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We Now Know Exactly Which Throwback the Jags Will Wear in 2024

The Jaguars announced last week that they’d be adding a late-1990s throwback for the upcoming season. But here’s the thing: The Jags actually wore three similar but distinct jersey designs in the late ’90s — one with block numbers, one with a custom font and a black side panel (ewww), and one with the custom font and no side panel — and it wasn’t clear which one would be used for the throwback.

Here are the three designs:

As you can see, there was also a slight evolution in the pants striping.

It seemed pretty obvious that they wouldn’t base the throwback on the 1997 design, since that was just a one-off. Personally, I’ve always loved the 1998 design, but you could certainly understand why they might want to go with the inaugural design.

Now, thanks to another leak from the @CTESPN Twitter account, we know which one they’ll be wearing:

So they’re going with the ’98 design — excellent! That’s one of my favorite NFL uniforms of all time, a modern classic that they never should have touched. The gold accents work so perfectly! How awesome would it be if they went back to this full-time? Probably won’t happen, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, just in case.

No word yet on when this will be officially released. Can’t wait!

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    1995-96 was my favourite. I like the number font and pant striping better.

    The uniform that killed Dan Marino’s career.
    If it weren’t for those rascally Titans, the Jags would have gone undefeated in those unis.

    98-08 is the best look for me, the pants striping works better and i prefer custom fonts over block

    I’ll say it… modernize this look just by going with the current Jaguar logo and you have yourself a good full-time look.

    That was a great uniform! I figure they will sell a LOT of those jerseys next season.

    Yet another throwback that checks in as “what they should always wear.”
    Throw the updated logo on it or not still works, it is not only their best look, but also just a great design that perfectly uses all three of their colors (four if you count white).
    Maybe the only thing I’d like to see different for the Jags is a gold helmet, as I think gold and their shade of teal pair better than teal with black.
    I think what makes this uniform so great, as compared to pretty much everything new that has debuted in the last 20 years is that it seems like the design process went something like this: “how do we incorporate the trendy colors of the time and trendy snarling animals, onto the classic design standard of an NFL uniform.” Whereas today it feels like the design process goes like this: “how can we upend the classic design standards to incorporate trendy and/or random local ideas onto a uniform.”

    It took the Jaguars one year to realize the side bar is a bad idea, it took the Broncos 27? years. The Jags definitely got it right at the beginning, I don’t see a huge difference with the 1998 version, so that’s included in “the beginning”

    Is this the logo that they kind of got in trouble for because it looks so similar to the British car company? An aside, that will work well when they eventually re-locate to London permanently (jk, jk)

    I think that was a good thing that happened too, Paul. They ended up with a MUCH better uniform.

    I’ve often wondered why any NFL team would allow the youngsters at Nike to come in and convince them to “modernize” their uniform. Then proceed to ruin everything about classic looks. Thank goodness for the smart teams like the Raiders, Packers, and a handful of others that said…go away. As a Jets fan, I wish Woody’s brother, Chris had said that five years ago.

    I’m guessing that the (then) youngsters at Nike were responsible for those uniforms too. It’s not exactly a retro look and it’s teal the official color of the 90s

    Biggest note from that, there was no 5 year uniform rule in place. 3 years, 3 different uniforms for the Jags. These days you are stuck with your horrible decisions when it comes to uniforms. Back then, trash it if it didn’t work or fans hated it.

    Back then you didn’t need a five-year rule, because teams didn’t even thing to significantly revamp their uniforms. The throwback uniforms for the NFL’s 75th anniversary in 1994 were the first time most teams had significantly deviated from their standard look in a while.

    Before then, you could almost count on one (or two) hands the wholesale team identity changes that had occurred: Washington in 1972, Jets in 1978, Bengals in 1981, Falcons in 1990, Patriots in 1993, and the Chargers at various points. I’m sure I’m missing a few, but it wasn’t like today when a few teams would come out with drastically new uniforms each year, and some would change every 5-7 years.

    Back then you didn’t need a five-year rule, because teams didn’t even thing to significantly revamp their uniforms.

    Let me rephrase that for you: Back then you didn’t need a five-year rule, because jersey merchandising was still in its infancy.

