Seeing Green: The Aesthetic Argument Regarding the Philadelphia Eagles

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By Phil Hecken, with Noah Friedman

Got another reader submitted article for you today, this time from Noah Friedman, who addresses an issue that’s been ongoing for years, and especially amongst fans of the Philly Iggles: Kelly vs Midnight. Enjoy!

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Seeing Green: The Aesthetic Argument Regarding the Philadelphia Eagles
By Noah Friedman

In 1996, the Philadelphia Eagles made a bizarre choice: change the teams iconic “Kelly” green uniforms that had become synonymous with the franchise for a much, much darker shade in “Midnight” green. The reason for the choice, new owner, Jeffery Laurie’s, now ex-wife hated the “Kelly” green (hey, “happy wife happy life”, I guess). From that point on, up until recently there was a general consensus from fans of the team that the “Midnight” green should be scrapped, and “Kelly” green should be brought back. What happened recently that changed opinions? Well, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history (their fourth NFL Championship, overall, but I’m not going to debate the whole “do NFL Championships predating the Super Bowl count?” thing because it’s a stupid and pointless debate) wearing Laurie’s “Midnight” green.

The story comes up about once or twice a year in Philadelphia the “Jeffery Lurie is Trying to Get the NFL to Change its One Helmet Policy for Throwbacks”, in traditional Eagles Fan Fashion, people take to the phones and start debating it. It has been a little over three years since the initial report of Lurie petitioning the NFL Competition Committee to overturn the One Helmet Rule, and the debate rages on to this day. Here is a quick look, from a fan and Uni Watcher’s perspective of the Eagles Aesthetic Argument. A look at all sides, the hurdles that would come with each option, and the history of why this debate is so bizarre. I am sure there are other fan bases that have similar debates throughout other sports (Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, New England Patriots, and Denver Broncos immediately come to mind). In the grand scheme of football and life does this matter? Absolutely not. In the uniform world does it matter? Yes. Is anyone innately right or wrong? Who the hell knows? Am I gonna look at it? Yes.

• • •

Faction 1: “If it Ain’t Broke”

The first faction in this debate are those fans who think “meh, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The birds won their first Super Bowl wearing the ‘Midnight’ green, so why bring back the ‘kelly’ shade? A lot of folks in this faction tend to be in the younger generations of fans, and they are not necessarily as vocal about their opinion on this matter because nobody really cares if they make a change. We have had nearly three decades in “Midnight” green, and the Eagles won the Super Bowl wearing the dark pantone. It is not a terrible shade of green, but it is not an overly attractive one (hell, I am the type of fan that would rather buy the BFBS jersey because the “Midnight” is not as aesthetically pleasing). But it was the uniform the Eagles won the Super Bowl in so there’s that element. The weirdest thing is, Lurie downgraded the uniforms when he bought the team because his wife at the time (now ex-wife) hated the ‘Kelly’ Green so he opted to change the color to make her happy (think if the Rams totally rebranded because Anne Kroenke ((neé Walton)) did not like the Blue and Gold color scheme).

• • •

Faction 2: Bring Them Back

The Eagles ‘Kelly’ green uniforms had been iconic for decades, and up until Lurie’s decision to make the change it was pretty much the team’s identity. Hell, so much as just a mention of the Eagles in uniform circles bring about conversations about the ‘Kelly’ green, and winged helmets (which, I’ve always loved). Whichever iteration of the ‘Kelly’ green aesthetic you believe to be the best is really up to you. Whether it be the Ron Jaworski/Harold Carmichael/Dick Vermeil Era Eagles Uniforms with the Green/White/Grey/White/Green Northwestern Stripe, or the Reggie White/Randall Cunningham/Jerome Brown/Buddy Ryan Era uniforms with the full bird on the sleeve. My personal belief is that the “Bring Them Back” option is ideal for most fans. A lot of folks love the lighter hue of green, and feel strongly about the return into the rotation.

• • •

Faction 3: The Hybrid/The Rams Method

This option is the one that requires the NFL to ease up on uniform regulations. The infamous “One Helmet Rule” (one shell) rule is the one factor holding up the Eagles (among other teams like the Patriots, Chargers, and that team from Dallas) from making this option a reality, and using either the ‘Kelly’ green or ‘Midnight’ green a throwback option. As it stands, the two shades of the same color cause a horrific clash and just simply do not go together, making a throwback/alternate unrealistic at best, and as horrible as the Eagles 75th anniversary uniforms at worst. Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie has been trying like hell to make this option the reality of the situation, but with the current rules in place, this is not an option that can be done in a reasonable manor.

The Hybrid option/”Rams Method” as I’m calling it is simply using one aesthetic as the primary and the other as the secondary/alternate throwback (that really becomes more like a primary). Obviously, the biggest hurdle is the NFL changing rules in regards to helmet shells, but the other would be demographic testing and fan polling simply due to the fact that this is a divisive topic within the fanbase. Whichever one doesn’t test as well with fans (obviously, both aesthetics would test well, but one would logically test slightly better) would become the throwback/alternate, and the better testing one would become the primary. Unfortunately, this method would be the most ideal option, but the most unrealistic one as the NFL does not seem to want to change the “One Helmet Rule” any time soon.

