MLB Adds Patches to Jerseys, but Not Caps, for Memorial Day

Good morning! Hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday weekend.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so MLB players wore poppy patches, inscribed with “Lest We Forget,” on their jerseys. This year, however, there were no patches on the sides of the caps.

The same change was made for the umpires:

A quick recap: […]

An Interview With the Ray Fosse Memorial Patch Designer

Photo by Kelley L. Cox, USA Today Sports; click to enlarge

Last Friday I wrote about the old-timey microphone on the A’s memorial patch for Ray Fosse. One of the responses I received on social media came from a guy named Clint Schultz, who identified himself as the patch’s designer.


Some Thoughts About Microphones on Memorial Patches

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As noted in the Ticker earlier this week, the A’s started wearing their Ray Fosse memorial patch on Monday (it’s only on their home jersey, so it didn’t debut until their home opener). Since Fosse was both a catcher and a broadcaster for the A’s, the patch […]

Padres Unveil Tasteful, Super-Subtle Uni Ad for 2023

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Ever since it was confirmed last month that MLB jersey ads would be coming in 2023, people have been wondering what the ad patches would look like.

And now we know, because the Padres yesterday announced that they’ll be wearing an extremely subtle and not even slightly […]