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Category: Caps

The Uni-verse’s First Response to the Israel-Hamas War

The war has produced its first ripple in the uni-verse — and more may follow.

How ’Bout Them Celtics: Bizarre Cap Mixes Boston and Dallas

Hey, at least the team names both start with “C.”

MLB Finally Releases All-Star Caps, Confirming Earlier Leaks

Here’s the full set of headwear for the Midsummer Classic.

UPDATED: Our First Look at the 2023 MLB All-Star Game Caps

The leaks just keep on coming.

Yet Another Pirates City Connect Leak Emerges — This Time for the Cap

Pittsburgh’s CC uni leads the league in leaks, with four so far.

MLB Releases Caps for Cubs/Cards Series in London

The two teams will face off in London next weekend. Here’s our first look at their headwear.

MLB Releases Stars/Stripes Caps for Independence Day

Two of the teams’ caps had previously leaked, but now they’ve all been officially released.

Tigers Going Extra Mile with Memorial Day Cap Inscriptions

Detroit is taking an extra step to honor the fallen.

MLB Officially Releases Father’s Day Caps

Earlier this week we saw three of this year’s Father’s Day caps. Now the full set has been unveiled.

MLB Father’s Day Caps Appear to Leak on Retail Site

As usual, the holiday caps features lots of light blue — but not as much as in some previous years.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at MLB’s 2023 All-Star Workout Caps

The leaks just keep on comin’.

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at MLB’s 2023 Fourth of July Caps

The unveiling hasn’t happened yet, but we have an exclusive leak.

’B’ is for Buck: Showalter Reportedly Wanted O’s to Have ‘B’ Road Cap

No other big league skipper pays as much attention to uniforms as Showalter.

Atlanta’s Home Run ‘Big Hat’ Nixed by New Era

Corporate douchebaggery strikes again.

MLB Unveils Armed Forces Day Caps, Confirming Earlier Leaks

MLB’s latest holiday-driven merch dump has arrived.