Some Classic 1970s NFL/Marvel Crossover Images

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The cultural overlap between sports and superhero comics has really exploded in recent years, but you can find traces of it going back at least 50 years. Case in point: The 1974 NFL book More Than a Game (an anthology of content that originally appeared in Pro! […]

What if the NFL and USFL Merged in 1987? (Part IV)

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Good Saturday Morning, Uni Watch nation. I hope everyone has had a good week!

Once again, I’m back with Chris Diamond, who in March brought us a couple terrific think pieces about what might have happened had the USFL & NFL merged thirty five-ish years ago. They […]

10 Uni-Related Notes From the NFL Schedule Release

Good morning, and happy Friday the 13th! The full 2022 NFL schedule was released yesterday, and there were some interesting uni- and logo-related tidbits for us to consider. One at a time:

1. Like many teams, the Falcons created a video to promote their 2022 sked. At very end of it, there’s a glimpse of […]

Jets Wore Weird Hybrid Uni Combo in 1978 Preseason

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1978 was the year that the Jets changed from their Namath-era uniforms to the New York Sack Exchange design. But during the ’78 preseason, they wore a strange hybrid uni combo featuring the new helmet with the old jersey and pants. The mighty Gridiron Uniform Database shows […]