Leaked Socks (!) Hint at New MLB City Connect Unis

Good morning! Today I want to expand upon an item that Phil had in yesterday’s Ticker: the apparent leak of the Rockies’ and Padres’ City Connect socks.

A quick refresher course, just to bring everyone up to speed: MLB’s City Connect program launched last season. Seven teams participated — the Red Sox, Marlins, Giants, […]

Mother Lode of NBA Leaks Sets Stage for 2022-23 Season

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with breaking news when covering a daily beat, and that was the case for me yesterday. I had a bunch of obligations that kept me out of the house for a good chunk of the day and most of the night. […]

How Can This Trash Possibly Be the NBA All-Star Jerseys?

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Last Friday we had a leak of an uninspired grey/blue design purported to be one of this year’s NBA All-Star jerseys (above left). Now the other one has leaked, and SportsLogos.net has confirmed that the leaks are legitimate, so these are indeed what the NBA All-Stars will […]

Nets and Thunder Are the NBA’s Latest City Edition Leaks

Oh snap!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/ENvEFGqmaW

— Ref Ryan T (@refryant) October 18, 2021

More leaks of NBA City designs yesterday, beginning with the Nets retail shirsey shown above, which obviously draws from their New Jersey period. The core design is similar to last season’s tie-dye throwbacks, but without the tie-dye. Since this […]