The All-Time Weirdest Place to Put an Anniversary Patch

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The Northern Michigan University men’s hockey team (which has my favorite color scheme, don’tcha know) won the NCAA national championship in 1991. That means the 30th anniversary of that title was this past spring (i.e., last season), but they’ve decided to celebrate the anniversary this weekend, because […]

A Deep Dive on Blue Jackets Prototypes and Oddities

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Longtime Uni Watch reader/pal Teebz recently pointed me toward a website devoted to game-worn Blue Jackets jerseys. It’s run by a collector named Charles Cordle and is filled with really interesting information, including some stuff I hadn’t been aware of. Here are the three […]

Kings, Knights Make Late-Breaking NHL Uni News

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The Kings yesterday confirmed a long-running series of reports, rumors, and leaks by officially unveiling their new alternate uniform. It’s basically a 1990s throwback, but with metallic silver trim, white gloves (an NHL rarity!), and a chrome helmet.

If you’re saying, “Wait, that photo doesn’t look like […]

A Look at MLB’s 2021 Roberto Clemente Day Uniforms

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Yesterday was Roberto Clemente Day across Major League Baseball. As you can see above, all Pirates players wore No. 21 — nothing new about that, as they did the same thing last year. But there were some new wrinkles this year, as follows:

• […]