• • •


Ultimately, there is very little or no room for a good option here. There is no option in which the Eagles or fans can truly “win”. That is, unless something changes at the league level. If/when the NFL changes their one helmet policy then we could see a change for teams like the Eagles, Patriots, Chargers, Dallas, et cetera. The rule should change, as some NCAA programs will roll out a new helmet each week, and you’d think the people in charge of keeping the heads of young people safe would try to do that in the same method as the NFL. But what do we know? We’re just fans and uniform nerds, right? We aren’t paid thousands of dollars to reduce concussions. Also most players will go through multiple helmets in a season. So maybe the rule change could happen. Either way, the Eagles direction involving the aesthetic identity of the team will remain in limbo until Jeffery Lurie decides to do something. Sometimes, you can’t just sit around and wait for the higher ups to make the decision for you.

Today is my dad’s birthday, his support of some of my interests (including uniforms) is a huge part of what made this article possible. So happy birthday, Dad.

• • • • •

Thanks, Noah! I, myself, am and have been in the kelly camp for some time, and I thought once the Lurie split was finalized, he’d seek to bring the kelly back. We’re not there yet.

OK readers? What say you?

Cubbies v. The Burgh

Last night, in Williamsport, PA, the Chicago Cubs — playing as the “CUBBIES” — took on the Pittsburgh Pirates — who represented “THE BURGH.” What you see above are the caps the respective teams wore: the Cubs wore a royal blue featuring their “walking cub” secondary logo, while the Pirates went with a solid gold cap adorned with a modified version of their primary logo: the word “Pirates” was removed, and the bandanna was recolored from red to gold.

Williamsport, of course, is the home of the Little League World Series (which is currently taking place) and the game was what has become the annual version of the “Little League Classic.” In past years, the participating teams wore their ridiculous “Players Weekend” jerseys and caps, but this year, both teams got special jerseys to go with the modified caps:

As you can see, the jerseys are of the v-neck, pullover variety (so Jim Vilk and Chris Richards can rejoice), and both feature a pattern resembling that of the “Beach Blanket Bingo” jerseys of White Sox infamy (interesting they’d but the Cubs in these, but I digress).

The Cubs jersey was gray-based, with a light blue stripe over and under a large royal blue stripe with “CUBBIES” in large letters across the royal stripe. Letters were red outlined in white. The jerseys feature the Cubs “C” logo with the walking bear on the left chest. Both sleeves were solid royal blue.

The Pirates wore white jerseys which featured the same pattern, only the Bucs had a light yellow stripe atop and below the larger gold stripe; letters were black outlined in white, with both sleeves being solid gold. Like the Cubs, the Pirates jerseys featured a “P” logo on the left chest.

As in the past, the jerseys featured a “Little League Classic” patch on the left sleeve, and on the right sleeve, player jerseys featured a patch on which they could write the name or names of someone they wished to thank. They’d done this in the past too.

That patch had been featured on the past two years’ Players Weekend jerseys, but this year with the mono black vs. mono white unis, that patch is (apparently) gone.

Most of the players wore NickNOBs (which they’ll also have for their Players Weekend unis). As in past years, many went into the stands to chat with the multiple players from the LLWS teams, who were also in attendance (a nice touch).

I watched a fair amount of this game, and I enjoyed both the festivities and the venue. It’s called (cue the advertiser…) BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field, but it’s a pretty intimate venue and perfect for a game like this. The players (and all the kids watching) seemed to have fun (well, at least the Cubs did) and I wholeheartedly support this special uni game. Instead of a full weekend with 30 teams wearing clown suits, this should be the ONE game a year when the two teams chosen to play wear the “Little League” inspired unis.

Here’s a look a the uniforms on the field. I think they look pretty sharp! Both teams wore their regular home (Pittsburgh) and road (Cubs) pants — they also wore their normal batting helmets.

And some looks at the unis in action:

And a few of the NickNOBs the CUBBIES wore:

I love this. But all the good will built up from this will be lost next weekend when 30 teams will wear all black or all white. It was fun for one night.

Reds sweep through weekend with ’76 and ’90 throwbacks

Our own Alex Hider has been reviewing the various throwbacks the Cincinnati Reds have been wearing over the course of the year, and on both Saturday AND Sunday of this weekend, the Reds again threwback — both to World Series (and Dragon-Slaying) winning teams: the 1976 Big Red Machine, who swept the Yankees and the 1990 club, who took down the A’s, also in a sweep. Here’s Alex with his review. — PH

By Alex Hider

It was a busy weekend for the Reds equipment staff. A day after they wore 1976 Big Red Machine throwbacks, the Reds honored the 1990 wire-to-wire Nasty Boys throwbacks on Sunday.

At first glance, there’s not much of a difference between the ’76 and ’90 unis — both sets are white, with pullover jerseys and sansabelt pants. But the Reds took care to include piping on the pants and an extra stripe on the sleeves for Sunday’s game.