    Jersey merchandising in its infancy? What about all those 1970s Sears catalogs?! I recall owning an Eric Hipple replica back in 1983.

    Sears jerseys were for children (and were, you know, only available from Sears). Nothing like the current Big Uni merch industrial complex.

    What about the original 1993 prototype with the leaping jaguar across the shoulder pads paired with the gold/black helmet? That would hit the heights of all ugliness, especially if the Color Rush pants were used.

    The number font on that jersey is a little fussy and I prefer the pants stripes of the 95-96 uni, but all in all a solid choice. I’ll take the 98-2008 numbers over the 97 side panel any day.

    After the Jets made their throwbacks a full time look, one can certainly dream right?
    Also, were the mid to late 90s secretly a good time for uniform design? The Eagles uniforms have had plenty of staying power, the Bucs went back to their late 90s design, and the Jags and Titans definitely looked better with their original uniforms.

    I have to admit I haven’t liked any Titans’ uniforms. They need to lean in on the pastel blue and red.

    The Jags for me are a rare example of a team having a better uniform now, than the throwback. The one they’re re-introducing, I do like it as a throwback. But their main set now, I really like. I’m also just a fan of extremely plain, simple uniforms. My favorite uniforms in the whole of the NFL are the Raiders and the Giants primary home blue uniform. Plain as they come.

    Great look! No unnecessary drop shadow, numbers are unique enough, great sleeve logo, and a great color combo (for which a black alt jersey makes sense).

    The leaping jaguar prototype uniform looked extremely World League. They dodged a bullet with that one. Both the Jaguars and Panthers had excellent original uniform sets. Actually, every expansion team since the AFL-NFL merger has had at least a solid initial uniform identity.

    Wise decision by the Jaguars but please pair it with white pants and the striping instead of all black.

    I love these, black/white/gold as an accent works really well with most colors. That’s why the 49ers unis of the late 90s work so well for me, the extra bits of trim look sooo good. Some people hated the burgundy, I think their current cherry red would work just as well with the black/white/gold trim. Some people hated them not winning as much in those, I can’t help that, hah. I’m waiting for those throwbacks though, I loved those unis.

    I’m excited to see these in action at least for the Jags!

    These are going to look sweet! I wish their current sets featured more gold besides just the logo, especially outlining the numbers with it. They have awesome colors to do something special. I always wanted to see them do a subdued jaguar print somewhere on their shoulder pads or even inside a sleek pantleg stripe. Hopefully they make a change for the better in the near future, at least these throwbacks are going to give them some identity on the field.

    Playing football in the 00’s makes me nostalgic for the under the armpit texture ‘technology’. I assume other generations find it goofy, but adidas is bringing it back in soccer.

    I know tastes in uniforms are subjective, but I’m curious about how many teams now have throwback/alternate uniforms in their rotation that are “better” than their primary set.

    Without doing a ton of research, I can think of: Denver, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Miami, New England, Atlanta, Tennessee, Minnesota, Tampa Bay. And there are a few others that have marginally better ones in their set, too (Pittsburgh, Seattle, New Orleans, NY Giants, etc.)

    These were their best uniforms! I wish they had kept the helmets with the teal flake in them. The two tones were awful but could have worked if they used teal instead of gold.

    AKA the bass boat helmets! At the time they were much derided as being gimmicky. Nowadays though I look back on a kind of fondness for them. They were definitely unique and SO much better than the two-tone “burnt helmet” look. This throwback though will look great as long as they do it properly, i.e: striped white pants!

    That custom font doesn’t bother me at all. Has anyone ever traced the history of these custom fonts that are specific for one team? Perhaps it is a law diminishing returns.

    I like these but they always skewed too close to the Eagles for me. The bespoke font is similar to what the Eagles have been using since 1996, and the “midnight green” is not far from the teal that the Jags wear.
    Speaking of which – are we sure Nike can pull off this color?

    These are fine, but that bespoke font really sucks. The originals are by far the best version.

    I’ll take the inaugural uni’s with the block lettering. Especially loved the white jerseys with teal numbers outlined with gold and black! But the ’98s aren’t a bad fall back!

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