Think Pink: 2021 MLB Mother’s Day Caps Leak

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Almost all of MLB’s 2021 Ma’s Day caps briefly leaked yesterday on the Macy’s website. As you can see from the six designs shown above, they’re going with a simple (and mostly brutal) design approach this year, changing the standard cap logos to […]

Late-Breaking MLB Uni News, Just in Time for Opening Day

This season, we tip our caps #For44 and #ForKnucksie 💙❤️

— Atlanta Braves (@Braves) March 31, 2021

Good morning! Today is April 1, so I want to begin by saying two things: First, I promise you that today’s Uni Watch post is 100% prank-free. No jokes, no fake news, […]

Gold-Trimmed Dodgers Championship Cap Surfaces

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Ever since the Dodgers won last year’s World Series, I’ve been wondering if they would wear a gold-trimmed uniform to open the 2021 season. The last team not to do so was, perhaps predictably, the Yankees, who won the 2009 Series but skipped the gold treatment in […]

TV Writer/Comedian Joe Mande’s Awesome DIY Cap Embroidery

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With a few exceptions, I don’t much care for stand-up comedy, and I also don’t watch much TV, so it’s not surprising that until a few days ago I’d never heard of Joe Mande, a comic who also works as a TV writer and […]