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Lump of Coal: Eagles Wearing Black Alts on Christmas Day

In an inexplicably Scrooge-like decision, the Eagles have opted to wear their black alternate uniforms when they host the Giants on Christmas Day. In addition to making us look at the awful black uniforms, this move will ruin what would have been a nice Christmas-themed uni matchup — the Eagles’ home green vs. the Giants’ red-trimmed road design. Humbug!

Last season, the black uniforms were worn with an alternate black helmet. But this year Philly has added a Kelly green throwback helmet, so the black lid has been shelved and the black alts will be worn with the team’s primary midnight-green helmet (which often looks almost black anyway).

The Grinch could not be reached for comment.

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    I keep saying they’re wearing black to their own funeral. Sure, they’re in the playoffs, but I’m expecting NOTHING from this team with the way they’ve played over the past 6-8 weeks.

    -An Eagles Fan

    The Eagles did the same thing during the 2017 season against the Raiders. Love my birds, but green is where it’s at!

    Never understood the BFBS with the Eagles. It goes back to Buddy Ryan – so why honor who won ZERO playoff games as coach here?

    Last time the Eagles worn black alt elements…they lost to Jersey B.
    Hoping for the same outcome when they play the A squad – who will look terrific, as they always do in those road reds.

    This will be the ninth(!) time that the Eagles wear mono black against the Giants, having done so every year since 2014 except 2017. So, I guess it has become a standard thing for the Eagles. They did wear green against the Giants in their playoff game this past January (which they won 38-7).

    Not a supporter of those red G-Men jerseys, but shades of 2004 would have looked better & been more holiday appropriate:
    That season was/is not an Eagles fan favorite – and not because they wore G/W/G several times, including some home games.

    I like both of their greens, but Kelly Green would have been appropriate for Christmas Day.

    Another way for the Eagles to torment the Giants, whose Coach Of The Year can’t beat Dallas or Philly.

    The black Eagles uniforms are pretty much an inferior version of the Jets black unis. Neither team should ever wear all black. Both of them would look a lot better if they went back to their throwback shades of green.

    Blame the NFL for putting this Giants at Eagles game on Christmas weekend. The Eagles have ALWAYS worn black at home against the Giants since they’ve had black unis. Apparently, 2017 was an exception.

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