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Hernandez Dishes on Shoes, Stirrups

Mets TV analyst and former MLB All-Star Keith Hernandez (above left) offered some illuminating insights into his footwear and stirrup habits during SNY’s broadcast of Monday night’s Mets/Nats game. I was watching it while it happened but didn’t have enough time to transcribe all of it for Tuesday’s post, which is why I’m running it today.

It began with Mets third baseman J.D. Davis at the plate during the bottom of the third inning. For some reason the camera showed a shot of Davis’s orange shoes, which led to the following exchange between Hernandez and Mets play-by-play man Gary Cohen:

Keith Hernandez [referring to Davis’s footwear]: Hmmm, a little Adidas! That was my shoe company, Gar. I wore Adidas shoes. You know why I wore them? They had a narrow — they were a narrow shoe, where I felt Nike was a little bit wider shoe, and I liked my shoe to really fit me like a glove, tight. And that’s why I had Adidas shoes. I mean, that’s — shoes are very important! You know, they’re part of your, uh, success!

Gary Cohen: So it wasn’t about style, about stripes over swooshes.

Hernandez: No. And everybody was doing Nike then. That was the big — and Nike wanted me to wear their shoe, and I tried ’em on and I said, “Nuh-uh.”

Cohen: Back in your day, did they give you lots of shoes?

Hernandez: Well, I tell you what, when I came up in ’74, no.

At this point Davis hit a ball in play and then there was a pickoff attempt, so Hernandez and Cohen actually discussed, you know, what was happening on the field. But then the director showed an old photo of Hernandez’s lower-leg stylings, from his time with the Cardinals:

That started the discussion anew:

Cohen: There, there are the Keith Hernandez spikes, back in the day!

Hernandez: Yep, look at that. Look at the stirrups, look at the stripes. [The screen now shows a similar lower-leg photo from Hernandez’s tenure with the Mets.] And the same thing with the Mets, but the Mets only had the solid socks.

Cohen: Did you ever wear anything but black shoes with the Mets?

Hernandez: No no no, not — I’ll get to that. When I came up in ’74, shoes that matched the color of the uniform were not in vogue. Everybody wore black. And then it started coming in, and ownership, the old owners, fought it. They wanted everyone to be uniform in their shoes, not a different company. And Marvin Miller and the [players’] union stepped in and said, “You’re infringing on the rights of the player to make, you know, money on a shoe company.” Then the colors came in. But back in my day, you had the colors of the team…

Cohen: Like you had the red shoes for the Cardinals.

Hernandez: Right. But in the beginning, some of the young kids had black, because they didn’t have a shoe contract. So Brooks Shoes came in. They weren’t a very well-constructed shoe, but they gave you all of them for free, and I wore those for a while, because I didn’t have a shoe contract with the Cardinals when I was young. But they were red. And they would fall apart in a heartbeat. But they would give you unlimited. And then I finally signed with Adidas and I was extremely happy.

Cohen: I’m glad it all ended well for you.

Hernandez: I don’t know if Brooks Shoes are even in business anymore. I don’t think they are.

Cohen: So once you got your shoe contract with Adidas, did you get as many shoes as…

Hernandez: I got all I needed. I went through around four pair a year.

Cohen: Did you get, like, extras for family and friends?

Hernandez: No, I didn’t. I was very selfish. [Cohen cracks up at this.]

At this point the director posted another lower-leg photo of Hernandez as a Met:

That shifted the discussion from shoes to stirrups, as follows:

Cohen: Those are the most uncomfortable things, those stirrups, aren’t they?

Hernandez: I loved them!

Cohen: Really?

Hernandez [referring to the white area visible under his sanitary sock]: I always taped my left ankle, my bad ankle.

Cohen: But — under your feet, didn’t it bother you, having that stirrup under there?

Hernandez: Noooo! Not at all. You why, Gary? I always cut — the seam was under the stirrup, so it would be right in the middle of your — the seam would come underneath and the seam would be right in the middle [i.e., right against the sole of your foot — PL]. I would always cut that and then get a white elastic band the same width as the stirrup and have them sewn in, so [shifting to jazz-like voice here] you can get the stretch. But you couldn’t have too much, because you couldn’t have white showing, coming out of your shoe, because it’s — you’ve gotta be blue. You know, it’s very important how you wear your uniform.

