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Uni Watch Reader’s Memorabilia Featured in Broncos Museum Exhibit

Back in 2018 I went out to Denver to check out Uni Watch reader Tom Jacobsen’s incredible collection of Broncos memorabilia. It turns out that I’m not the only one interested in Tom’s collection. The History Colorado Center (yes, it’s an odd name) has a new Broncos-centric exhibit called “Mile High Magic,” and they got in touch with Tom to borrow some items from his collection. What an honor!

Tom provided me with this list of the items he loaned to the museum:

  • John Elway 1985/1986 game-worn cold-weather road jersey
  • Petersen’s Preview Pro Football (has Elway on the cover wearing the jersey listed above)
  • Ken Carpenter 1960 game-worn jersey
  • Striped socks from 1960/1961 seasons
  • Floyd Little 1971 game-worn helmet
  • Rod Smith 2004 game-worn helmet
  • Phillip Lindssay 2020 game-worn gloves
  • 1965 season ticket booklet from from Roy and Rose Marie Jacobsen (my mom and dad)

The exhibit looks really good. Here’s the introductory placard, along with some additional pics that Tom provided:

“They gave us a behind-the-scenes tour after we dropped everything off,” says Tom. “It was a bit like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark — we were walking past a random shelf in one of the back rooms and the curator goes, ‘Oh, that’s Mussolini’s fez.’ Ha!”


Big congrats to Tom, and everyone else can take this post as Uni Watch’s official recommendation for you to check out this exhibit.

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    I’ve been following Tom’s Instagram account for years and didn’t even know it was him! This day is full of awesome surprises!

    “John Elway 1985/1986 game-worn cold-weather road jersey”

    Legitimate question, is that different from a regular jersey? Different material, or maybe just a hand warmer pocket? I don’t think I’ve heard of cold-weather jerseys before

    I think I might have answered my own question – from the comments in the linked post from 2018

    “This jersey was a Champion salesman’s sample that the equipment manager cut up and added a hand warmer to make it a cold weather jersey. Elway wore it in ’85 vs. KC (before the pocket was added) and then again in ’85 vs. Pittsburgh. “

    As a longtime Denver resident and lifelong Broncos fan, I will most certainly be checking out this exhibit! Can’t wait!

    The rack with Mussolini’s fez appears to name the 10th Mountain Division, which makes sense since that unit fought in Northern Italy and beyond in the closing weeks of WW II.

    Wonderful collection of memorabilia. Hope in a future repeat of this exhibition anew and wonderful Broncos uniform from 2024 onwards will be included as well.

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