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Category: Patches

KC Adding Memorial Patch for Norma Hunt

With just hours to go before the NFL season’s kickoff, the defending Super Bowl champs have announced a uni update.

NFL Rookies to Wear New Jersey Patch in 2023

When the season kicks off tonight, we’ll see a new kind of patch making its debut.

Vikings to Honor Bud Grant with Uniform Patch in Week 1, Helmet Decal for Season

The patch will appear on the Vikings throwback uniforms

A Closer Look at the Baltimore Ravens Practice Jersey Patches

Guest author Mako Mameli’s fantastic look at the Ravens’ tradition of adding patches to their practice jerseys

Rodón: ‘Had No Idea’ Rolled-Up Sleeve Covered Yanks’ Uni Ad

The pitcher is saying all the right things, but his account doesn’t add up.

Ewww: Blue Jays Become Latest MLB Team to Whore Out Uniform

Fourteen down, 16 to go.

The Strange Saga of Troy Aikman’s NFL 75th-Anniversary Patch

The Cowboys QB had an unusual patch odyssey in 1994.

Uni-Ad Details for This Weekend’s Cubs/Cards Series in London

If the game is taking place outside MLB’s usual USA/Canada turf, you can be sure there will be new ads on the uniforms.

Ewww: Tigers Become Latest MLB Team with Sleeve Ad

The number of ad-clad teams is now up to 11.

Mets Replace Stupid Sleeve Ad with New Stupid Sleeve Ad

Less than a month into the season, the Amazin’s have revised their sleeve advertisement.

Lions Unveil 90th-Season Patch, New Jersey Template

One of the NFL’s oldest franchises will be honoring its history this fall.

Guardians to Honor Superfan/Drummer John Adams with Memorial Patch

Memorial patches are common, but memorial patches for fans are almost unheard of.

MLB Rookies to Wear ‘Debut Patches’ for 2023

A new uniform element is about to launch as part of Opening Day.

Marlins Become Latest MLB Team to Sell Ad Space on Uni

Just in time for Opening Day.

Colts Add Patch Marking 40 Years in Indy

For a team whose basic look almost never changes, a new patch qualifies as a big deal.