Cohen: So you had elastic under your foot, rather than the actual stirrups?

Hernandez: Yes. And no seam, either.

There’s a decent amount to unpack here. One thing at a time:

1. Until now, I had never heard of Brooks Shoes. There’s a company by that name that makes running shoes, but it’s not clear, at least to me, if that’s the same company Hernandez was referring to. I tried to find early photos of Hernandez from his pre-Adidas days, so we could see what his Brooks footwear looked like, but no luck. Anyone know more about this company?

2. Interesting to see how Hernandez called out the white ankle tape showing through his left sanitary sock. Sure enough, you can see it in other photos of him. Now it’s going to be one of those “can’t un-see it” things, at least for me.

3. Faaaaascinating to hear that Hernandez was having elastic sewn into his stirrups in the 1980s. We’ve often talked about how Frank Robinson and other players had extra fabric sewn into their stirrups in the late 1960s, but those players used the same fabric as the rest of the stirrup, while Hernandez used white elastic, and only on the sole area. There was a time, of course, when all stirrups had elastic on the bottom. I have several pairs of those antique stirrups, and Hernandez is right about them being more comfortable because you don’t have to deal with the center seam at the bottom of the loop.

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Color quandary: With the Warriors slated to appear in the NBA Finals and the Blues advancing last night to the Stanley Cup Final(s), all three of the Big Four championship matchups this calendar year have featured one team that wears royal blue and yellow.

I was thinking about which MLB teams could keep the streak alive in this year’s World Series, when it hit me: Not a single MLB team currently uses royal and yellow. The Rays come close, but they use navy and Columbia blue, not royal. The Royals also come close, but they use gold, not yellow. I suppose we could count the Brewers’ throwback alternates, assuming they actually wore them in the World Series.

Royal/yellow is such a natural color pairing. Seems odd that no MLB team is using it, no?

(Thanks to RJ Ochoa for first pointing out the Rams/Warriors/Blues color commonality, and to @ThatRodneyGuy for bringing Ochoa’s observation to my attention.)

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Reading the (green) tea leaves: Reader Ryan Rogozinski has found the perfect tea to go with his Uni Watch tequila sunrise mug and T-shirt. How great is that? Nice photo shoot, Ryan!

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The Ticker
By Lloyd Alaban

Baseball News: Red ribbons for the Giants last night for their annual “Until There’s a Cure” AIDS-awareness promotion (from our own Brinke Guthrie). … A Cubs White Sox Bears Bulls Fire Blackhawks Chicago sports fan showed up in a lot of Chicago sports merchandise at Monday’s Cubs game (from Anthony Zogas). … Just imagine if that Chicago Sports Guy joined up with this Twins Vikings Timberwolves Wild Minnesota sports fan at Monday’s Twins/Angels game (from Sean Thesing). … Philadelphia held citywide elections yesterday and gave out Bryce Harper-themed “I voted” stickers (from Michael Barkaan). … Speaking of the Phils: This grocery store incorrectly labeled these Nats nuts as Phillies nuts (from @Section247Pod). … The Pirates are hosting several college nights with different university-themed caps (from Tyler Johnson). … Not just color vs. color but road uni vs. road uni for Missouri and Ole Miss yesterday (from Chris Howell). … Here’s the new outfield wall of Yogi Berra Stadium, home to minor league team New Jersey Jackals (from John Cerone). … Also from John: Here’s what the Sussex Miners will be wearing for Game of Thrones Night later this month. … John Moore was watching the Sioux City Explorers take on the Gary Southshore Railcats of the American Association, a league not affiliated with MLB. But that didn’t stop the grounds crew from painting the MLB Opening Series logo behind home plate. … The Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Single-A affiliate of the Indians, will become the Peppers in Oil for one game this summer (from Drake Jesse). … Here’s some background on the beef between former White Sox teammates 3B Todd Frazier and OF Adam Eaton, which included, among other things, a ripped jersey (from our own Phil Hecken). … @JBeck132 found this duo of Angels and Anaheim Ducks banners featuring the logo evolution of both franchises. … Here’s a cap featuring Nebraska’s mascot, Herbie Husker, playing baseball (from @eshuman34). … Twins P Michael Pineda mistakenly wore the team’s home cap on the road last night.

