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MLB Apparently Reviving Postseason Jersey Patches (but not on sleeve)

Reader Jonah La Margo was watching an MLB The Show 24 feature presentation yesterday. The game they were playing was taking place in the 2024 postseason, and Jonah noticed something interesting on the players’ chests:

Although those screen shots aren’t clear enough to provide 100% certitude, it sure looks like those are Postseason patches.

Postseason patches for the playoff rounds leading up to the World Series have been around for a little over a decade. Here’s when and where they’ve appeared:

  • 2012: On the caps.
  • 2013-2019: On the caps and jersey sleeves.
  • 2020: Caps.
  • 2021: None.
  • 2022-2023: Caps.

So if the video game is accurate (and most video game leaks in recent years have been accurate), this fall will be the first time Postseason patches have been worn on the jersey since 2019, and the first time they’ve ever been worn on the chest.

If anyone can confirm this story, or provide additional screen shots, you know what to do.

(Big thanks to Jonah La Margo for spotting the patches and bringing them to my attention.)

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    Since is has a baseball diamond, it sort of resembles the Upper Deck logo (but extended). I thought it also reminded me of another logo but I cannot remember which.

    As long as the patch isn’t on the cap, it looks fine to me. I hate cap clutter.

    I agree with you. I would prefer if all star game and post season patches were placed on the back of the cap instead of the MLB logo.

    Jeez, why does MLB love uniform clutter? Enough already. We understand it’s the post-season. Why add an ugly, stiff patch to confirm what we already know?

    “Jeez, why does MLB love uniform clutter?”

    To condition fans into familiarizing and/or accepting them before they inevitably evolve into NASCAR-amount of advertiser patches.

    People have been crying wolf on this in the world of soccer after uniform ads became the norm in the 1970s. 50 years later, clubs in the top tier leagues do not resemble NASCAR in the slightest.

    Can we stop with this?

    Not sure if Japan’s J-League qualifies as top tier, but the ads are spreading at a ridiculous rate. First it was limited to one advertiser that had to be a local company, then they added another above the number on the back, then one on the sleeve, and now two more on the front chest *above* the team crest, sometimes another below the number on the back, and sometimes one on the shorts.

    That’s basically NASCAR level now.

    Well if “most video game leaks in recent years have been accurate” trend continues, then we should be free of the testicle festival look no later than the post season.

    I’m surprised they didn’t go with larger patches worn on the pants like codpieces to help the guys cover things up.

    Cool, now we’ll have a Nike logo and a postseason logo cluttering up the front of the jerseys.
    I’ll go back and re read the Clippers uni post if I am looking for positive uniform news.

    Geeeeez…. There is only ONE reason for this… to force the sale of a post season jersey over a post season cap. If it is not on the cap, I don’t get to have one because I don’t buy overpriced polyester shirts. Although, honestly – I guess after two World Series Championships… doubtful I would buy a post season cap. I will wait for the win. Carry on. But “Post Season” jersey sales must be down.

    If it is accurate, could that ripple effect end up to where that space on the jersey could get whore’d out to an advertiser? Or does Swooshie have corporate exclusivity for chest logos not team or league related?

    There have been cap patches for years, but no cap ads.

    Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking every uni adornment is a Trojan horse for an ad.

    I think it is more indicative of having a standard location, since some teams will have their shoulders “full” with sleeve logo + advertisement.

    But I also fear that this indicates that cap ads are not out of the question, since that is real estate ripe for the plucking.

    Curious if this is an MLB or Nike decision. Nike is big on football, and football puts these patches on the front of the jersey. Maybe I’m putting on my tinfoil hat, but it makes sense

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