Just like the 1919 throwbacks that the Reds wore in June, the 1990 set is specifically based on what the team wore during World Series. The uniforms included a World Series patch as well as an American flag patch both the Reds and the A’s wore to honor the armed forces in the midst of the Gulf War.

Every Reds player went high-hosed on Saturday and Sunday — as has been the case with every throwback day this season. But Sunday marked the first game where high socks may not have been the most accurate representation.

While baseball wasn’t quite in the pajama era in 1990, pant length was certainly creeping downward. A Google Images search shows that most of the 1990 Reds wore their pants down to their calves, with stirrups barely visible.

Only a few players wore stirrups. SP Alex Wood wore non-era appropriate striped logo socks — just as he did for the 1967 game a few weeks ago.

Aristides Aquino wore plain red socks for last week’s 1969 throwback game. But he wore black-and-red striped logo socks on Saturday and Sunday.

The Cardinals played along with their light blue road alts on Saturday, which worked nicely as the ’76 Cardinals wore light blue on the road. The Cards wore their traditional gray roads on Sunday — but chose to wear navy caps and undersleeves. The Cards wore red caps on the road in 1990.

The Reds only have two throwback games remaining — they’ll wear 1995 sleeveless jerseys on Sept. 8, and will wrap up the program with the 1999 BFBS vests on Sept. 22.

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

The game has returned! At least for a trial basis, but I got a lot of positive response to its return, so we’ll see how long we keep this one going.

Today’s scoreboard comes from reader “ojai67”.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

The location should be pretty easy but after that? There’s lots of clues on that scoreboard…

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

If you guys like this, please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

ICYMI: Oregon Ducks Unveil New Unis…

…and I know you’re shocked

On Saturday, the Oregon Ducks (yes, my love/hate relationship with this team continues) unveiled several sets of new uniforms to be worn for the 2019 season. The one pictured above is called …

…wait for it …

Nightmare Green

Yes, you read that correctly.

Johnny Ek had coverage of the new uniforms on yesterday’s Uni Watch, if you didn’t get a chance to check it out.

If there’s any *good* news about the unveiling, at least it appears the Nightmare Green (which is more like a dark olive, if you ask me) is replacing the BFBS uni from last season. That’s not to say it’s definitely gone (would anything about the Ducks uni machinations surprise you) — but it wasn’t a part of Saturday’s roll out. Now, is Nightmare Green any better? At least we probably won’t have to prepare for an onslaught of NGFNGS uni unveilings for other schools in the future.

The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: Dodgers 1B Cody Bellinger has been wearing teammates’ pants and cleats since last Thursday. We have a picture where you can clearly see Bellinger wearing cleats showing OF Joc Pederson’s No. 31 instead of his own No. 35 (from Tyler Obalak and Stetson Pevar). … The Pirates had a cardigan giveaway on Saturday. To go along with the giveaway, their tweets primarily quoted Mr. Rogers (from Robert Brashear). … Fort Monroe, in Virginia Beach, Va., has a World War II-era baseball jersey worn by a soldier stationed at the fort (from Max Weintraub).

Football News: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson apparently wore a helmet camera last night (from William Luck). … An odd Washington/Broncos Photoshop for QB Case Keenum, which is a lot more Broncos than Washington, can be seen at the top of this article (from Jon Solomonson). … Staying with Washington, early-’60s DE John Paluck added a cross to his helmet (from Gene Sanny). … This article explores the previous wearers of numbers chosen by Steelers rookies (from Jerry Wolper). … Reader Robert Brashear sent us a vintage NFL cup. … Illinois players apparently receive numbered towels (from Jeff Lagro). … The CFL’s Ottawa RedBlacks wore rainbow flag helmet decals (from Wade Heidt). … Fort Thomas Highlands (Ky.) HS painted the 22-yard line blue to honor the school’s former Kentucky and Giants QB Jared Lorenzen, who passed away last month (from multiple readers). … Lyndon B. Johnson HS, in Johnson City, Texas, incorporates the three medals Johnson earned while serving in World War II in its helmet design (from Brett Baker).

Hockey News: The Canucks added their 50th-anniversary logo to center ice (from Wade Heidt). … Also from Wade: the Calgary Canucks, of the Junior A Alberta Junior Hockey League, have a new logo and new shades of blue and green.

Soccer News: Manchester United released a black rose-themed third shirt on Friday. It looks just a little bit familiar (from Phil and Josh Hinton). … Several Leicester City players were missing Premier League sleeve patches. Some reappeared after halftime and some didn’t (very diligently tracked by Josh). … One more from Josh: Paris Saint-Germain became the latest team to wear their third kit from last season because they haven’t revealed this season’s yet. … You can see more on Josh’s Twitter feed. … In Germany, Hoffenheim midfielder Lukas Rupp was missing his badge (from Ed Żelaski). … Also from Ed: the league assist leader for each five-matchday period in the Czech First League now wears a yellow number for the next five matchdays, starting with Slavia Prague’s Petr Ševčík. … My brother Nate Rathjen points out that Bundesliga TV graphics, which refer to most teams using their cities, use “Berlin” for both Berlin teams, Hertha and Union, presumably until they play each other. … Some Union Berlin fans paid for extra tickets to bring in pictures of deceased fans that never got to see them play in the Bundesliga. The pictures were counted in the attendance figure, meaning the attendance exceeded the Stadion an der Alten Försterei’s capacity.

