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Category: Team Logos/Insignia

A Running Tally of MLB Teams Whose Chest Scripts Look Worse in 2024

A bunch of teams are experiencing a chest-lettering downgrade due to Nike’s new template.

CONFIRMED: Cubs Removing Trademark Symbol from Jersey Logo

We had hints that this was coming. Now it appears to be a done deal.

Ugh: The Phillies’ Chest Script Is No Longer Chain-Stitched

It’s the latest casualty of Nike’s new MLB uniform template.

BREAKING: Our First Look at the Cardinals’ New Jersey Script

The script will still be chain-stitched, but the embroidery will no longer be applied directly onto the jersey.

No, the Dodgers Didn’t Fix Their New Jersey Script Break (Unfortunately)

Despite several apparent indicators to the contrary, the Dodgers aren’t walking back their new script format.

Update: Uni Watch Reader’s Logo Finally Makes On-Ice Debut!

A feel-good follow-up to a story from earlier this month.

AFC Championship Game Features Unique Helmet Matchup

When it comes to NFL helmets, KC and the Ravens are in a category unto themselves.

Are the Cubs Finally Ditching the Trademark Symbol on Their Home Jersey?

One of the uni-verse’s strangest quirks may be on the way out.

Oops: KC TV Station Makes Teeny-Tiny Logo Error

Wait, you mean they’re playing those OTHER Ravens?

Uni Watch Reader’s Logo to Make Long-Delayed ECHL Debut

30 years after the fact, Doug Brei’s South Carolina Sharks logo will finally be worn on the ice.

Here’s How Eight MLB Chest Marks Now Break Across the Placket

A promo video has provided us with more info about how a bunch of teams’ chest lettering will look in Nike’s new MLB tailoring template.

EXCLUSIVE: Why the Dodgers’ Script Breaks So Awkwardly in Nike’s New Template

It’s a simple explanation that could have big implications for lots of MLB teams.

EXCLUSIVE: Cards’ Script Will Still Be Chain-Stitched on New Nike Template — Sort Of

The Cards will get to keep their gorgeous jersey embroidery — but with a catch.

Bye-Bye, Washington: Proposal Would Move Wizards and Caps to Virginia

The move could happen by 2028.

Major Find: Browns’ ‘CB’ Logo Appeared On-Field After All (Literally)

We have a new chapter in the story of Cleveland’s famous phantom logo.