Football News: The Bills have issued No. 32 for the first time since RB OJ Simpson wore it in 1977 (from multiple readers). … Starting with photo No. 2 in this gallery, it looks like the Vikings are using the old Nikelace template for their rookie picture day (from Rob Hedburg). … Rams CB Aqib Talib wore a Kansas Jayhawks hoodie underneath his practice jersey (from Jakob Fox). … Steelers QB Josh Dobbs wore a Schutt F7 helmet at yesterday’s team practice. Previously, he went with a Riddell Revolution Speed (from Bronson Black). …  The Iowa Barnstormers of the Indoor Football League will be wearing military appreciation uniforms this Friday (from Taylor Burck).

Hockey News: Google referred to games one and two of the upcoming Stanley Cup Final as “legs,” a term that’s normally used for soccer tournaments (from our own Griffin Smith). … Cross-listed from the baseball section: @JBeck132 found this duo of Ducks and Anaheim Angels banners featuring the logo evolution of both franchises. … With the Blues set to meet the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final(s), here’s a gorgeous program cover from when they previously met in the finals in 1970 (from Mike Malnicof). … The new FHL team in Columbus will be called the River Dragons. That tweet also shows their new team logo.

Basketball News: Can anyone figure out what’s going on in this photo? It appears that there are three different uniforms on the court at the same time (from Scott Dean).

Soccer News: The new-ish thing for Adidas-outfitted national teams is when they get a new coach, the coach gets a shirt with his name on the front at the introduction. So here’s the new Scotland men’s national coach, Steve Clarke, with such a shirt (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … Also from Jamie: Here are Sunderland’s new kits. … Possible leak of Portuguese top-flight club Benfica’s second shirt (from Josh Hinton and Mike D.). … Tennis player Simona Halep was practicing for this month’s French Open while wearing a MF Gheorghe Hagi shirt. Both Halep and Hagi are from Romania (from our own Brinke Guthrie).

Grab Bag: We Ticked an item yesterday showing all of the Cricket World Cup uniforms. Here’s a closer look at the England men’s kit (from Martin Bentley). … Cross-listed from the soccer section: Tennis player Simona Halep was practicing for this month’s French Open while wearing a MF Gheorghe Hagi shirt. Both Halep and Hagi are from Romania (from our own Brinke Guthrie). … The Victoria Shamrocks of the Western Lacrosse Association are celebrating their 70th season with this logo (from Wade Heidt). … Here’s a look at an awesome-looking IndyCar helmet from driver Oriol Servia (from David Craske). … Here are some of the wackiest costumes from Sunday’s Bay to Breakers, an annual 12K footrace held in San Francisco. … There’s a growing debate over whether the Massachusetts state flag should be redesigned because it celebrates colonial imperialism over Native Americans (from Phil). … A one-man factory (WaPo link) is keeping lacrosse alive on a New York Native American reservation (from Tom Turner). … Someone on YouTube has taken old F1 races and put the current scoring graphics with it. It also has current races and went a little backwards with the graphics as well in other videos (from Jeremy Brahm). … Nike, Adidas, and other shoe brands told President Trump this week that proposed tariffs on China imports would have a “catastrophic” effect on Americans.

Comments (78)

    And yes, it’s the same Brooks that’s in business today. In my experience, they’re well known and loved by runners, and basically unknown by everyone else.

    Back in the early 1980s when Nike was becoming a fashionable shoe company, I had the same problem as Keith with their width. I had and have narrow feet, and Nike shoes never fit right, whereas Adidas (and today, Asics) tend to run comfortably narrow. Also, at least back then, Nike shoes were poorly constructed and tended to fall apart quickly. To this day I’ve never understood how Nike got so big considering how many of the parents of kids I knew stopped buying Nike shoes because of how quickly they wore out. You could buy a pair of Keds for like half the price and your kid would grow out of them long before the shoe wore out, or you could buy a pair of Nikes at twice the price and you’d be lucky if the shoe lasted six months, four if the kid actually wore them to play sports.

    I have several pair of Brooks that I run in. They are good, solid shoes and fit my wide feet well, but the tread tends to have a shorter life than other shoes I wear, particularly Mizuno. I would definitely agree that they are a nearly runner-exclusive brand. Wore my Brooks to school one day, and students asked me about my “Wal-Mart shoes with the weird swoosh.”

