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Category: Helmets

Baltimore Ravens Unveil Alternate Purple Helmet

The new helmet will be worn with the team’s Color Rush uniform

Wait, It Gets Better: Check Out the Tigers’ City Connect Batting Helmet

If you thought the jersey was something else, wait until you see the helmet.

Umpire Botches Call on Using Helmet to Stay on the Base

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.

An Oklahoma High School Has an Endearingly Bizarre Helmet

I think we’re not in Kansas anymore — except we actually are. Meet the Kansas Comets, who play in Oklahoma.

Source: Green Bay Packers Adding White Alternate Helmet

Here’s one we didn’t see coming!

Source: Ravens Adding New Alternate Helmet

Here’s one we didn’t see coming.

New Broncos Helmet Leak: Legit or Not?

There are good arguments to be made on both sides.

BREAKING: Houston Texans Alternate Helmet Apparently Leaks

The leaks are coming fast and furious now.

Team Exec: Cleveland Browns Exploring Third Helmet Design for 2025

The white facemask, unveiled yesterday, may be just the beginning of the team’s headwear maneuvers.

Diamondbacks Debut New City Connect Batting Helmet

The “Serpientes” uniform now has its own headgear.

What if All ‘Non-Bird/Hoof/Cat/Fluid’ Based Teams Were Like the Montreal Machine?

Chris Diamond explores how remaining NFL’s not previously concepted teams would look if their helmets and unis were given the Montreal Machine treatment.

Broncos and Texans Hint That New Uni Sets Will Have Three Helmets

It’s not hard to read these tea leaves.

More MLB Teams Are Adding Embroidered Helmet Logos

The Cubs used to be the only team in this category, but now at least four teams are doing it.

What if All ‘Fluid’ Based Teams Were Like the Boston Breakers?

Chris Diamond explores how the NFL’s “Fluid” teams would look if their helmets were given the Boston Breakers treatment.