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I Have So Many People to Thank

No enterprise can survive for 25 years without help from a lot of people.

How Scott M.X. Turner Creates Uni Watch Membership Cards

Even a simple card takes a lot more work than you might think.

Uni Watch Tour ’24 Report: New Orleans!

We had a very special reader on hand at last night’s event.

Remembership, Part 13: Flying the Uni Watch Colors

The final installment of our Uni Watch membership program retrospective is a doozy!

Uni Watch News Ticker for May 24, 2024

In today’s Ticker, we’ve got a memorial patch, surfing helmets, and more.

Toronto Blue Jays’ City Connect Cap Apparently Leaks

It seems like every City Connect uniform has been hit by at least one leak.

One Last Complaint About Nike’s New MLB Uniforms

A small but important detail has been bugging me for months now.

Uni Watch News Ticker for May 23, 2023

It’s Paul’s final Uni Watch News Ticker.

Uni Watch Tour ’24 Report: Los Angeles!

We got a rare tour of a very special uniform warehouse.

Uni Watch Founder Gets Send-Off from The Athletic

As my time with Uni Watch draws to a close, The Athletic has written a very nice piece about my 25-year run of writing about uniforms.

Uni Watch News Ticker for May 22, 2024

In today’s Ticker: The Babe’s “called shot” jersey is up for sale, more mismatched greys, and more.

A Preview of Inconspicuous Consumption

Here’s a taste of what I’ll be doing after Uni Watch.

Uni Watch Library: ‘The Pro Quarterback’ (1966)

While on the road for the Uni Watch 25th-anniversary tour, I found a really good NFL book from 1966. Let’s take a look!

Uni Watch News Ticker for May 21, 2024

Today in the Ticker: Double bases, bring ya a** to Minnesota, one last Question of the Week, and more.

Uni Watch Tour ’24 Report: Minneapolis!

Here’s what went down during the latest stop on Uni Watch’s 25th-anniversary tour!