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Source: Minnesota Vikings to Unveil Throwbacks on Tuesday

As Phil noted in the Ticker over the weekend, rumors are flying about the Vikings possibly unveiling throwback uniforms at an event on Tuesday, July 18. A source tells me that those rumors are likely accurate.

The rumors are based on a season ticketholder event that the Vikings will be holding at 1pm Eastern on Tuesday. Former Vikes quarterback Fran Tarkenton, who played for the team in the 1960s and ’70s, will be a guest of honor, and the invitation says that attendees “will be the first to hear a special announcement:

My source, who first told me back in April about the Vikings having new throwbacks in the works, says that this should be the announcement of them.

The last time the Vikings wore throwbacks was in 2011. In 2013, they changed their primary helmet to a lighter shade of purple with a matte finish, which made a historically accurate throwback helmet impossible under the NFL’s one-shell rule. The rule was lifted last year, paving the way for tomorrow’s announcement.

2023 is already shaping up as an epic season for new NFL throwbacks, with the Bucs (creamsicles), Eagles (Kelly green), Seahawks (blue/silver), and Titans (Oilers) also reviving old uni designs. In addition, there are rumors about the Bills joining the throwback bandwagon, although I haven’t heard anything solid about that.

Obviously, we’ll have full coverage of the Vikings’ unveiling if and when it happens tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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    Speaking of purple throwbacks, I’m well aware of the Ravens legal issues with their original helmet logo, but does anyone know if there’s any path for them to ever wear that as a throwback? Perhaps licensing through the original artist?

    While that design was/is far better than the raven head (YVVM), methinks the Baltimore franchise will throwback to their Cleveland roots before that ever happens (TFPIC).

    They can’t go back to their Cleveland roots because the city of Cleveland owns all the rights to the Browns franchise.

    I like Ravens’ original helmet logo better than current one. I like the original uniforms but don’t know how worthy they are to be a throwback. Worn for short period and not notable success. Kind of like how you don’t see the Raiders wearing black and gold throwbacks.

    “you don’t see the Raiders wearing black and gold throwbacks”

    I think that’s more a function of the Davis family than the team’s desire not to wear a particular uni. Al Davis introduced the Raiders’ signature colors silver and black in 1963 in a unilateral move as head coach and general manager. As long as the Davis family owns the team, I don’t think they’ll wear anything but black and silver.

    It would be awesome of the Vikings threw back to their infamous “purple mistake” 1964 unis (worn vs. the Lions) where they were forced to wear mono-purple due the Lions wearing their white jerseys on the road


    Those familiar with the history of this game will recall the Vikings began the game wearing their white jerseys over purple pants (ostensibly to show off their purple pants to the home crowd).


    That of course led to all sorts of problems (how the refs let both wear white jerseys to start the game is still beyond me link), so the Vikings switched to purple over purple for most of the remainder of the game.


    Here’s some video of that game:


    I know Jimmer Vilk would most likely love that but Dear Odin…no purple pants! ; )
    Though it’s ‘probably’ impossible to do with the new chassis/template/whatever, show me either of the original purple proof-of-concept jerseys – those “laced” socks and low-set helmet horns are must-haves as well:

    Actually, I love the Vikes in purple/white/white. Go figure.

    And while I try not to be that guy who reflexively says “Make this the everyday uniform!” to every throwback, I’m shouting it in this case. This was my first favorite team when I was three, so I have very fond memories of the uniform.

    Not hoping for mono purple either. Just give the standard Fred Cox/Purple People Eaters unis.

    I have always loved the Vikings (Northwestern?) sleeve pattern as pictured in the lede, so how will they reproduce this in the era of (almost) no sleeves?

    Probably just like the do for the Lions link

    Although with the new Chassis template, it might look slightly different.

    And it probably won’t look great, but passable

    This may be a bit nit-picky, but wouldn’t the Vikings helmets be considered “satin” rather than “matte”?

    Non uniform question, what is a digital autograph? Isn’t that a pdf?

    This NFL season with throwbacks may be the best year of my life!! YES.

    Given how the 4 Super Bowls went for those red-capped Bills, you’d think the current team might be more wary of bringing those helmets back.

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