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Every now and then, Real Life gets in the way of blogging. That’s the case today, as Phil is dealing with a situation that’s keeping him away from the site. He hopes to be back tomorrow — thanks for understanding. — Paul

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes: M&M’s Characters Get New Footwear

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Major uni news yesterday on the confectionary front, as candy giant Mars Wrigley announced that the anthropomorphized M&M’s characters will be getting new shoes.

Let’s go one character at a time:

• The biggest change is for Green, who’s trading in her old go-go boots for sneakers (for all of these, I’m showing the old version on the left, new on the right):

• The other female character, Brown, is still wearing heels, but they’re no longer stiletto-y. She also has a new pair of eyeglass frames:

• Red’s shoes now look a bit less cartoony and more realistic, thanks to the addition of shoelaces:

• Yellow’s shoes, which used to look like Red’s, are now high-tops and have also been given laces — which appear to be untied:

• As for orange, he has the same shoes as before, but now he’s tied his laces:

They claim to have made some subtle changes to Blue’s shoes as well, but I’m calling bullshit on that — they appear to be unchanged:

Note that there’s no branding on any of the footwear. Nike could not be reached for comment.

The changes to Green and Brown are obviously intended to make them less gender-stereotyped, while the other changes are, uh, beats me. I guess to give them a bit more street cred..? (The characters will also reportedly be nicer to each other and more welcoming.)

They’ve also changed the M&M’s logo, which was previously diagonal but is now straight:

This change restores the logo to the simple horizontal orientation that it’s had for most of the brand’s history:

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I still totally love M&M’s. I usually go for the Peanut variety, but occasionally I’ll find myself in the mood for Plain (even though I still miss the tan ones, which got kicked to the curb in 1995). Almond should be good, but the candy:nut ratio never feels quite right (plus they don’t put enough of them in the pack). Never liked the Peanut Butter option. A few years back I was mildly (read: completely) obsessed with the new English Toffee Peanut flavor, but I kinda maxed out on it after a while and went back to the regular Peanut.

If you’ve interested in candy history, I super-strongly recommend the book The Emperors of Chocolate by Joël Glenn Brenner, which tells the faaaascinating story of how Hershey and Mars became the industry giants they are today. Tasty!

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Photos by Matt Moreno; click to enlarge

Possible NBA All-Star leak: The NBA All-Star Game is now less than a month away, and we still haven’t heard anything official about the uniforms. But Matt Moreno, an L.A.-based Lakers and Dodgers writer, spotted the jersey shown above at a local shop yesterday.

Obviously, it’s a terrible design. The more interesting thing, at least to me, is that it has no apparent connection to the Cavs, who are this year’s host team. That’s weird, because the NBA usually tries to connect the ASG uni design to the host club. Could this be a practice jersey instead of the game jersey? Stay tuned.

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A bunch of reminders: It’s been a busy week here on Uni Watch. Here are some things you might have missed:

• Last week on Bulletin, I assigned letter grades to teams that changed their names while remaining in the same city. This week I looked at the inverse of that situation — teams that kept their names even when moving to a new city, like the ones shown above. Which ones should have changed their names? You can check my assessments over on Bulletin.

• Speaking of Bulletin, there are some major changes coming over there, including the arrival of my annual season preview columns and the start of a modest paywall. Full details here.

• The remaining Uni Watch Pin Club inventory is now available at lower pricing, with big discounts for multi-pin bundles. Full details here, or just click on this graphic:

• Our Uni Watch Chain-Stitched Patch (shown at left; click to see it in its full-size highly textured glory) is now sold out. I’m willing to restock them, but my cost on these is nearly $30 a pop, so I’ll only order more if there’s enough demand for them. The patches are roughly 6″ by 6″, and the retail price will be $35 plus $2 for shipping. If you’re interested, let me know. Thanks!

• Prices have been cut on lots of other Uni Watch products, including koozies, trading cards, seam rippers, magnets, and memberships.

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Uni Watch Hit Parade: If you watched the amazing 2021 music documentary Summer of Soul, which is about a series of R&B concerts that took place in Harlem during the summer of 1969, you may recall a sequence in which many of the Black concert attendees said they didn’t care much about the Apollo moon landing because they had bigger things to worry about down on Earth.

