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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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The bad news is that the Rams wore their blue jerseys again yesterday in Jacksonville, with the gold trim clashing badly with the helmets and pants (additional photos here). The good news, based on the Rams’ remaining 2017 schedule, is that they probably won’t be wearing the . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Uni Watch DIY Project: Clip Job

We cover some pretty small details here at Uni Watch — belt buckles, shoelaces, wedding bands. But until now, I don’t think I’ve ever devoted an entry to the topic of facemask clips.

Some quick background: Back in the day, facemasks used to be screwed directly into the helmet shells. Then came the development . . . → Read More: Uni Watch DIY Project: Clip Job

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Bye-bye, Pinktober. Hello, Rainbowtober. That was the news around the NFL yesterday, as several teams wore rainbow-patterned captaincy patches (including Giants quarterback Eli Manning, shown at right; click to enlarge) as part of the league’s “A Crucial Catch” cancer-awareness program. Instead of focusing on breast cancer, as had been the case in past seasons, . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

The Rash Is Spreading

Yesterday’s Ticker included the news that the Pats will be wearing mono-white with a new set of white pants for tonight’s game against the Bucs. But as several readers pointed out to me, the Pats also announced something that wasn’t in the Ticker: They’ll be wearing their mono-navy Color Rash uni — the same . . . → Read More: The Rash Is Spreading