    Jordan took Nike to uncharted heights, but Nike was already super popular by the time he came along.

    Nike was the “it” footwear at the high school I went to before Jordan came on the scene.


    Not sure if it is local/regional (Thunder Bay), national (Canada) or just in my memory but back in the very early 1980’s (back when I was in junior high school) I recall Nike being pretty well a non-entity in the running shoe market.

    Adidas was one of the big brands.
    I had a pair of Adidas Boston I outgrew and just took the insole out of them for a while like that.

    Had a pair of white Converse high tops that I like quite a bit for gym class – remember my foot going through the back sole of shoe when they eventually tore.

    Unlike RS Rogers, I’ve got the opposite problem for width and need a wider shoe, but now have no real brand loyalty as far as running shoes go.

    After a bit of a search online looks like Canada imposed quotas on foreign shoes in 1977 which didn’t start getting phased out until the mid 1980’s



    Here’s an old Brooks Baseball Cleat ad


    I assume it’s the same company that currently makes running shoes as the logo is the same.

    Brooks cleats were popular in the late ’70s, early ’80s. Also made football cleats that were worn by many in the NFL. Here’s a fun site with several MLB endorsements for Brooks:

    Brooks Used to make Gear for all sports back in the day, but now they focus on the running market only when they were bought first by Russell Athletic and then Berkshire Hathaway in the 2000s. They still did some some for other sports afterwards until the contacts ran out, such as provide soccer jersey’s for the Chile national team.


    My running club was sponsored by Brooks when we started, I was never a fan of there shoes/apparel. Like Hernandez said, their gear is not the best. Now we are sponsored by adidas and everyone is happier.


    “Color quandary: With the Warriors slated to appear in the NBA Finals and the Blue advancing…”


    Simona Halep’s shirt is from the Romanian soccer team Viitorul Constanța, which is a team Gheorghe Hagi founded and currently manages (and Constanța is Halep’s hometown).

    My teammates and I that wore stirrups in high school use to cut the seams and make them shorter. We did this because we didn’t want as much sock showing like the 70s and 80s.

    Here’s a picture of mine from 2001 but I can’t remember if my spikes covered the openings or my white sannies were dirty and I wore matching socks underneath.

    I always loved wearing stirrups and never found them uncomfortable.


    I remember this happening in the early 90s in response to the super high, inch-wide strips prevalent in the 80s. In high school we had our moms cut down our stirrup bottoms so that we’d only show a few inches of sock, and we’d have the bottom of the pant legs hitting at the middle of the shin or so.

    Little did we know what this trend would lead to.

    We had comically long black stirrups cut very high (leftovers from the late ’80s) to wear over our white sannies. I wrapped the extra material around my foot to leave just a little bit of white peeking out from beneath the black stirrups, and I hiked my cuffs up almost to the knee. And I also never had a problem wearing stirrups. It was part of the uniform.

    Unless they’re no longer wearing them, the Mariners have beautiful alternates that are royal blue and athletic gold. Theoretically, a royal/athletic gold World Series would be possible if the Brewers and Mariners make it and go with their alt sets.

    You are right, but I think Paul was referring to teams that could keep the streak alive with this year’s World Series. Would not count on the Mariners having a chance this year looking at the standings.

    Then again, not many would have counted on the Blues making the playoffs midway through this season, either. There’s always hope!

    Mariners are doing a Blues in Reverse. 13-2 start has been followed by a stirring 10-26.

    Brooks has been around for almost a century and is still around. Best known for running shoes now. I’ve worn Brooks for running and basketball. Dominique Wilkins was their main basketball endorser. Got into baseball cleats in the ’20s, football cleats in the ’30s, running shoes in the ’70s. link

    “and the Blue advancing last night to the Stanley Cup Final(s)”

    Small thing, but Blues

    Cool info about stirrups though

    Re: Basketball
    Probably an all star game where every player wears his school’s jersey? Color is one team and white is the other.

    From a caption:

    Trendon Watford brings the ball up court during the Jack Jones Shootout at Memphis University School on Thursday, April 11, 2019. (Photo: Joe Rondone/The Commercial Appeal)

    From the Grab Bag.. should be the Victoria Shamrocks, from Victoria, British Columbia. Though Victorian Shamrocks has a nice historic ring to it.