I thought about that the other day when I heard this hilarious 1969 track by Clay Tyson, called “Man on the Moon.” It’s not the only song to look at the U.S. space program through a racial lens (there’s also Gil Scott-Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Coon on the Moon,” among others), but it’s definitely the funniest and most infectious, at least that I’ve heard. Don’t miss.

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The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: A Philadelphia sports blog says the Phillies need a uniform revamp (thanks, Phil). … Yesterday we Ticker-linked the name and logo for the Pioneer League’s newest team, the Glacier Ridge RangersKary Klismet has sent along info about their new stadium as well. … The Scranton/Wilkes Barre Rail Riders, Triple-A affiliates of the Yankees, are bringing back the interlocking SWB logo for this season (thanks, Phil).

Football News: It may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but if you stumbled across this 1970s Dolphins helmet chair at a garage sale, you’d have to pick it up, right? (From John Muir). … All games for the relaunched USFL will evidently be played in Birmingham. As several observers have pointed out, this is likely because the league is more of a platform to encourage gambling than to engage with local fans (thanks, Phil). … Pats coach Bill Belichick’s infamous hoodies were actually worn only five times this season, including three of the team’s losses (from @quinncer412). … New helmets apparently in the works for Houston (from Scott Whitt).

Hockey News: Icethetics has confirmed that the Sabres will indeed have a “Goat’s Head” throwback alternate next season. … Journalist Gillian Kemmerer wrote about the significance of SKA St. Petersburg wearing “Leningrad” jerseys annually to honor the one million Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) citizens and soldiers who died during WWII’s Siege of Leningrad (from Ed Zelaski). … I hope the players on Team USA’s National Team Development Program like Mark Hamill, because they’ll be playing with his face on their chest for Star Wars Night tonight (from multiple readers).

Basketball News: ESPN had a fun feature about the original Hornets uniforms, featuring an interview with designer Alexander Julian (from multiple readers). … Pelicans G Josh Hart tore his jersey out of frustration during last night’s game against the Knicks. But the best part about this clip is the legendary Walt Frazier describing how when he played, the Knicks only gave him two road jerseys for the entire season, and he had to clean them himself. … Marquette’s men’s and women’s teams will wear gold on Sunday to support cancer research, and are encouraging those attending to wear gold as well (thanks, Phil).

Soccer News: The USL has extended its deal with ball supplier Select through 2025. The extension includes the introduction of a new ball for the USL’s women’s league (from Ed Zelaski).

Olympics News: Ralph Lauren and Team USA have unveiled the Opening Ceremony uniforms for next month’s Beijing games (from multiple readers). … Meanwhile, here’s what Team USA will be wearing for lots of other sports (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: A high school in Lillooett, B.C., is retiring its “Wildfire” logo out of respect for neighboring communities devastated by wildfires (from Wade Heidt). … New uniforms in the pipeline for U.S. Air Force maintainers (from Timmy Donahue). … The Alfa Romeo F1 team has very slightly modified its name and logo, dropping the Italian flag motif. It makes sense, because while Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer, the team itself is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

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And that’s a wrap for this week. Stay safe, enjoy Phil’s weekend content and the NFL playoff games (Go Niners!), and I’ll see you back here on Monday. Peace. — Paul

Summo Scores Again With Retro NFL Playoff Graphics

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Mike Summo — the guy who did those great NFL Grinch illustrations that I wrote about last month — has been creating these awesome retro-styled graphics for the NFL postseason. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for this weekend’s playoff games, nothing will! (He also did these for last week’s AFC and NFC Wild Card games.)

I love how the graphics are a bit out of focus. Just put a little tin foil on the antenna and that should take care of it!

You can see more of Mike’s excellent graphics by following him on Twitter.

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Today’s real lede: Last week on Bulletin, I assigned letter grades to teams that changed their names while remaining in the same city. This week I’m looking at the inverse of that situation — teams that kept their names even when moving to a new city, like the ones shown above. Which ones should have changed their names? Much like last week’s piece, this was a really fun exercise, and you can check it out over on Bulletin.

