Tales from the Dream Shop: Restoring a Buried Treasure

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It’s been much too long since we’ve had a guest entry from baseball jersey restorer extraordinaire Bill Henderson, whose business, the Dream Shop, has been featured in several previous Uni Watch entries.

Today’s story from Bill is particularly interesting because in addition to showcasing […]

Framing A Jersey On The Cheap

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Back in August, as you’ll all remember, I had the pleasure/honor of doing most of the weekday postings, and at the time, I’d called for reader submissions as I thought I might be short of content. As it turned out, I actually received more than I could […]

A Close Look at World Series Patch Position Protocol

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In yesterday’s Uni Watch World Series Preview, I mentioned how joyless and brutalist this year’s World Series sleeve patch is. There’s nothing the Rays and Dodgers can do about that, but one team did take a more thoughtful approach about how to wear it.


Talking NFL Data Visualization With Anthony Reinhard

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The remarkable chart shown above tracks each NFL team’s jersey color over every game for the past 21 seasons. For each team shown, each horizontal row has 16 cells, representing that team’s 16 games in a given season, and each vertical column has […]