    If you had a chance to look at the 70th Anniversary logo for the Shamrocks, it features 9 Mann Cups. Representing 9 Canadian men’s national box lacrosse championships.

    You may ask why is one of the Mann Cups orange? The Shamrocks spent 1982 to 1994 playing as Victoria Pay Less. The name change was due to a major sponsor Pay Less Gas. Victoria returned to the Shamrocks name in 1995.

    Victoria Pay Less uniforms featured orange and they won one Mann Cup playing under this name.


    I was wondering why it was orange when I clicked on the link. Interesting!

    I believe the Mariners’ cream-colored alternate uniform includes royal blue and yellow (though the chances of them wearing them in the WS would probably be pretty slim – though not as slim of the odds of them winning the pennant!).

    I’ve seen that Chicago sports merchandise throwup guy on TV during Blackhawks broadcasts as well.


    Like many other runners, I tend to constantly be searching for the next “best” shoe for myself. Over the years, I’ve worn some Brooks shoes and have been very happy with them. They make a good product and I wouldn’t be surprised if I chose one of their models again in the future.

    The picture in the Basketball News is from the Jack Jones Shootout, a sort of All-Star game for high school players that is played in Memphis.
    The player in the picture is Trendon Watford who played for the Mountain Brook Spartans out of Birmingham, AL.

    The name on the front of the kit is odd, but no one can deny that the Scottish kit is beautiful!

    Sure I can. As long as they use that adidas faux-Russian blocky letter font, the kit is hugely flawed and hard to call beautiful, as it is a main design element. Hoping adidas does better for the next World Cup cycle, because that font failed on 2 fronts – design and legibility.

    I wore stirrups in high school and absolutely hated them. I have somewhat flat feet and they were very uncomfortable. I was super happy my senior year when we went to Clemson cut pants and no longer had to wear stirrups. In college, we wore colored socks instead of stirrups.

    Same here, haaaaaaaated wearing stirrups because of the piece of fabric that goes underneath your foot. It irritated me so much. Like Hernandez, I liked tight/form-fitting cleats, and that just exacerbated the uncomfortableness of the stirrup loop.

    When I got to high school, our team wore colored sock covering things that went over your regular socks. I was so, so happy with those.

    JBecks discovery are Heritage Banners from Winning Streak Sports. I’ve been selling them for 10 years. They make them for all sports, among others types of banners.

    Maybe it’s me, but the use of “CIRCA” on the Angels’ banner strikes me as odd. Circa means “about” or “around” – shouldn’t the team know EXACTLY when they used each logo?? I think I would have preferred to see the year range.

    Yeah, it’s not like this is archaic info that historians disagree on, lol.

    It’s just a slapdash effort all around, circa 2019.

    Possible Proofreading:

    In the first quote from Keith Hernandez, does he really refer to Gary Cohen as Gar, or is a ‘y’ missing?

    Just another one to chime in and say that today’s ‘Brooks’ is the same company that Hernandez was referring to. (They’ve actually been around for over 100 years now) Ironically, their running shoes today are higher-end, very good quality. It’s all my wife wears now – I typically stick to NB 800/900 series.

    The banner showing the “logo evolution” of the Angels is incomplete. And technically they are cap logos. The second logo when they moved to Anaheim was the interlocking “CA” from 1965-1970, which was different from the interlocking “CA” from 1993-1996. Also this banner didn’t have the “A” with the Angels wings from 1997-2001. Here is Chris Creamer’s Logo site showing this. link

    Not uni (or sports) related, but on the most recent episode of ‘The West Wing Weekly’ Podcast (an episode-by-episode recap of ‘The West Wing’), there is a non-episode-specific discussion of presidential campaign graphic design (logos, colors, typefaces, etc.), both on the show and in real life. Interesting discussion!


    Can I have everyone’s attention, especially you Paul.

    I’d like to announce that I have found Paul’s DREAM HOME. It’s located in Hillingdon, Middlesex which is in England so Paul would like need to move to an entirely different continent, but for this house, HOW COULD HE SAY NO?!

    Behold: link

    Under Color Quandary, I agree that royal blue and yellow makes a great color combination. The Seattle Mariners have a Sunday alternate uniform & hat that uses that color combination. That was their originally team colors until the early ’90’s as well. As for going to the World Series this year, that is not happening.

