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Category: Caps

Ranking The City Connect Caps from First to Worst

Yesterday I ranked all the CC uniforms. Today the CC caps get their due.

How Do You Feel About Buying Merchandise For Teams Other Than “Your” Own?

Would you ever buy a cap or jersey of a team for whom you don’t root?

MLB All-Star Game And Workout Caps Are Here

Good Saturday morning! Hope you got some rest last night, because if your eyes are tired they’re in for a really bright surprise. Yesterday, Manfred League Baseball gave us our …

MLB Independence Day Caps Unveiled

The 4th of July caps have been released.

MLB All-Star Game Caps Have Apparently Leaked

Looks like MLB’s ‘workout’ caps for the All-Star game have leaked

Leaked Cap Gives Clues To Rickwood Field (of Dreams) Uniforms

A leaked cap provides clues to the uniforms to be worn at the Negro Leagues tribute game at Rickwood Field.

Toronto Blue Jays’ City Connect Cap Apparently Leaks

It seems like every City Connect uniform has been hit by at least one leak.

MLB Father’s Day Caps Begin to Emerge Online

MLB’s latest holiday merch dump is upon us.

MLB Bringing Back Players’ Weekend but Toning Down the Uni Angle

There will be new cap designs, but no more nicknames or wacky jerseys.

MLB Releases 2024 Armed Forces Day Caps and Socks

We saw 12 of the designs yesterday. Now the full set has been revealed.

MLB 2024 Armed Forces Day Caps Begin to Appear

The usual slop.

Phillies Celebrate Phanatic’s Birthday with Phantastic Headwear

A ray of positive uni news amidst all recent MLB nonsense.

Think Pink: MLB Releases 2024 Mother’s Day Caps

MLB’s annual holiday merch dump is off and running!

UPDATE: Possible Mets City Connect Jersey and Cap Leaks

It’s been a busy morning for MLB uni leaks.

Leo’s World: When Cleveland Brought Good Luck to Hiroshima, Japan

The Hiroshima Carp have never won a Japan Series championship while wearing any cap design other than the cap reminiscent of the 1972 Cleveland ball club