C’mon, Blue: Umps Perplex Again with New Patch Mystery

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Good morning and welcome back to Ump Patch Watch, the website where we cover the exciting and wide-ranging world of Major League Baseball umpires’ sleeve adornments. Of course, not everybody Gets It™ (you wouldn’t believe how often people say to me, “Wait, you just […]

EXCLUSIVE: MLB Umps Make Unprecedented Uni Adjustment

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Sometimes I’ll spot something while watching a game — something small, something seemingly inconsequential — that sends me down a deep, deep rabbit hole and ends up revealing something larger. That was the case as I watched last night’s Mets/Phillies game.

Let me walk […]

49ers Release 75th-Anniversary Patch

NFL teams usually make uni-related announcements during the run-up to the draft. We saw the start of that with last week’s Bengals uniform unveiling, and we have a bit more news this morning, as the 49ers have just released a new 75th-anniversary logo, which will be worn this season as a jersey patch.

Let’s […]

A Uni Watch Look at 2021’s Jackie Robinson Day

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Mild hilarity yesterday in Chicago, as the White Sox and Cleveland emptied their benches and bullpens for some on-field pushing and shoving, resulting in the very entertaining mono-numerical spectacle shown above. Granted, it’s not the best way to honor Jackie’s legacy. But if you’re going to stage […]