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Category: Team Logos/Insignia

MLB All-Star Game And Workout Caps Are Here

Good Saturday morning! Hope you got some rest last night, because if your eyes are tired they’re in for a really bright surprise. Yesterday, Manfred League Baseball gave us our …

Grade The Nations: T-20 World Cup Logos, Part Two

Jim Vilk and R. Scott Rogers are grading all the Cricket World Cup team logos. Here’s Part II

Grade The Nations: T-20 World Cup Logos, Part One

[Editor’s Note: Longtime reader and contributor R. Scott Rogers joins new Weekend Editor Jim Vilk this morning as they take a VERY deep dive into the logos for the countries …

The New England Patriots Have Quietly Added a Secondary Logo

Flying Elvis is still the team’s primary mark, but he’s moonlighting on a new logo design.

An Oklahoma High School Has an Endearingly Bizarre Helmet

I think we’re not in Kansas anymore — except we actually are. Meet the Kansas Comets, who play in Oklahoma.

First Look: Eagles Add New Wordmark to White Jersey

As you may recall, one of the more unusual NFL uni developments of recent years was that the Eagles changed their official wordmark in June of 2022 — sort of.  …

Diamondbacks Debut New City Connect Batting Helmet

The “Serpientes” uniform now has its own headgear.

More MLB Teams Are Adding Embroidered Helmet Logos

The Cubs used to be the only team in this category, but now at least four teams are doing it.

Philadelphia Eagles Finally Add New Wordmark to Jersey Chest

The new mark, which was unveiled in 2022, has finally been added to the team’s jersey.

LA Dodgers Make Changes to Batting Helmet Logo

Amidst all the high-profile MLB uni changes, here’s one that’s flown under the radar until now.

A Running Tally of MLB Teams Whose Chest Scripts Look Worse in 2024

A bunch of teams are experiencing a chest-lettering downgrade due to Nike’s new template.

CONFIRMED: Cubs Removing Trademark Symbol from Jersey Logo

We had hints that this was coming. Now it appears to be a done deal.

Ugh: The Phillies’ Chest Script Is No Longer Chain-Stitched

It’s the latest casualty of Nike’s new MLB uniform template.

BREAKING: Our First Look at the Cardinals’ New Jersey Script

The script will still be chain-stitched, but the embroidery will no longer be applied directly onto the jersey.

No, the Dodgers Didn’t Fix Their New Jersey Script Break (Unfortunately)

Despite several apparent indicators to the contrary, the Dodgers aren’t walking back their new script format.