Speaking of Bulletin: In case you missed it yesterday, there’s some important news on that front. Full details here.

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Photo by Gary A. Vasquez, USA Today Sports; click to enlarge

Should’ve gone shirts vs. skins: Very odd uni matchup for last night’s Lakers/Pacers game in L.A., as both teams wore a lot of yellow.

Here’s another view:

Since the Lakers were the home team, the onus was on the Pacers to wear something of sufficient contrast. I’m surprised they were allowed to wear this set.

(My thanks to @mayorofreal and Trevor Williams for this one.)

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ITEM! Pin bundles now available: As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Todd Radom and I have decided to stop doing new pin designs (except for the annual Press Pin, which we’ll keep doing each October). This had nothing to do with the recent Teespring shipping snafu — we had already made the decision months ago.

I’ve retrieved all of the remaining pin inventory from Teespring and am now offering them at a discounted price, with bigger discounts for multi-pin bundles. Here’s the deal:

1. All of the pins shown above are available (except the ones marked “Sold Out,” obviously), and so is our basic winged stirrup pin (shown at right).

2. The pricing is as follows:

    • One pin for $9
    • Any two for $16
    • Any three for $21
    • Any five for $30
    • Any eight for $40
    • Any 12 for $50

If you want more than 12, email me and I’ll give you a price.

3. Shipping in the USA is $5 for up to eight pins, or $7 for any quantity larger than that. If you’re outside the USA, contact me for a shipping quote.

4. Tally up the total for your purchase and then send me the proper amount via Venmo (use @Paul-Lukas-2 as the payee), PayPal (newcollegeuni@gmail.com), or Zelle (plukas64@gmail.com). If you’d rather use Apple Pay or a paper check, contact me and I’ll give you the info you need.

5. After sending payment, email me with your mailing address and a list of the pins you want. Please list them by date — “January 2020,” “May 2021,” and so on.

6. If you want to combine your purchase with an order for a Uni Watch koozie, a trading card, a seam ripper, or a magnet (prices have just been reduced on all of those products), email me and I’ll give you a price that includes a combined shipping fee for the whole shebang. (Sorry, these are the only Uni Watch items I can combine into one shipment, because our other items ship from separate locations.)

One final note: Sorry, but these discounted/bundled pins cannot be used to qualify for the “Collect ’Em All” bonus pins. That promotion is now closed.

That’s it. Thanks!

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Raffle winner: Who’s that in the Uni Watch “gold circle” cap? None other than reader Marc Burgess, who won that cap — the last of its kind — a few weeks ago in the year-end raffle. “My wife said I should be cool and not send this, but whatever — the hat made my week!” he said.

Glad you’re enjoying it, Marc. Looking good!

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The Ticker
By Paul

Indigenous Appropriation News: Last year the school board in Bellefonte, Pa., voted to scrap the district’s “Red Raiders” team name and Native American imagery. Now the board has reversed those decisions (from Doug Keklak).

Baseball News: The latest team in the Pioneer League will be called the Glacier Range Riders (from Eric Taylor). … As mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker, the Triple-A Sugar Land Skeeters are now called the Space Cowboys. Here’s their new logo (thanks to all who shared). … Fun piece about how former Reds 3B Chris Sabo had cool goggles (thanks, Brinke). … New home pinstripes for UCLA softball (from @MistaMaxG). … New sleeve patch this year for Little League (from Devin Clancy)

Football News: The Bills will go mono-white this Sunday in KC (thanks, Phil). … Here’s Jason Von Stein’s uni/mascot-centric illo for this weekend’s playoff games. … Lots of NFL players are wearing Dreamathon T-shirts during pregame warm-ups.

Hockey News: Reader Wayne Jones notes that the AHL’s Rockford IceHogs don’t have any players with a single-digit number. … New late-1990s-style alternate possibly in the works for the Sabres (from @aetk28). … Hispanic Heritage Night pregame jerseys last night for the Devils (from Wade Heidt). … The Canadiens welcomed new GM Kent Hughes with a No. ’22 jersey including the apostrophe (from Moe Khan). … The Coachella Valley Firebirds teased a uni unveiling for next Monday (from Stan Capp). … The Ducks wore white at home against the Avs last night (from @NasLeaf). … Nickelodeon Double Dare Night jerseys — whatever that means — for the Tulsa Oilers this Saturday (from D. Hempel). … Very cool early-1970s video of North Stars goalies Gump Worsley and Cesare Maniago discussing their gear (from our own Jerry Wolper).

