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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 15

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend, as I did. I’ll have more to say about that later on today.

Now then: The Texans got the last laugh in yesterday’s Houston Bowl, as they defeated the Titans-as-Oilers. But whatever you think of the Titans wearing the Oilers throwbacks against the Texans, there’s no denying that Tennessee was the better-dressed team (lots of additional photos here). Here’s hoping they keep the throwbacks around next season.

Here’s how the game looked in action:

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel got into the retro act by wearing a Bum Phillips-style cowboy hat:

In addition, the Titans added former Oilers star Billy “White Shoes” Johnson into their Ring of Honor. He wore Oilers gear (and, of course, white shoes):

The Titans also added an “89” memorial decal for former player Frank Wycheck, who died earlier this month. Wycheck played for all three of the franchise’s incarnations — Houston Oilers, Tennessee Oilers, and Tennessee Titans — but they rendered the “89” in the Titans’ old number font:

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • Good-looking game at Lambeau, as the Packers and Bucs staged the latest installment of the Battle of the Bays (additional photos here):

  • Players throughout the league wore “Inspire Change” rear-helmet decals:
  • Patriots tight end Hunter Henry was missing the NFL logo at the base of his jersey collar:
  • Also on Saturday, in a terrible-looking uni matchup made even worse by the awful lighting in Detroit, the Lions went mono-lulu blue (additional photos here):

(My thanks to @NFLUniSource and Phil for their contributions.)



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Can of the Day

I continue to be a complete sucker for these old oil pitchers, and this one is extra-tasty. That giant “X”!

Comments (35)

    I think that particular Titans font for the Wycheck memorial works best, as it was that style the team had for his “Music City Miracle” lateral across the field.

    Your quotation mark placement seems off to me…they really belong around the word ‘lateral’ ; )
    Like the era-appropriate font, although the decal appears undersized – just a bit.

    The Cardinals should always wear white at home. It’s the only good look they have with this uniform set. Would like to see them pair the white pants with the red jersey.

    Agree 100% Tom. Their home red uniforms with red pants look like a park and rec team.

    Whatever colors they choose – which should only be red or white – the Cardinals should stop wearing monochrome unis.

    This set can and should pull double-duty, worthy of service at home and of course on the road, where as the mono-reds are just plain doody wherever it’s worn.

    They should stop wearing mono uniforms. If they’d wear the white pants with the red jerseys it would look ok, and they need to wear the red pants with the white jerseys on the road.

    I have no idea why they insiste on being mono all the time.

    I went to the Packers game yesterday and thought this was kind of cool: The game program came with a pair of souvenir tickets. I’ll email a photo.

    I’m curious about a few things in the lead photo, UniWatch teammates. Share your likes/dislikes/opinions, please.

    1. The Oiler derrick logo closer to the back of the helmet, yet not broken/touching the bumpers.
    2. The sleeve stripes going all the way under the armpit.
    3. The pant stripes and helmet stripes matching so well.

    As I watched the Cowboys game, I noticed something I’ve never seen before. One player had a facemask that only covered the bottom half of the helmet and no bars going to the nose bumper. Upon scrolling down, I noticed #88 for the Steelers in your pic had the same helmet design. Something new? Or I just haven’t been paying close enough attention? LOL

    I thought the lions looked amazing in their all-blue unis. I find that the silver stripes bring very good contrast throughout the uni. Probably my favourite mono-coloured NFL uniform.

    “Favorite mono-coloured NFL uniform” is a pretty low bar, because monochrome unis on the whole look like pajama onesies.

    The Lions Honolulu blue is the best blue in professional sports. Therefore, the more the merrier. Deal with it, America.

    Even though they’re pretty meh uniforms, the Rams/Washington game looked pretty good yesterday.

    It helps when both teams wear contrasting jerseys/pants. I don’t like the gradient numbers on the Rams jerseys, nor do I like the dishwater pants. But blue jerseys over white (-ish) pants is one of their better looks.

    The Jags’ all-teal from the neck down was especially poor. If you have to go monochrome – and you don’t – put some pants stripes in, or contrasting socks. Looked like yoga pants or onesies.

    I am surprised you didn’t include the Bears vs Browns game which uniform wise was a nice match up.

    I agree. Yesterday’s Brown’s unis were a throwback to the Brian Sipe Cardiac Kids. Which this team seems to be trying to emulate.

    I realize socks are mostly a free-for-all in the NFL nowadays, but very disappointing to see Washington wearing burgundy “yoga pants” link as opposed to the white socks they’ve mostly worn prior link

    I can deal with that better than I can wearing a jersey as skin tight as you can to keep people from grabbing you. Then, where a baggy t-shirt hanging out from under it flopping around.

    I get the Houston v. Houston thing, but Tennessee should have only thrown back to the Tennessee Oilers with the old Oilers uniforms and the 97/98 Tennessee Oilers patch.


    agree, only 97/98 tennessee oilers version for the titans….also, they should have it where the winner of texans-titans matchup gets to wear the unis until they play again. i mean, if you’re gonna be petty tennessee, then put your money where your mouth is.

    Strange indeed. I couldn’t never envision the Browns going into Baltimore and those chumps donning Model-era CLE unis. The Hartford/Hurricanes hockey thing is weird too…

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