Grab Bag: The Brazil women’s volleyball team wore a charity logo above the numbers this weekend (from Jeremy Brahm). … Jeremy also has for us a new kit from men’s club volleyball: the third-tier Japanese team Toyota Mobility Tokyo Sparkle. … This weekend’s Rugby World Cup warm-up games featured a blue-vs.-blue matchup between Scotland and France, which also saw Scotland changing kit as the away team, even though in rugby union the home team generally changes to avoid color clashes. … Australian Football League team Fremantle wore late-’90s throwbacks for their final home game of the season.

Oregon Unveils 2019 'Nike Vapor Fusion' Uniforms

By John Ekdahl

Yesterday, Oregon rolled out their 2019 uniforms, which marks the 20th Anniversary of their unique partnership with Nike. Nike and Oregon signed a new deal two years ago:

In November of 2017, the university and Nike reached a new contract worth $88 million over 11 years. Under the terms of the new deal, the university receives between $2 million and $2.5 million in cash per year and up to $6 million worth of apparel. That is up from the current deal which is worth $750,000 in cash and $2.5 million in apparel. Nike’s contract with Oregon also secures additional royalties for the university and an additional internship for a University of Oregon student.

Additional shots of the uniforms are available on Oregon’s Twitter feed: White with Nightmare Green 1, White with Nightmare Green 2, Nightmare Green 1, Nightmare Green 2, White with Oregon Green 1, White with Oregon Green 2, Oregon Yellow 1, Oregon Yellow 2, Oregon Green 1, Oregon Green 2.

Here’s a good look at 20 years of Oregon unis with Nike.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Jim Day of Fox Sports Ohio broke down the Reds 1976 throwbacks during the broadcast yesterday.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Héctor Santiago wore a Tyler Skaggs patch on his Chicago White Sox last night. Santiago and Skaggs were actually in the same 2013 three-team trade that sent them both to the Angels, Santiago coming from the Chicago White Sox and Skaggs went from Arizona to LA.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos wore 1969 throwbacks last night.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be wearing a decal to honor receivers coach Darryl Drake, who died during training camp this past week.

Buffalo Sabres Announce 'Golden Jersey'

By John Ekdahl

The Buffalo Sabres will be wearing their “Golden Jersey” for select home games next season, celebrating 50 years of professional hockey in Buffalo. The jersey will go on display today for FanFest, and will be available for purchase one month from today on September 17th at The Sabres Store. More info and photos here.

Hometown fans will once again have the chance to see their team take the ice in a white-based jersey, adorned with the iconic Sabres crest in fluorescent gold and navy blue. Five stripes representing each of the franchise’s decades are embroidered on both sleeves as well as the jersey’s bottom.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

A tease from the XFL. Let the wild speculation begin.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Here’s a fun story from the folks over at Ebbets Field Flannels.

Great little story from the @twins if you have a minute to read. We recently sent a special delivery to the whole team of our Tabasco Plataneros ballcap so they could surprise their manager Rocco Baldelli. Read Twins pitcher,
Kyle Gibson’s note below: “Yeah it was really funny! So our manager Rocco Baldelli had been wearing this same hat every road trip, every day, everywhere he went…..and we couldn’t figure out what it was. Well one day Jason Castro was looking online for a hat, and he ran across the Tabasco hat! And the debate started about if Rocco had the fitted or the adjustable (just stupid debates between grown men!) haha and then it turned into, “ok he wears this thing everywhere….what if we get them for the whole team and we show up one trip without him knowing and we are ALL wearing the hat!!!” So this past trip we were going from Milwaukee to Texas, and on the bus ride to the airport we passed them out so that as we got off the bus he was blindsided by 50 other guys and gals wearing the same hat! This is his first year as a manager and this is the first time we have done anything to “prank him” and he thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! Thanks for making this happen!” Thanks #mntwins for including us in this great prank. Look forward to more pics to come! Glad we could be a part of it.
If you’re looking for the hat, we have more stock coming in mid Sept. Sign up for an alert under the size choices and you’ll be emailed as soon as they’re back!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

🚨🚨🚨 Number zero alert 🚨🚨🚨

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Here are the new kits for Utah State.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Just down the road from me, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp will become the Jacksonville Frozen Shrimp next weekend in a cross-promotional deal with the hockey team across the street, the Jacksonville Icemen. This isn’t the first time the two teams have worked together in a marketing partnership. Last year the Icemen suited up as the Jacksonville Frozen Shrimp as well.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

From Paul, here is some news out of Baylor.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

More from Paul, here’s a look at Oregon State’s new unis.

