Uni-verse Rocked by Wave of New NFL Leaks

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Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be safe and well (and where one inhabitant got his first Covid vaccination shot last Friday — more on that later).

Lots of NFL buzz yesterday, as an […]

Flames Go Retro, Blue Jackets Unveil Anniversary Patch

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Good news out of Calgary yesterday, as the Flames unveiled their new uniform set, which is basically a throwback to their original 1980 Calgary uniforms.

The new home and road designs, aside from hearkening back to the team’s inaugural Calgary set, also have more […]

As NBA Finals Begin, Next Season’s Throwbacks Keep Leaking

The NBA Finals finally began last night (more on that in a minute). But meanwhile, throwback designs for next season are continuing to leak via the appearance of retail shirseys. Yesterday Dick’s began selling T-shirts based on the Nets’ infamous 1990 “tie-dye” design and the Mavericks’ 1980s green uni. While neither leak has yet […]

Royals, Cards Wear Excellent Negro Leagues Throwbacks

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When the truncated MLB season got under way in late July, many of the uni-based promotions that had been on the original schedule (throwbacks, holiday uniforms, etc.) had already been scuttled. I didn’t think they’d bother to reschedule them, in part because I figured […]