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First Look: Houston Astros Add Cap Patch for Mexico City Series in April

The Astros and Rockies will be playing a two-game series in Mexico City on April 27 and 28. And as you can see, the ’Stros are adding a commemorative cap patch for the occasion.

Here’s another view:

I haven’t yet seen any sign of a Rockies cap with this patch, but I made this mock-up so we could see how that will look:

Based on the usual MLB World Tour protocol, both teams will also wear this patch on their jersey sleeves (and will also have series-specific sleeve and helmet ads).

The last teams to play games in Mexico City were the Giants and Padres in 2023. The cap and sleeve patches for that series had a slightly different design:

The Mexico City games will be the second MLB World Tour series of the regular season. The first such series will take place on March 20 and 21, when the Dodgers and Padres open the season in Seoul, South Korea. They too will wear commemorative patches.

(My thanks to Ignacio Salazar for bringing the Astros’ cap patch to my attention.)



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    Does the top of the ’24 patch have purple then orange stripes to represent both teams?

    Can’t tell if its puprle or dark navy.

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