Ewwww: MLB Umps to Start Wearing Ad Patches in July

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Welcome back to Ump Watch, where we continue to cover the wide world of umpiring attire. Sadly, the latest news on that front is of the gross variety, as MLB yesterday announced that umps will soon begin wearing advertising patches for a cryptocurrency exchange. […]

A Close Look at MLB’s First-Ever Lou Gehrig Day

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Yesterday was Lou Gehrig Day across Major League Baseball. We’d known for a while that all teams would be wearing a jersey patch to honor Gehrig and raise awareness of ALS. But it was never clear, at least to me, if the patch would […]

C’mon, Blue: Umps Perplex Again with New Patch Mystery

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Good morning and welcome back to Ump Patch Watch, the website where we cover the exciting and wide-ranging world of Major League Baseball umpires’ sleeve adornments. Of course, not everybody Gets It™ (you wouldn’t believe how often people say to me, “Wait, you just […]

EXCLUSIVE: MLB Umps Make Unprecedented Uni Adjustment

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Sometimes I’ll spot something while watching a game — something small, something seemingly inconsequential — that sends me down a deep, deep rabbit hole and ends up revealing something larger. That was the case as I watched last night’s Mets/Phillies game.

Let me walk […]