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Category: Jerseys

Sweathog: A’s Pitcher Swaps Out Drenched Jersey After Just Two Innings

The MLB/Nike fiasco has reached comical levels.

Washington Nationals Finally Debut Pullover Alternate Jersey

It marks the first appearance of Nike’s new pullover collar.

First Look: Eagles Add New Wordmark to White Jersey

As you may recall, one of the more unusual NFL uni developments of recent years was that the Eagles changed their official wordmark in June of 2022 — sort of.  …

EXCLUSIVE: L.A. Angels Make Unannounced Change to Red Jersey

While doing a bit of photo research, I spotted a uni change that’s been flying under the radar.

Philadelphia Eagles Finally Add New Wordmark to Jersey Chest

The new mark, which was unveiled in 2022, has finally been added to the team’s jersey.

A Running Tally of MLB Teams Whose Chest Scripts Look Worse in 2024

A bunch of teams are experiencing a chest-lettering downgrade due to Nike’s new template.

Ugh: The Phillies’ Chest Script Is No Longer Chain-Stitched

It’s the latest casualty of Nike’s new MLB uniform template.

BREAKING: Our First Look at the Cardinals’ New Jersey Script

The script will still be chain-stitched, but the embroidery will no longer be applied directly onto the jersey.

No, the Dodgers Didn’t Fix Their New Jersey Script Break (Unfortunately)

Despite several apparent indicators to the contrary, the Dodgers aren’t walking back their new script format.

1942 Ted Williams Game-Used Jersey Featured on Antiques Roadshow

The televised segment featured a very Uni Watch moment between the jersey’s owner and the show’s appraiser.

EXCLUSIVE: Why the Dodgers’ Script Breaks So Awkwardly in Nike’s New Template

It’s a simple explanation that could have big implications for lots of MLB teams.

Our First Look at a Giants Jersey in Nike’s New Template

Little by little, MLB’s new look is coming into focus.

Ohtani Presser Shows First View of Dodgers Jersey in Nike’s New Template

Several changes are evident, including one big surprise.

Our First Look at a Detroit Tigers Jersey in Nike’s New Template

The Tigers, like all MLB teams, will have their uniforms rendered in a new tailoring pattern next season.

Chicago Bulls Launch Line of Player-Inspired Giveaway Jerseys

As giveaway freebies go, these are pretty good!