Bud Parks Tweaks The American League

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken, with Bud Parks

You guys know I love uniform concepts, tweaks and redesigns, so when reader Bud Parks told me he’d come up with tweaks for all 30 MLB teams, I couldn’t wait to see what he’d created. Turns out he’s got some minor tweaks — but some of these really seem to work (others, maybe not so much), but each of them are well thought out and certainly worth consideration. We’ll tackle the American League today, and the National League another time. Here’s Bud:

• • • • •

American League Uniform and Cap Concepts
By Bud Parks


***all credit goes to Chris Creamer of for the creation of the uniform templates and some logo templates I used. Thanks Chris!

***the top row is what the team currently uses as their set. The bottom row are my edits. A number of teams have made changes to their repertoire since I worked on them, so the top row may be outdated every so often. Sorry!

***alternates labeled “weekend” = Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday. Alternates worn on Saturday and/or Sunday are labelled accordingly

***”Whenever” means exactly that. sometimes ‘whenever’ means pretty often, like the Pirates black alternate, other times whenever can mean 2 or 3 times a season

***Contrary to what this site usually preaches, I really appreciate color on the diamond so every team has at least one alternate jersey. Even the Yankees!



• • •

Baltimore Orioles

As primarily an O’s fan myself, I’ve been relatively pleased with all of the incremental changes the team has made of the past 10 or so years; making the sleeve trim a bit more interesting, adding a killer sleeve patch, adding and then fixing the Baltimore script, etc. So maybe I got a little carried away with this one, but I think the results turned out well. First off, I’ve always preferred the older Orioles script from the early 90s, I think it has more character and fits in just fine with the current Baltimore script. Secondly, the road jersey could benefit from a little bit of a darker tone, so the lettering colors get flipped from what they currently are (I’ve also designed a black version of the sleeve patch to better match). The orange alt I think suffers quite a bit from the sleeve trim not matching the lettering colors, so that gets updated and my new alt sleeve patch is added as well. The black alt gets updated from saying Orioles to Baltimore, since that’s what it should’ve been all along, but especially now that more and more teams are wearing alternate jerseys at home with the city or state name and the world hasn’t ended. And finally, the hats. This is not a vendetta against the cartoon bird, in fact I like him just fine. He just ended up being the odd logo out; I’ve always preferred the O’s hat logo and have always wanted them to have a B hat of some kind, which works great as a road hat. The O’s logo I’ve created matches the older script, with the apostrophe sort of being carved out of the larger swoop the O had back then.

• • •

Boston Red Sox

When the Red Sox won the the World Series in 2004, they had only two jerseys; one of them had ONLY placket trim, and the other had ONLY sleeve trim. I thought that was kind of a fun, unique quirk for them so I decided to bring it back and preserve the idea on their current red and navy alts as well. Add the sleeve patch from the road jersey to the other three, introduce a red hat to wear on weekends, and there’s your set.

• • •

New York Yankees

As very much NOT a Yankees fan, it took every ounce of me not to screw with their home pins just out of spite. But their road jersey has always felt kinda blah to me. I guess it’s unique, but it’s never been well designed enough to be interesting. A gray, pinless version of their home whites similar to the throwback they wore a few years ago seems like the right call to me; still instantly recognizable, different enough to stand out, but much more within their overall aesthetic. Add in a gray brimmed cap for fun, and a navy alt to wear admittedly sparingly, which is basically their current BP threads.

• • •

Tampa Bay Rays

My instinct told me to scrap their set altogether and just bring back their previous green look with a few minor adjustments, but if they’re gonna stay with the navy/baby blue look, there are definite improvements to be made. When I was working on these, the stingray sleeve patch was still missing from their alt softball tops, so I’m at least glad they made that change on their own this season. They experiment so often with baby blue caps in Spring Training that adding a baby-brimmed cap seems like they should’ve done something like it years ago. And finally, they have a pretty good Tampa Bay script in their style guide but it’s not used anywhere on their uniform. Switch out their gray and navy jerseys to utilize it, and the result I think is pretty dramatic.

• • •

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays are mostly perfect, but I’ve always preferred the original Jays logo with the lighter blues and the baseball behind it. Updating the current Jays logo to these specifications is pretty easy, and the result I think looks pretty great. Replace the Jays logo on the lower half of the jersey with numbers, add a sleeve patch of their current primary logo with the team name and ball, and a red-brimmed hat for home Sundays, and that’s all that needs to be done in my opinion.



• • •

Chicago White Sox

The current Sox logo has always been interesting to me, but it’s unbalanced/doesn’t fit very well on a hat. The old Black Sox logo, however, has always been gorgeous to me. The introduction of their batterman for Spring Training in their current colors I think has also worked really well and deserves the promotion to an official alternate hat. The socks look a bit like football socks, but I tried to come up with something that splits up the top of the sock and the bottom of the pant and still look ok while keeping most of the sock, you know, white. Added the Northwestern stripe as a nod to their University neighbor.