NBA News: Good podcast episode on the differences between 1990s NBA uniforms and today’s (thanks to all who shared). … During last night’s Celtics/Hornets game, ESPN had a graphic that mistakenly referred to the Hornets as the Bobcats (from Mario Cuttone).

Soccer News: Here’s a great story about clubs in Mexico’s Liga MX wearing lucha libre-themed kits (from @JonDWilbs). … New kits for Japanese side Ehime FC (from Jeremy Brahm).

Olympics News: New curling uniforms for defending men’s gold medalists Team USA (from Kary Klismet and Phil). … Also from Kary: Kazakhstan’s Olympic uniforms will carry the word “Qazaqstan” to more accurately reflect the preferred Latin alphabet spelling in the country’s native language.

Grab Bag: New logo for Anheuser-Busch. … Following up on Ticker items from the past two days, here’s are all of the AFL Women’s pride jumpers (from Chris Bamford). … “The U.S. field hockey teams are playing at the Pan American Cup in Chile, which is the Americas championship,” says our own Jamie Rathjen. “There are a few things going on with these pictures from the USWNT’s first game: They’re back to wearing sleeveless shirts (they briefly didn’t last time they played), and I have no idea what this shirt crest is. It doesn’t look field hockey-related, yet it must be a USA Field Hockey logo since there’s no reason for it to be anything else. The men’s team has it, too.”

O’Ree-O-Rama: NHL Pulls Out the Stops for Pioneer’s Number Retirement

Click to enlarge

Good morning! The Bruins finally retired Willie O’Ree’s No. 22 last night. The ceremony, which was originally scheduled for last season but was postponed due to the pandemic, took place on the 64th anniversary of O’Ree breaking the NHL’s color barrier in 1958. As you can see in the photo above, O’Ree, who’s now 86, participated remotely but was not able to attend in person.

There were lots of components to this event — some fairly conventional, others less so. One at a time (for most of these photos, you can click to enlarge):

• The Bruins had commemorative pregame T-shirts:

• As is now standard for NHL number retirements, the Bruins all wore O’Ree’s number during their pregame skate — but with the added touch of having O’Ree’s signature on the back uni number:

• The Bruins’ opponents last night, the Hurricanes, also wore pregame No. 22 jerseys, but without O’Ree’s signature (as an aside, note the little modification to goalie Frederik Andersen’s pants):

• The two teams warmed up with commemorative pucks:

• O’Ree’s number was painted on the ice behind the nets:

•  The Bruins wore a commemorative patch during the game:

• And they also wore O’Ree’s number on the back of their helmets:

• In addition, all 16 NHL teams playing last night, including the the Bruins and Hurricanes, wore “Willie O’Ree Night” helmet decals:

• There was also a pregame tribute to O’Ree at each of last night’s games. This was the scene at the Isles/Flyers game in Philadelphia:

I suspect the NHL may make Willie O’Ree Night an annual Jan. 18 event, much like MLB has done with Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente.

• • • • •

• • • • •

ITEM! Important Uni Watch publishing news: Today I have important news to share with you about some changes that are afoot here at Uni Watch:

• First, my recent InsideHook piece on the NBA’s Christmas uniforms will be my last Uni Watch piece for IH (although I hope to do some food or culture articles for them later this year).

• Second, now that I’m no longer doing Uni Watch pieces for InsideHook, my annual season previews for the Big Four pro leagues will be moving to my Bulletin column/newsletter.

• And third, starting in the first week of February, my weekly Bulletin pieces will become paywalled.

I realize that’s a lot to process, so let’s shift into FAQ mode:

So InsideHook got tired of paying you, eh?

No, they wanted me back for another year, at least for the season previews. But I decided not to do that.


