this year’s MLB uniforms couldn’t get any weirder.