• • •

Cleveland Indians

A frequent hot-button topic, the Indians were my first team in tee-ball and my grandparents from Erie are huge Tribe fans, so the controversy around Wahoo has always made me a bit sad. I understand both sides of the argument, but I think there’s a compromise to be made, and one that does not involve the super-horrible block C, which I think is the most boring, uninspired logo in all of sports. A few people have tried their hand at the Caveman C with a feather, so this is my attempt; but not only do I bring back the C, but the Caveman script onto the jerseys as well. Also making a return is the triple color trim from the early 90s, as well as the silver outlining that was used in the mid-00s which I always had a major soft spot for and was very sad to see them retreat away from them in the early 2010s. The primary logo crest finds its way onto the uniform as a sleeve patch, and is one of my creations during this project I’m most proud of.

• • •

Detroit Tigers

You’d think the two different Ds from a couple years ago would set off all sorts of alarms within my OCD, but in reality I loved that quirk about them, and the current D is too thin when blown up to the proportions needed on their jerseys today. So not only should they bring it back on their home jersey, but all their other jersey(s) as well! I still like and preserved the orange/white double-outline their current road gray uses on the wordmark, and the occasional navy alt at home and orange alt on the road would be a good way to get the attention of some fans who might be otherwise bored with what they’re currently trotting out day-in and day-out.

• • •

Kansas City Royals

It’s easy to see why the Royals took their World Series championship celebratory gold jerseys and decided to make them a permanent alt, but there’s not really a good reason why they need both it and their regular home jersey. The solution to me is to combine aspects of both jerseys into a single home offering, and mimic some of its qualities on a royal blue alt. A distinct lack of gold trim on the road jersey is intentional, not because it wouldn’t work, but because sometimes it’s ok to have a somewhat distinct look between home and road duds, a la Montreal Canadiens. I suspect a lot of people will mourn the loss of the baby blue alt, since the Royals were a main player in making that 80s trend so popular, but to me, the gold is a better secondary/trim color for them, and they don’t need two. And of course, I think it goes without saying that their BP cap from a few years ago needs to be their everyday look.

• • •

Minnesota Twins

All of the gold the Twins have added in the past few years, however, makes no sense to me and doesn’t work for them at all. Having two almost-identical hats where one logo is outlined in gold and the other has no outline is the definition of overkill (the Twins just this year have started wearing their all-navy, outline-less hat for road games instead of their basically defunct red-brimmed road cap), so it’s best to just eliminate the gold altogether, clean some trim up, and simplify all available options. I hated the lowercase M cap from the 90s when it was around, but now that it’s gone I realize just how much I miss it. Bring it back as the road cap, please and thank you.



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Houston Astros

I actually really liked their previous black-ish/brick red from their NL days, but now that they have a championship to celebrate in their current colors, I’m sure they are mostly here to stay. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t improve upon what they have though. The most pressing issue: the squatchee doesn’t match the brim of their current-road hat. I own a lot of hats (over 400), but I have specifically avoided buying hats that have this exact issue; it drives me bonkers. The next thing needing fixed is to give the wordmark some pizzazz, a name like Astros deserves to have a little flare, so I tried to create and homage to their original shooting star jersey but tried to make it a little more visually balanced. Swap the home and road hat uses, nix the orange jersey altogether, make the tequila sunrise motif a little more subdued on the navy alt (which I will concede is kind of the opposite of the point of the tequila sunrise in the first place), and suddenly they’re a lot more interesting looking without compromising their current overall aesthetic.

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LA Angels (of Anaheim)

A more involved tweak, I really like the current A logo but it’s used way too much on too many places on their uniform. It’s also bothered me that the Angels’ primary color for so long has been the color of what most would consider to be the opposite of angels. A more involved use of navy blue like from their California Angels days would go a long way in fixing things, as well as a commitment to silver for a trim color. I decided to create a secondary logo that can be used as their cap logo and added into their left sleeve patch, so the primary A logo can still be a part of their chest wordmark and not be repeated anywhere else on the jersey. Why replace their current A on the hat? So they can finally bring a long-overdue return to the cap-top halo from their earliest years. A piece of uniform innovation that is so unique to them and can’t possibly be copied by anyone else, they deserve to showcase it every game possible; and also a feature that exempts them from my prior gripe about squatchees not matching brims. I know that they’ve recently dropped the “of Anaheim” in their official name, but I also kind of like that their road uniform has both “LA” and “Anaheim” on different parts of it.

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Oakland Athletics

So I think we can all agree that Oakland’s current alt kelly green threads are exponentially better than their darker green options, yes? So then let’s just make it permanent. I like that it’s sort of unique to them that they present their logo two completely different ways on their home and road hat, but I still think the home hat could benefit from a little yellow to drive home the idea, so they should use their current road hat logo styling on the home hat with white outlined in yellow, and flip it on the road hat so it’s yellow outlined in white. Their BFBS attempts from the early 00s were on the right track, but they never quite got the lettering colors to be what they should’ve been the first time around. The final change is returning the sleeve patch to the proper white elephant instead of their current green, since his color is the entire point of why he became their mascot in the first place.

