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Category: Leaks

MLB’s Latest City Connect Leak: A Hilariously Bad Orioles Jersey

It’s so bad, it can’t possibly be legit — but several clues suggest that it probably is.

Confusion Reigns Over Possible Suns Uni Leaks

Do the leaks show next year’s new uniforms? Discarded prototypes? Something else?

Apparent Leak Shows Reds City Connect Jersey Design

The official unveiling isn’t until next week, but the leaks keep coming.

EXCLUSIVE: Bruins’ Winter Classic Jersey Has Leaked

The official unveiling won’t take place until Friday, but a retail shop has jumped the gun.

T-Shirt Listing Appears to Confirm Earlier Twins Logo Leak

One leak at a time, the Twins’ new look is coming into focus.

Did New Era Just Leak the Twins’ New Cap Design?

A fashion cap that was briefly visible on New Era’s website gives some hints about the team’s upcoming uni redesign.

Awesome New Mavs City Jersey Leaks

Amidst all the leaks, unveilings, and hype, a fantastic new design cuts through the clutter.

New Drip: Oilers’ Reverse Retro McFarlane Design Now Confirmed

After a bunch of hints, we now have definitive confirmation that Edmonton is bringing back the “oil drip” design.

Leaked Socks (!) Hint at New MLB City Connect Unis

Good morning! Today I want to expand upon an item that Phil had in yesterday’s Ticker: the apparent leak of the Rockies’ and Padres’ City Connect socks. A quick refresher …

Mother Lode of NBA Leaks Sets Stage for 2022-23 Season

Click to enlarge Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with breaking news when covering a daily beat, and that was the case for me yesterday. I had a bunch of …

How Can This Trash Possibly Be the NBA All-Star Jerseys?

Click to enlarge Last Friday we had a leak of an uninspired grey/blue design purported to be one of this year’s NBA All-Star jerseys (above left). Now the other one …

Nets and Thunder Are the NBA’s Latest City Edition Leaks

Oh snap!!!!!! — Ref Ryan T (@refryant) October 18, 2021 More leaks of NBA City designs yesterday, beginning with the Nets retail shirsey shown above, which obviously draws from …

Apparent Leak Shows New Rams White Jersey

Click to enlarge Three weeks ago, Rams COO Kevin Demoff said the team would unveil its new alternate jersey sometime in July. Two weeks after that, Rams offensive lineman Andrew …

Think Pink: 2021 MLB Mother’s Day Caps Leak

For all caps, click to enlarge Almost all of MLB’s 2021 Ma’s Day caps briefly leaked yesterday on the Macy’s website. As you can see from the six designs shown …

Uni-verse Rocked by Wave of New NFL Leaks

For all photos in this section, click to enlarge Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be safe and well (and where one inhabitant …