Uni Watch DIY Project: Another Block-head!

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Two winters ago we had a guest post from reader Loren Southard, who created a set of awesome sports logo-themed building blocks for his new child. That inspired fellow reader Eric Wall to create a similar set of building blocks for his own newborn about a year […]

Staten Island FerryHawks Roll Out ‘Storytelling’ Detail That Actually Works!

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As most of you know by now, I tend to take a pretty dim view of “storytelling” details in sports brand design. Most of them tend to feel torturously strained, a lot of it doesn’t actually work from a functional-design standpoint (basing your number font on a […]

A Uni Watch Look at Bill Virdon

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Former MLBer Bill Virdon, who was Rookie of the Year as a player and a two-time Manager of the Year as a skipper, died on Tuesday. I grew up watching him manage the Pirates, Yankees, and Astros and always thought of him as a […]

A Close Look at the Yankees’ Various ‘NY’ Logos

Let’s start today with something that most of you probably know already: The Yankees have some serious inconsistencies in their famed interlocking “NY” logo. As you can see above, there are three distinct versions of it — one each for the home jersey, the cap, and the batting helmet. The easiest way to see […]