Several reasons:

• First, while I like the people at InsideHook and also like the publication itself (it has developed into a really good site — recommended!), it’s never been a great editorial fit for Uni Watch and I always felt a little bit out of my element there (sort of like when I wrote about consumer culture for Spin in the late 1990s — good people, fun work, not a great fit, ended after a year). I’m grateful that IH offered me a place to do feature-length work after my gigs at ESPN and Sports Illustrated both went bust in 2019, but I decided it was time to make a change. The parting was very amicable on both sides, and I hope to do keep doing some non-uni writing for them.

• Second, and relatedly, once I started writing for Bulletin last summer, that meant Uni Watch was split across three different platforms: the blog, Bulletin, and InsideHook. That’s a confusing situation for the Uni Watch “brand” (for lack of a better term), and I thought it would be better to consolidate things a bit.

• Third, InsideHook, like most webmagazines, has ads that appear randomly amidst the text — sometimes in between paragraphs that were supposed to have a setup/punchline structure, or in other annoying places. I don’t blame IH for this — that’s just the nature of conventional internet media. (Obviously, there are lots of ads here on the blog as well, although I’ve avoided putting them in the middle of articles.) Bulletin, on the other hand, has no ads — it’s a very clean presentation. I’m really happy that the annual season previews will now appear in an ad-free setting.

• Finally: Sure, could’ve just kept the season previews on IH and taken the very reasonable paydays that they offered in return. But I’m hoping that the subscription revenue from the newly paywalled Bulletin content will more than make up for that (and will also help to support operations here on the blog). In short, I’m betting on myself (and, in a way, on all of you folks). I like that approach better than being beholden to another media enterprise.

You said the Bulletin paywall will go into effect “the first week of February.” Can you be more specific?

I usually do my Bulletin columns on either Thursdays or Fridays. This week’s (which I think you’ll really like!) and next week’s will both be free and publicly available, just like all my previous Bulletin work. But the one that’s published the week after that (likely on either Feb. 3 or 4) will be behind the paywall.

How much will the Bulletin subscription cost?

$4 a month, or $35 a year.

Bulletin is owned by Facebook, or Meta, or whatever they’re calling it this week. I hate them, and I will never pay one thin dime for anything associated with them, so I will not be paying to subscribe.

I’m sorry to hear that, but I understand.

I don’t necessarily hate Facebook, but I’d rather not give them any money. Will any of my subscription fee go to them?

No, at least for the next year and a half. My Bulletin contract stipulates that 100% of the subscription revenue goes to Uni Watch up through mid-June of 2023. After that, Facebook can skim a percentage of the revenue (probably about 10%, which is what Substack skims) — but at that point I’ll also be free to leave Bulletin if I choose, so I could take the paywalled gig to Substack or some similar outlet. It’s way too early to know how that will play out, but we’ll see.

It seems pretty sneaky to offer the Bulletin content for free for half a year and then suddenly impose a paywall.

Actually, when I announced last July that I’d be writing for Bulletin, I said, “I’ve decided to make all my Bulletin content free for at least a few months, and probably through the end of 2021. After that, I might charge a small fee — a few bucks a month, say — or I might not. We’ll see.” So this is all consistent with what I said at the outset of the Bulletin gig. I try to be as transparent as possible with you folks!

Okay, so let’s say I’m willing to pay $4 a month, or $35 a year, or whatever. What do I get for my money?

You’ll get at least 48 Uni Watch pieces per year (four per month, just like I’ve been doing since last July), and probably a few more. These pieces will all be substantial and lengthy — or at least lengthy-ish. While nothing is set in stone, I expect that those 48 articles will include:

• The MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA season previews.

• Four Uni Watch Power Rankings pieces — one for each of the Big Four leagues. (There may also be other occasional ranking- or grading-based articles, like last week’s piece in which I graded team renamings.)

• Four “Ask Me Anything” columns (like this one).

• Three or four design contests.

• The annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide.

• The Super Bowl and World Series previews, maybe. (I sometimes skip these if they seem redundant, based on which teams are participating. For example, at some point I ran out of things to say about the Patriots’ uniforms. But if this year’s Super Bowl turns out to be between, say, the Bills and Rams, I’ll definitely be doing a preview column!)

