MLB History Bombshell: Reds Wore Red Shoes in 1971!

In Tuesday’s blog post about Joe Morgan’s uniform history, I mentioned that Morgan, along with some of his Reds teammates, occasionally dabbled with alternate shoe colors in All-Star Games. As an example, I included the photo displayed above, which shows him wearing red spikes in the 1977 Midsummer Classic. “A Red wearing red shoes […]

Hernandez Dishes on Shoes, Stirrups

Mets TV analyst and former MLB All-Star Keith Hernandez (above left) offered some illuminating insights into his footwear and stirrup habits during SNY’s broadcast of Monday night’s Mets/Nats game. I was watching it while it happened but didn’t have enough time to transcribe all of it for Tuesday’s post, which is why I’m running […]

A’s, Mariners Open 2019 MLB Season in Japan

At this very moment, the A’s and Mariners are playing their season-opening game in Tokyo (I woke up and started writing this in the top of the fifth, and pressed the “Publish” button in the top of the eighth). As we knew would be the case, both teams are wearing advertising sleeve patches — […]

Cause for Celebration: A’s to Retain White Shoes

As some of you may be aware, MLB is relaxing its shoe-color rules this season, and the net effect is that teams will no longer have a primary shoe hue. Given the extent to which players have been freestyling their footwear in recent years, this seems like more of a concession to reality than […]