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No, the Dodgers Didn’t Fix Their New Jersey Script Break (Unfortunately)

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As you may recall, we learned back in December that the Dodgers’ jersey script, which used to break between the “o” and the “d,” will be breaking through the “d” (a much worse-looking state of affairs) in Nike’s new tailoring template.

But over the last five days or so, lots of people have checked in with me to ask if the script break had been restored to the old version. The short answer is no — I’ve confirmed with the team that the “New” version shown above is what we’ll be seeing on the field this year. But I understand why people mistakenly thought the issue had been fixed, because there were two separate indicators that have been sowing confusion.

Let’s start with…

1. DodgerFest

The Dodgers held their annual DodgerFest event this past weekend. Lots of players were on hand, and all of them were wearing jerseys with the old script break, between the “o” and the “d”:

Looks like they fixed the script break, right? That led to a lot of inquiries like this one:

Unfortunately, all of those players were wearing last year’s jerseys in the old template. If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s no sun collar, the placket seams are wider, and the front numbers are bigger and aren’t perforated. I’m not sure why the Dodgers didn’t give the players new-template jerseys (especially since they’ve used the new template for other public occasions), but that’s the choice they made.

So that’s the first reason people have been understandably confused about the Dodgers’ script. As for the other reason…

2. The Nike Ads

Nike has been running lots of ads for its new “Vapor Limited” jerseys — that’s Nike-speak for a replica-level product, not an authentic. And as you can see above, they’ve been using a photo (not a mock-up) that clearly shows the script breaking between the “o” and the “d.” Problem solved, right?

Nope. I don’t know why the replica-level jerseys have the old script break, but I’ve confirmed with the Dodgers that the on-field jersey will definitely have the split “d,” and that’s that. If you look closely at the mock-up for the Elite retail jersey (that’s Nike-speak for “authentic”), you can see that it does indeed show the placket running through the “d”:

I’m not sure why the replica and authentic jerseys have different script breaks (and honestly, I don’t even care, except to the extent that it’s caused confusion about what the team will be wearing on the field), but I’ve asked a Fanatics rep about this. He replied, “Ha — that is quite the Uni Watch question! Let me see if I can find out.” Stay tuned.

Bottom line: Despite two different indicators to the contrary, the Dodgers have not fixed the script break, and we’ll be stuck looking at that stupid two-piece “d” for the foreseeable future. Also: We now know for sure that the placket breaks shown on new-template replica/Limited jerseys are not necessarily indicative of the on-field versions.

Meanwhile, getting back to DodgerFest for a minute, Uni Watch reader Austin Donley attended the event and did some side-by-side jersey comparisons of the old shade of white and Nike’s new shade of not-quite-white (and as you can see, he was using an authentic new-template jersey, with the split “d” and the perforated numerals):

Thanks to the new template and the crummy script break, I’m fairly certain I’ve run more Dodgers-related content over the past six weeks or so than in the previous several years combined!



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Comments (20)

    I love the new off-white color. It gives the uniforms a comforting, old-timey feel. Now if we could just get them to make the gray unis appear to have a faux-flannel look.

    Is there any explanation for Nike’s new tailoring template specific to why it changes up the placket, and thus the script formats? Obviously the change was not needed, but Nike is going to Nike. However you’d think in the process of coming up with the new template they’d quickly see the scripts for multiple teams were getting messed up and it looked bad.
    For a company that wants to be known as the tops in both sports fashion and performance, why put out a product that is an obvious downgrade aesthetically. And this isn’t even a subjective thing like new uniform design, this an objective flaw in the construction of the jersey.

    I’m glad the Dodgers script was downsized. Some teams (I’m looking at you, Orioles) have lettering that’s way too large.

    Duck the Fodgers!

    Sorry. Automatic response from Giants fan.

    But really, I do hate that Nike is making an iconic jersey look bad. Even for as much as I hate the jersey in question. (Remember, hate the laundry, not the player.)

    Am I the only one annoyed by the Fanatics rep calling Paul’s inquiry “quite the Uni Watch question.”?

    It implies that the people in charge of making these decisions don’t even think about this kind of thing, which troubles me. Sure, it’s Fanatics and it may just be a quick reply from a low-level rep and not an in-the-weeds design guy – but that still bugged me.

    Exactly why I bought 3 NHL (2 Flames, 1 Whalers) jerseys just after Christmas before Fanatics takes over. Their clothing is bad enough, don’t want to see what they’re going to do to jerseys. ( i know they make replicas already – which look awful – but there won’t be an option in a couple of years)

    As the person who actually engaged in the conversation, I can tell you that the Fanatics guy was not being condescending. He was acknowledging and appreciating our detail-oriented approach. Trust me.

    I get that everyone isn’t obsessed with uniforms like everyone here, but I just don’t understand how Nike and the Dodgers thought this break was OK.

    Exactly. Why would they purposely make mediocre uniforms when it seems so easy to do them right.

    Low key hoping the new template FINALLY fixes the Astros wonky tilted lettering and evens things out.

    Is there an insistence on exact centering or something? There must be some internal logic for this looking this awkward for so many teams, at least I hope.

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