That accounts for at least 16 pieces right there, and maybe more. The remaining 30ish pieces will be much like the Bulletin content I’ve been doing for the past six months — interviews (like this one with Astros authentication manager Mike Acosta), think pieces (like this one on “conceptual” retired numbers), deep dives (like this one on Buck Showalter), and so on. If you need to refresh your memory further, all my Bulletin work is here.

In addition, I’ll occasionally do subscriber-only livestreamed events. Some, like the Facebook Live session I did last week, will just be me talking into the camera; others may include special guests from the uni-verse.

I’m also very open to feedback and suggestions from the subscriber base. I won’t necessarily follow every suggestion or grant every request, but since you folks will be paying for this content, I want to make you happy.

As I mentioned earlier, all of this will be presented in an ad-free format, and you’ll receive it in your email in-box in addition to being able to read it on the web.

You mentioned the Big Four season previews, but what about the college football and college hoops previews?

After a lot of thought and consideration, I’ve reluctantly decided to stop doing the college previews. There are just too many schools (130 for football, 350 for basketball), too many uniforms, too many media relations reps whose comings and goings I’ve given up trying to keep track of. Nearly every school gets some kind of new uniform every season now, which on the one hand is an insane amount of stuff to keep track of, and on the other hand feels pointless when most of it will just disappear after one season anyway.

Working on the CFB preview has basically swallowed my month of August for many years running (yes, even though I take a break from the blog), and I couldn’t help but notice that my quality of life improved immeasurably when I skipped the college hoops preview this past fall. I feel bad about letting these two annual columns fall out of the Uni Watch portfolio, but I feel like they’ve grown too big for me to handle. I’ll still keep covering college sports on the blog and the Ticker as events warrant, of course, but I can’t do the season previews anymore. I’m sorry.

What will happen to the Bulletin work you’ve already done over the past six months? Will it move behind the paywall or will it remain available on the web?

All my pre-paywall Bulletin work — including this week’s and next week’s articles — will remain freely available to all. The paywall will only apply to Bulletin articles published after next week.

If I go to your Bulletin home page after the paywall goes up, what will I see?

You’ll still see a chronological listing of all my Bulletin articles, including the paywalled ones (which will have a little star icon next to them). If you click on one of the paywalled articles, it will take you to a page that shows the first paragraph or two of the article, and then a notice that you need to be a paying subscriber to continue reading (just like you’ve probably seen on lots of other websites).

I currently subscribe to your Bulletin content, but I don’t plan to pay for it. What will happen to my subscription?

You’ll still technically be subscribed, but you will no longer receive any “premium” content via email. I may still occasionally do non-paywalled articles, so you’ll receive those if and when they happen.

Sure, I’m willing to pay for this. But I don’t have a Facebook account — do I need to have one in order to get the paywalled subscription?

Yes. You’ll have to go to Facebook’s home page and create a new account in order to pay for Bulletin content. Sorry about that — I realize it’s annoying.

I don’t hate Facebook, and I understand that none of the money will be going to them, but I’ve managed to live a rich and fulfilling existence without having Facebook in my life in any way, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. Not being on Facebook has kind of become part of my identity! Isn’t there some other way to pay?

I really do understand. I don’t use Instagram — not because I hate it, but because at some point I had to draw the line on social media in order to maintain my sanity, and that’s where I happened to draw it.

All of that said, signing up for a Facebook account just so you can pay for a Bulletin subscription shouldn’t involve you with Facebook in any way beyond the payment itself. Once you register with them, you can go to the Bulletin payment portal and make your purchase just like any other web transaction. I hope that won’t be a dealbreaker, but I understand if it is.

Will these changes have any impact on what’s happening here on the blog?

They shouldn’t, no (although everything is always subject to change, of course).

Okay, I’m ready to sign up! Where do I pay?

Hold off for now. The paywall won’t go into effect for another two weeks or so, so there’s no need for you to start paying for something that’s still free for now. I’ll make sure everyone knows when it’s time to sign up.

I want to spread the wealth! Can I donate a subscription?

