Video Game Shows New Unis for Jackie Robinson Day

Good morning! April 15 — just 11 days from now — is Jackie Robinson Day. It’s also the 75th anniversary of Jackie breaking the big league color barrier and the 25th anniversary of No. 42 being retired on an MLB-wide basis, so I’ve been wondering if they’d be doing something different this time around. […]

Designing Your Own Soccer Club in FIFA’s ‘Ultimate Team’

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have an entry from our own Jamie Rathjen, who’s going to enlighten us on two topics I know nothing about: soccer and video games. Enjoy. — Paul]

By Jamie Rathjen

During the pandemic, sports video games have become an increasingly important way for […]

Uni Watch Craft Project: Tecmo Super Bowl Cross-Stitch!

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When the Chargers announced their new primary jersey and new facemask color last week, most fans were happy. But Charles Wagner, a longtime card-carrying Uni Watch member, was annoyed. The new facemask meant he’d have to go back and revise a spectacular DIY […]

Never a Dull Moment in Topsy-Turvy NBA Uni Scene

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Lots of NBA news yesterday, kids. One thing at a time:

1. In a move that had been widely expected, the Hornets became the second team to announce a throwback for the upcoming season (the first was Milwaukee). As you can see above, the new rendition takes […]