    That story about the Massachusetts state flag is very interesting. I didn’t realise the meaning of the symbolism that is obviously very insulting to Natives, and that seeks to justify their slaughter.

    By contrast, the New York City flag has a seal which features a European and a Native (a Dutchman and a Lenape, to be specific) standing on either side of a shield that shows a windmill, flour barrels, and beavers, all of which were sources of New Amsterdam’s wealth. We are lucky that our seal acknowledges the Natives in a way that is not callous or disrespectful.


    The Dutch treated the New Amsterdam natives better than the Fench and Spanish and thankfully, made no attempt to ram religion down their throats. They were all about trade and money and tried to follow a live and let live attitude toward the native population. However, trade resulted in tribal wars for pelt-rich territory and the trading of guns and alcohol had negative consequences. While the symbolism of the smiling Dutchman and Native American is nice, it does not erase the history of bad treatment of Native Americans in every U.S. state.

    Sure, some people in 2019 interpret the Massachusetts flag as showing the Native person being subjugated. But most experts seem to agree that that was not the purpose of the symbolism. In fact, the flag was designed to show that the state was named after a tribe. The growing outcry will likely cause a change at some point, I’m sure.

    Seeing the Blues and the Rams in the same graphic is a real kick in the St. Louis.

    If you scroll up the thread for that Bryce Harper “I Voted” sticker, it wasn’t actually given out. It’s part of a series of digital “stickers,” including Marvel and GoT themed ones.

    Also, whoever painted the opening series logo on the Gary Railcats’ field did not do a very good job. The red, white, and blue bunting is TOTALLY misaligned.

    Having voted in Philadelphia on Tuesday, I can confirm that the stickers were the standard “I voted today” sticker.

    Royal blue and yellow look great, it is a bummer that all of the royal blue and yellow baseball clubs ditched it. I tour MLB stadiums and when you go to Seattle or Milwaukee, fans wear the royal blue and yellow merchandise in droves. Just switch back already.

    Paul, have you ever studied the heraldic laws of tincture? I have found, with exceptions, that uniforms and logos in violation of the laws of tincture don’t look as good.

    Personally I love the TATC Seattle colors. Crimson, black and silver. Even their current ones arent bad. Blues and navy though are way over used. I think I counted 3/4 of the majors feature blue. Blue and gold is great looking but I’d say Milwaukee should move towards those shades and Seattle towards the TATC colors. There’s just so many colors but so many teams utilize only a few.

    Also shout out to Paul. Funny enough today is my birthday and got my membership card in the days post! Looks great.

    Wow. Can’t believe what Keith did to his stirrups. I’ve commented before on this. My mother used to do that for me and all of my friends with our stirrups back in the high school dayz. We looked good,,,didn’t play to good though

    Yesterday was the second time in less than a week Gary and Keith talked Keith’s footwear during his playing days. During Saturday’s telecast- Keith explained that he is a size 12 shoe and he wore a size 10.5 because his dad told him that the shoe would conform to his foot. He also hated breaking in new shoes because they were still so tight and he’d get blisters in the heel.

    Keith also went on to say that he wore spikes even on Astroturf because he had to dig into the batter’s box and the first base cut out.

    Keith is always critiquing uniforms.

    There is somebody you should have a conversation with Paul.

    I try to watch the Mets’ broadcasts, but the feed from SNY is always too wide – so wide I can’t see half the score bug. I’ve tried changing screen formats, resetting, a whole bunch of things, but SNY…and just the Mets feeds on SNY…is always too wide. Other shows on SNY are fine. No problem with any other channel.

    So there’s my ramble for the day.

    Interest point about the teams in the finals wearing blue and yellow! Fascinating.

    When I was first reading it my immediate thought was the Brewers are going to make the World Series for sure – but I guess I didn’t realize they wear navy primarily now. I don’t watch much of the American League.

    Mets are on a two game winning streak, so they are sticking with blue tops at home. I kind of like them. Wish they ditch the headspoon though and trim with soutache like this Pirates jersey:


    In regard to Royal Blue and yellow being a great color combo. I agree and it’s actually made a recent comeback considering the Warriors not too long ago had a darker blue with orange and yellow and the Rams were dark blue and Vegas gold.

    I love Brooks! I’ve been using them exclusively for my workouts since 2006 and haven’t looked back.

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