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Category: Patches

Marlins Become Latest MLB Team to Sell Ad Space on Uni

Just in time for Opening Day.

Colts Add Patch Marking 40 Years in Indy

For a team whose basic look almost never changes, a new patch qualifies as a big deal.

Premier League Announces New Font, Sleeve Logo for 2023-24

Things will look a bit different on the pitch next season.

How Every MLB Team Handled Their Sleeve Patches on Photo Day

Some teams have reshuffled their sleeve patches, some have left them unchanged, and some have removed them altogether. Here’s a team-by-team rundown.

Reading the Tea Leaves: O’s, Phils Appear to Be Close to Uni Ad Deals

It’s hard to be 100% certain, but Baltimore and Philly both appear to have something up their sleeves.

Release the Ad: Kraken Partner With Indian Tribe for New Patch

The deal marks the first time an Indian tribe has bought a non-casino-related ad patch on a Big Four pro uniform.

Reds’ Uni Ad Is the Worst One Yet — But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

MLB’s latest uni ad has a really unfortunate twist.

Astros Announce Uni Ad (ewww) and Gold Champions’ Uniforms

Another day, another advertisement on an MLB uniform.

Damar Hamlin Uni Tribute Appears at Aussie Open, of All Places

The Damar Hamlin tributes continue, even halfway around the world.

NFL Adds Social Justice Messaging to Officials’ Caps

You may not have noticed, but officiating crews recently started wearing a rear-cap slogan.

Hornets Make Unusual Paul Silas Patch Announcement

Some Hornets personnel will wear the patch, but others apparently won’t.

‘C’ Section: The Raiders’ Odd Captaincy Patch Situation

Although we didn’t notice it until now, the Raiders have made some puzzling changes to their “C” patches in 2022.

Gross: Red Sox Reveal Uni Advertisement for 2023

The deal had been reported last summer, but this is our first look at the ad patch.

If You Lie Down with Dogs: Crypto Deals Turn Ugly for Teams, Leagues

A sketchy industry, a market crash, a few ad patches and naming rights deals — what could go wrong?

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.