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BREAKING: KC Apparently Wearing Red for the Super Bowl

As you can see, Kansas City tweeted several photos this morning of their red jersey adorned with the Super Bowl LVIII patch, which presumably means that they’ve chosen to wear red in the big game. (The AFC is the designated home conference this year, so KC gets their choice.) That means the 49ers will wear white, essentially giving us a visual rematch of Super Bowl LIV.

One question, which I had originally posed last week, was how KC would handle the Super Bowl patch placement for their captains. The team’s jerseys already have the Lamar Hunt perma-memorial patch and the Norma Hunt memorial patch. Once you add a captaincy patch to the mix, how do you fit the Supe patch?

The answer, it appears, is that they’re moving the captaincy patch over to the other side of the jersey, above the perma-memorial, and putting the Supe patch in the vacated captain’s spot:

The situation could get even more patch-happy for KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes, because he’s the team’s nominee for this season’s Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award (and, like all Payton nominees, has been wearing the Payton logo as a rear-helmet decal). The award winner will be announced on Feb. 8 — three days before the Super Bowl. If Mahomes is the winner, he’d wear the Payton logo as a jersey patch for the rest of his career. Would that include the Super Bowl, adding yet another patch to his jersey for the big game?

The league began adding the Payton patch to award winners’ jerseys in 2017. Since then, there’s only been one instance of the winner being on one of the two teams about to face off in the Supe. That was two years ago, when Rams offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth won the award. He did wear the patch in the Super Bowl, but that was an unusual circumstance because he was expected to retire after the season, so the Supe was his only opportunity to wear the Payton patch. It’s not yet clear if the same protocol would apply to Mahomes, or if he’d begin wearing the patch next season.

Of course, one of the 31 other nominees could win the award, rendering this discussion moot. We’ll find out soon enough.

As for the Super Bowl logo patch, it’s once again plastic, which looks so awful next to the embroidered patches:

Speaking of the Super Bowl logo, KC’s defeat of the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game thankfully put an end to that stupid conspiracy fantasy about the logo colors. Unfortunately, it’s given rise to an even more asinine fantasy, although at least this one isn’t about logos or uniforms.

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    Was there ever really any doubt KC would wear red?

    Rematch will very closely resemble Supe 54. Niners now have 3 stirpes on the shoulder caps and player still wore low whites then. And different jersey chassis template, but basically the same.

    For those keeping score at home (Supe Records by jersey of each combatant):

    KC in red: 2-1 (Wins over Vikings in Super Bowl IV and 49ers in Super Bowl LIV; loss to Bucs in Super Bowl LV)
    KC in white: 1-1 (Win over Eagles last year, loss to Packers in the first Super Bowl)

    SF in red: 3-1
    SF in white: 2-1 (Only loss came to KC in Super Bowl LIV)

    SF in red over gold: 2-1
    SF in red over white: 1-0
    SF in white: 2-1 (Only loss came to KC in Super Bowl LIV)

    I think the 49ers have won the Super Bowl in the most different uni versions/combos.

    I find it interesting how the Chiefs went and resolved the mystery of where the Super Bowl patch would go rather quickly. It only took a couple of days into the first week after the AFC Championship Game.

    I didn’t think there was any chance they’d wear white in this game. This would be a rare occasion they get to wear red while playing at a division rival’s stadium.

    They’re not only in different divisions (SF = NFC West, KC = AFC West) but different conferences too. Unless you meant they are both in the West Division of their respective conferences.

    I think he was referring to the Chiefs wearing red while playing at the Raiders’ – a division rival – home stadium.


    I tend not to think of the host stadium as being “anyone’s” stadium, but you’re absolutely correct…it is where da Raidahs play.

    And since LV always wears black at home, yes, KC would probably never have a chance to wear red when they play them in Vegas.

    I’m kind of surprised that Nike hasn’t tried to have their CFP diamond swoosh trickle up to the NFL for the Supe. I could see them going with a chrome swoosh to match the Lombardi trophy. Then again, maybe they have tried and it just got shut down by the NFL.

    It doesn’t really surprise me. That was a feature specifically tied to the CFP, and in that setting where (until recently only in theory) they would be showcased against competing brands. It was a little detail that got some extra attention before the games for Nike specifically, a nice touch for the schools they have deals with, and built on the overall hype around the playoff (really then becoming a brand detail especially as the playoff was so Nike dominated in the 4 team era).

    One of the positives I can say about their work with the nfl is that it’s felt very distinct from what they do in college. Poor results aside there was a totally different approach to their team redesigns, they (maybe more surprisingly) haven’t gone down the jumpman path, sideline gear has been distinct from what I remember.

    Although I could see them having interest in a distinct execution of the same idea. Either a chrome to match the trophy, or some other fancier execution.

    Was the NBA 75th Swoosh and Jumpman logo treatment the exact same as or similar to the CFP Swoosh and Jumpman treatment?

    They’re similar, but distinguished enough from each other to be different. Both have a fractile design, but the NBA’s 75th version is more pearlescent, whereas the CFP version is more reflective and looks more like a diamond. And it does look like they didn’t use the exact same fractile design for both.

    Don’t know what’s more funny about theTay-Tay article: that there may actually be conservatives who believe in that ridiculous theory or that there may actually be liberals that believe there are conservatives who believe in that ridiculous theory…
    BTW, that KC uni patch “problem” seems a little underwhelming…

    “For 2 weeks, 99% of America will be 49ers fans but in return you MUST defeat the Chiefs. If they don’t, Biden will get reelected and WW3 will likely follow.”

    …so Chiefs fans are the 1%ers? Occupy Al Davis Way! /sarcasm

    Seriously, though, rooting for or against any billionaire or consortium-owned team is basically rewarding billionaires with more gaming or advertising dollars. They are the real ppl playing fantasy football…by actually drafting, keeping, firing and trading players.

    Lol, yikes, is that an actual quote? I didn’t click on the link because I didn’t want to expose my brain to whatever nonsense this conspiracy was going to be.
    I’d just appreciate a day without those two T’s (IYKYK) in my news feed.
    I did sort of want the Baltimore/SF Superbowl to happen just so there would be extra hype for next year’s SB logo and everyone trying to predict the matchup based on the colors.

    Exactly, do not entertain The Fringe on either side, and a group of people should not be defined or judged by the actions of a few, lest we lose our intellectual honesty and credibility…

    Go Chiefs!! And I’d love to see Mahomes with the WP award. That would be awesome to be all patched up.

    I’ll be on the lookout for blank bumpers (nose and back of neck) on the Chiefs’ helmets. Bumper messages were absent in the AFC Championship game vs. the Ravens.


    KC should remove all the patches going into next season. I minimal look would be so much better imo. It’s a great uniform on its own.

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