Somewhat incredibly, there’s currently no way for you to do that. But I have made it abundantly clear to the higher-ups that they need to add that functionality pronto (and I’m told that many of my fellow Bulletin writers have made the same request). Hopefully they’ll have it in place by the time the paywall goes up.

You’re always complaining about corporate greed, but who’s the one being greedy now? YOU!

I don’t think asking a reasonable, fair price in return for some of my best content in an ad-free setting is greedy (especially after providing so many years of free content). But if that’s how you feel, you’re certainly entitled to that view. We’ll have to agree to disagree.


I think that covers everything from my end. If you have additional questions, feel free to post them in today’s comments and I’ll do my best to respond. Thanks!

• • • • •

• • • • •

Click to enlarge

Supply and Demand: Our Uni Watch Chain-Stitched Patch is now sold out. I’m willing to restock them, but my cost on these is nearly $30 a pop, so I’ll only order more if there’s enough demand for them.

The patches are roughly 6″ by 6″. Your price wil be $35 plus $2 for shipping. If you’re interested, let me know. Thanks!

Also: In case you missed it earlier this week, prices have been reduced on a bunch of Uni Watch products:

• Seam rippers, originally $5, are now $3.

• Koozies, originally $5, are now $3.

• Trading cards, originally $6 and then reduced to $3, are now $2.

• Magnets, originally $3, are now $2.

• Custom-designed membership cards, normally $25, are now $20.

These items all mail out from Uni Watch HQ, so you can save on shipping charges by mixing/matching items. Email me and I can give you a combined shipping charge for the items you’re interested in. Thanks!

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: The NHL’s Dallas Stars wore Rangers-themed warm-up jerseys last night (from multiple readers). … A sportswriter argues that the Yankees have retired too many numbers and did the math on when they would run out of numbers (from our own Phil Hecken). … The Reds’ fantasy camp has a very cool rehab-themed Mr. Redlegs logo (from @indywestie). … The Orioles have unveiled renderings of the new dimensions in left field at Camden Yards (from Kary Klismet). … Also from Kary: Arkansas has revealed its rings for winning last season’s SEC Championship. … The 1982 Sigourney High School (Iowa) baseball team wore some unusual collars (from Brad Eenhuis). … the Single-A Fresno Grizzlies announced four alternate identities that they’ll use this season (from Aaron Wiens). … New 10th-anniversary logo for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, affiliate of the Marlins (from @DaveGH2P). … New identity for the Sugar Land Skeeters, affiliate of the Astros, coming on Jan. 29. An MLB source has confirmed they will be called the Space Cowboys. Here’s a leaked logo (from multiple readers).

NFL News: Mono-white for the Bengals this Saturday (from our own Phil Hecken). … Fans who purchase Super Bowl tickets will also receive collectible NFTs.

Hockey News: The Stars wore Texas Rangers-themed warm-ups last night (from multiple readers). … The ECHL’s Fort Wayne Komets wore MLK-themed sweaters on Monday.

Basketball News: Color vs. color last night for Western Michigan vs. Akron men’s. Here’s another look (from multiple readers). … Miami of Ohio men’s wore red at home last night, with road team Ohio wearing white (from our own Alex Hider). … Texas A&M men’s will wear 1979-80 throwbacks tonight (from Phil). … Houston men’s wore “Game of the Century” throwbacks last night (from Mark Shainbrown).

Soccer News: New kit manufacturer for the San Diego Loyal of the USL Championship (from Ed Zelaski). … Malawi’s Africa Cup of Nations shirts have ginormous numbers (from Kary Klismet).

Olympics News: The Czech Republic has revealed its opening ceremony uniforms (from Kary Klismet).

Grab Bag: Following up on yesterday’s Ticker: This is Richmond’s AFL Women’s Pride guernsey. It’s one of the four not shown yesterday (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … The following three items are from Kary Klismet: Here’s how the staff uniforms for London’s new NoMad Hotel were created. … Senate candidate Mehmet Oz’s campaign logo is nearly identical to his TV show’s logo (from multiple readers). … The U.S. Air Force will release new maternity uniforms this spring (from Timmy Donahue).