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Seattle Mariners

I have a confession: the Mariners’ compass logo, by itself, is my favorite logo in all of sports. I own just about every hat they’ve ever come out with that has it, and have pined for years for them to make an on-field offering of it ever since their silver-brimmed beauties from the mid-90s. Nothing against their current S logo, but this is my project and I get to do what I want. I have a few compass hats where it has a thin white outline, and I think that really helps sharpen the edges and make the shape pop. Add in some sleeve trim, update the colors of the lettering/numbers of the teal alt, fix the number font on the navy alt, drop the fauxback, and you have maybe my favorite uniform set in all of baseball.

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Texas Rangers

It’s been said many times on this site that the Rangers can’t decide if they’re a primarily blue or primarily red team, and indeed they’ve swayed back and forth between the two over the course of their history, with today’s team seemingly waffling the most. But I say that maybe it’s time to lean into this indecision, and own both colors as equally and garishly as possible. I like the idea of returning to a vest option for them for a couple reasons; the first being that vests were a pretty common sartorial choice of ACTUAL Texas Rangers, and the second that it allows the team to move their Texas flag sleeve patch to their chest (albeit in a slightly smaller form). Why over their chests? Because they’re deep in the HEART of Texas, don’cha know! Cheesy? Probably. But somehow I feel it’d be a detail that Texans might just absolutely love. (And no, I’m not advocating that the team wear different-colored sleeves on the home and road jerseys, only illustrating thru the template that they could wear one color OR the other at different times).

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Thanks, Bud! Well readers, what’s your verdict on Bud’s tweaks?

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

The game has returned! At least for a trial basis, but I got a lot of positive response to its return, so we’ll see how long we keep this one going.

Today’s scoreboard comes from reader “ojai67”.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

Pretty cool one today — it’s a shutout but it’s not a no hitter. So how will this game end up? And when did it take place?

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

If you guys like this, please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

And now our daily check-in from Paul: Hi again. Some quick reminders and announcements:

1. Cycling jersey reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, we’re now taking pre-orders on the first-ever Uni Watch cycling jersey, which you can get with your choice of number and NOB. Full details here.

2. Anniversary patch price drop reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, the Uni Watch 20th-Anniversary Patch, which was originally priced at $9.99, can now be yours for only $6.99. Full ordering details here.

3. HQ Sports reminder: I’m going to be appearing on the app-driven live sports trivia show HQ Sports (part of the larger HQ Trivia empire) next Wednesday, Aug. 21, 8pm Eastern. It’s going to be a uniform-themed game, and I’ve been involved in writing the questions. Should be fun!

4. Raffle results: Our latest raffle winner is Ted Lieberman, who’s won himself an item of his choice from the Vintage Brand website. Congrats to him, and thanks to VB for once again sponsoring a raffle.

5. ITEM! New shirt launch: I’ve been wanting to do a camouflage Uni Watch shirt for years, and Teespring’s new sublimation capabilities have finally made that possible. Check this out (click to enlarge):

Not bad, right? It’s hard to see in that mock-up, but there’s a custom sleeve-patch graphic on the right sleeve:

I’m proud to announce that 100% of Uni Watch’s profits on this shirt will be donated to the Peace Corps. Big thanks to Jimmy Nutini and Bryan Molloy for their assistance with the design.

Just for efficiency’s sake, let’s nip a few issues in the bud:

This shirt is disrespectful to the military!

Actually, no, it’s not. You know what’s disrespectful to the military? Dressing able-bodied young athletes in camouflage clown costumes in a cynical attempt to sell merchandise. This shirt takes aim at that practice (just like our BFBS shirt is a critique of black alternate uniforms and our flag-themed “Pandering” shirt is a critique of stars/stripes uniforms).

But the phrase “G.I. Joke” on the sleeve patch makes fun of the military!

No it doesn’t. I’ve called camouflage sports uniforms “G.I. Joke” for many years now. The term refers to the camo clown costumes, not to the military.

Yeah, but not everybody knows that. If I wear this shirt out and about, people who don’t know about Uni Watch might see it and get pissed off about it.

If someone says something to you about the shirt and you end up having a conversation about it, that doesn’t strike me as such a bad thing. But if you want to avoid that, no problemo — don’t buy the shirt.

You’d probably sell a lot more of them if you toned down the message.

Maybe. But maxing out the sales numbers isn’t my goal here. My goal, as usual, is to have a satisfying creative project that expresses a point of view. This shirt says exactly what I want to say, in exactly the way I want to say it. If it sells a lot, that’s great; if not, that’s fine too. Either way, I’m pleased with it.

That’s it for today. Again, I’m not reading the comments this month, so if you have a question about any of this, feel free to email me.

Now back to Phil with the rest of today’s content.

Final Griffins Jersey Design Contest Reminder


Deadline 11:00 pm (EDT) TONIGHT

In case you missed it, Uni Watch is again partnering with the Grand Rapids Griffins to allow readers to design an alternate jersey to be worn this upcoming season.

