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Category: NFL

The Pro Bowl Is Dead, Long Live Awful Pro Bowl Uniforms!

The NFL has pulled the plug on the uni-verse’s best showcase for entertainingly bad uniforms.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uniform news.

Why Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell Still Uses the Old Nike Template

Notice anything unusual about this photo of Steelers kicker Chris Boswell and center J. C. Hassenauer (taken during this year’s regular season opener on Sept. 11)? Check out all those …

Which NFL Teams Wore the Same Uni Combo All Season Long?

Some NFL teams have been more, well, uniform than others, wearing the same combo for every regular season game.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news, plus a look at the Basketball Hall of Fame from 50 years ago, sports at a World’s Fair from 40 years ago, Paul’s Covid update, and more.

Browns Apparently Putting Brownie the Elf at Midfield for 2022

After several years of not having a midfield logo, Cleveland now has the best one in the league.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Kicking off the season with our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni action, plus a new raffle.

Immaculate Celebration: Steelers to Wear Throwbacks and Patch, Retire No. 32

The Steelers will mark the 50th anniversary of the most famous play in team history in three uni-related ways.

Next Generation Helmets Add Safety, but Subtract Symmetry

You may think that NFL helmet decal is centered…but look closely and you’ll see most are not. Reader Rob Van Nuise explores!

NFL Defunct Franchises Resurrected: A Mini-series

There are 49 teams that are no longer with us that existed between the 1920’s until the 1950’s. Jonah resurrects 14.

How To DIY a Raiders Jersey Into A Steelers One

Reader Chris Diamond gives step-by-step instructions on how to create custom jerseys

Washington Commanders Debut New All White Uni Set

Describing the uniform as minimalist would be an understatement

Red Alert: Bills’ Josh Allen Teases Red Buffalo Helmet

Is this a preview of a future alternate helmet?

Dolphins To Wear Perfect Season Anniversary Patch

The patch will be worn on the throwback jerseys

Browns Letting Fans Vote on New Field Design

Fans can vote on four different designs