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MLB Postseason Jersey Patches Maybe Not Happening After All

Last month I reported on an apparent video game leak that seemed to show MLB teams wearing a “Postseason” chest patch during the playoffs in MLB The Show 24, like so:

As I wrote at the time, Postseason jersey patches haven’t been used since 2019, and have previously appeared on the sleeve but never on the chest. So this seemed like potentially big news.

But now the game’s manufacturers have issued a software patch, and teams appearing in the playoffs now have the Postseason patch on their caps but not on their jerseys:

Notes about the patch include the following: “Postseason patches will now display on hats when a team is in the playoffs in Franchise mode.” No mention of a jersey patch.

So perhaps the earlier inclusion of the jersey patch was a false alarm, or the MLB execs have changed their minds. If anyone has more info about this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

(My thanks to Jake Watterson for bringing this development to my attention.)

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    Also, I have noticed on the Texas Rangers uniforms for MLB The Show 24, that they tend to swap the sponsor patch and Texas flag patch/WS Champions patch on the right handed hitters. The left handed and switch hitting players have it on the correct way.

    The game does that with the Blue Jays TD ad as well, which is supposed to be only on the left sleeve. Although I’ve seen a couple of players this year with ads on the “wrong” sleeve for Toronto

    Proofreading: “software”, not “softwar”

    Also, it’s a patch patch!

    Most of the times I get a software update, its as if the software manufacturer has declared a Soft War on common sense.

    I’m wondering when the software patch that mis-matches the grey tops & bottoms come out….y’know, for the authentic experience?

    I didn’t realize that video game ballplayers were wearing advertising patches, too. Does Playstation get some of that Energy Transfer money?

    Never been a fan of most postseason patches in sports to start with. Only a Super Bowl patch or a Final Four/ Frozen Four patch on a jersey is appealing to me. Maybe World Series, but for some reason I even think of those as redundant.

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