Aaron Nola’s Cap Odyssey Gets Even Odder

The strange saga of Aaron Nola’s red cap has just gotten even stranger.

In case you missed it when I first wrote about it three weeks ago (or just need to refresh your memory): For nearly the first two months of the season, Nola’s red cap — the one the Phillies wear for home […]

Aaron Nola’s Excellent Cap Adventure

Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola started last night’s Phils/Marlins game in Miami. Judging from the screen shot shown above, you might think nothing was amiss with his uniform — and that’s exactly what made it so uni-notable. It marked the first time this season that Nola has had the annoying New Era maker’s mark on […]

The Famous Disappearing Red Sox Cap of 1974

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a very special guest column from none other than Keith Olbermann, sports journalist and commentator, who has written a special piece for Uni Watch detailing one of baseball history’s more elusive pieces of apparel: the 1974 two-tone BoSox cap. Please click any of the images below to enlarge. Enjoy! […]

Talking MLB Player Caps with Aced Out Prexy Steve Adler

I don’t usually write about retail merch, but I recently learned about a company called Aced Out that has an intriguing niche: They have a license from the MLB Players Association, so they sell caps featuring the names of various ballplayers. The caps are usually rendered in the team colors of the featured player […]