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Category: NFL

Lamar Jackson and Troy Aikman in Gr8 Tr8demark Kerfuffle

Does anyone really own the rights to the No. 8?

More Good Uni News: Falcons To Wear Throwbacks Thrice in 2024

Also good news: the Falcons won’t wear their gradient uniforms again this year.

49ers Announce Throwback Uniform Dates

The 49ers will wear their throwbacks three times in 2024

Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil “Prowler” Throwback Uniform

At long last, the Jaguars have unveiled their throwbacks for the 2024 season.

Buccaneers Announce Creamsicle Throwbacks Will Return for 2024

The Bucs will wear them against division rival Atlanta in October.

Jacksonville Jaguars Tease Throwbacks, Will Unveil Thursday

The team will officially unveil the new uniforms on Thursday.

How Do You Like Your Stripes?

Do you like your stripes to match perfectly or do you prefer a bit of variety on the same uniform?

Jags’ Josh Allen Changes Name, Avoids Confusion with Bills’ Josh Allen

The name change is about more than avoiding confusion with a same-named player.

Best News of the Day: Commanders Bringing Back Gold Pants!

After years of fans clamoring for a gold pants option, Washington has delivered!

Uni Watch Library: “The Sports Immortals” (1972)

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Phil and I are wrapping up our long holiday weekends. His was mostly play (looking forward to his curling updates!), mine was mostly work. I did …

Eagles Announce Dates They’ll Wear Kelly Green Throwbacks

The team will wear the kelly green throwbacks twice in the 2024 season.

London Calling! Jags Could Play Three Home Games Across the Pond in 2027

If all goes according to plan, the Jags could have three home games in London for the 2027 season

Should the Bills Add a Red Helmet (and Throwback Uni)?

With so many teams having two helmets in the NFL, should the Bills add a red helmet?

Baltimore Ravens Unveil Alternate Purple Helmet

The new helmet will be worn with the team’s Color Rush uniform

The Meaning of “Clean”

In an environment of increasing buzzwords to describe uniforms, “clean” may be the most ubiquitous.