As before, the winner will receive a personalized jersey, tickets to the game when the jerseys will be worn (February 22, 2020), and public recognition at the game.

The jersey is going to be worn on the Griffins’ 90’s Night (with either red or black pants and red gloves/helmets), so for this contest, the team is looking for a “90’s inspired jersey.”

The deadline for submissions for this contest is TODAY Friday, August 16th, 2019, 11:00 pm EDT.

All the details are spelled out in detail here, so be sure to read that.

Good luck to all who submit!

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

’Skins Watch: Here’s a good article about the use of Native mascots in Oklahoma (from Justin C. Cliburn and Paul Deaver).

Baseball News: A collection of jerseys worn in films and TV series like The Natural, Major League, Moneyball and The Bronx is Burning among other are up for auction right now. If one of you even THINKS about bidding for that Hatteberg jersey, so help me! (thanks, Paul). … Cubs P Cole Hamels did not have permission to wear David Montgomery’s memorial patch, saying “I’ll take the fine. I don’t care. David meant a lot to me.” (from Michael Paolucci). … Speaking of, the Cubs wore royal blue on the road against the Phillies’ powder blue throwbacks (from multiple readers). … Dodgers RF Cody Bellinger went high-cuffed for perhaps the first time in his career last night — and so did a lot of other Dodgers. … The Greensboro GrassHoppers, Class-A affiliate of the Pirates, wore “Woodstock” jerseys last night (from Scott M. Trembly). … Damon Hirschensohn came across this awesome Rawlings MLB golf ball set on eBay, giving me another thing to bid on. … During last evening’s Mets/Braves game, a throw from Amed Rosario broke the leather and went through Pete Alonzo’s glove (from Mike Chamernik).

NFL News: The Texans have added their logo to the back of their jersey (from Jason Triplett). … Pats CB Stephon Gilmore always wears long sleeves, no matter the weather (from Timothy Medeiros). … Everyone knows Joe Thiesmann is allowing Dwayne Haskins to wear no. 7 for Washington. But did you know that when the season kicks off, Haskins will join Theismann as the only no. 7s to ever play for Washington, an 87-year-old franchise? (from @ThatreOfMySoul). … Scott Mitchell, the former Lions and Dolphins QB, has a somewhat odd personal logo. … Looks like the Packers are using lower case letters on their jerseys (from Don Schauf).

College/High School Football News: West Virginia displayed four potential uni combos yesterday, including one with the old white jersey. … The Frisco Bowl has a, ahem, delicious new corporate sponsor (from Andrew Cosentino). … Also from Andrew, Virginia Tech will have orange cleats and jerseys this year. … UNC’s Equipment Twitter account gave us a sneak peek of the CFB150 patch on the Heels’ unis (from James Gilbert). … So has Iowa (from @libertyhawkeye).

Hockey News: The Sabres will unveil their 50th anniversary logo today, and the royal blue unis will make their return in the 2020-21 season (from multiple readers). … The Hurricanes appear to be teasing a new sweater with this brief Twitter video (from Scott M. Trembly and Christopher Kirby). … A trademark filing has given the indication that Seattle’s AHL affiliate will be named the Palm Springs Firebirds (from Nicklaus Wallmeyer). … We might’ve seen this before, but here are a selection of some rejected inaugural season logos for the Avalanche (from Jeff Brown). … The Blackhawks will wear their 2019 Winter Classic unis three times in the forthcoming season (from @2ndCityHockey). … Cincinnati’s arena is getting a new corporate sponsor because the old corporate sponsor isn’t renewing its naming rights deal (thanks, Alex).

NBA News: Someone ran into Larry Brown at the airport, and the legendary coach is still using his mid-aughts Pistons NBA Finals luggage tag (from Adam Vitcavage).

College/High School Hoops News: New court for Pitt (from Gabriel Doman). … Loyola Marymount has a new court.

Soccer News: The Scottish Professional Football League is looking for a new corporate title sponsor (thanks, Jamie). … Club América’s Israel García wore no. 187 during a match against Atlanta United in the Campeones Cup on Thursday (from Jeremy Brahm). … Speaking of the Club América/Atlanta match: frankenjerseys have made it to soccer. Great (from Michael Zoid). … More Liga MX: here’s how amazing Liga MX kits would look without ads (from Ed Żelaski). … One more from Ed: Omaha’s USL team has more names under consideration. … Manchester United’s season started last Sunday, but David De Gea and Adidas are still revealing his keeper kits (from Griffin T. Smith).

Grab Bag: Duluth, Mn., has a new flag (from Brian Kerhin and Mike Menner). … Both England and Australia wore red numbers and NOBs during their Ashes test match in support of a charity started by a former England player (thanks, Jamie). … The kits referees will wear at next month’s Rugby World Cup have been revealed (from Eric Bangerman). … Here’s a fun little article about slightly fixing college sports logos, with GIFs comparing them before and after (from @doncheech). … UNC’s field hockey goalies have black/anthracite uniforms (from James Gilbert).