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Category: Collectibles/Memorabilia

Creating Mini Championship Banners Out Of Paper

Memal’s replica banners spruce up his home and look great

A New Addition to Uni Watch HQ

I found this really cool vintage metal cabinet — and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Some Very Cool Items I Just Saw at a Vintage Shop

A recent shopping trip turned up some great stuff.

A New Sub-Niche: The World of Sports-Themed Postage Stamps

We all know that there are sports-themed stamps out there. But did you know that there’s a whole organization and magazine devoted to collecting them?

Jimmy Lonetti Scores Again with Vintage MLB Gumball Machine

A longtime Uni Watch reader has added something special to his baseball glove-repair shop. Here’s the full story.

Let’s Talk About NFL Bicycle Hubcaps!

I’m trying to learn more about this little-known vintage collectible.

MLB Rookies to Wear ‘Debut Patches’ for 2023

A new uniform element is about to launch as part of Opening Day.

The Saltwell Files, Vol. 2: A 1960 NFL Merchandise Catalog

Today we take a peek at a rare catalog that documents the early days of NFL merchandising.

The Saltwell Files, Vol. 1: A Bonanza of Vintage Sports Merch Catalogs

A team executive saved tons of old merch catalogs from the 1960s and ’70s. Half a century later, we have the fun of checking them out.

Honoring Letter Sweaters and Jackets

Timothy Brown is the author of Football Archaeology, which digs into gridiron history to examine how football’s evolution shapes today’s game. Period images and a dash of humor help tell each thoroughly researched story.

Show and Tell: A New Collection for Uni Watch HQ

What are moth vaporizer tins, and why are they such cool collectibles? Read on to find out!

Auction Action: The Latest from Grey Flannel Auctions

Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions have some spectacular items up for bid — some of which were sourced from Uni Watch readers!

Collector’s Corner for Oct. 4, 2022

Brinke Guthrie’s weekly roundup for vintage collectibles — including a Minnesota Twins shoehorn!

A Monster Haul of Vintage Curling Collectibles

A very generous reader recently sent a big box of cool stuff to Uni Watch HQ (including, yes, a curling chimp figurine).

How I First Got It™: A 1992 NHL Coloring Book

For one Uni Watch reader, an NHL coloring book from his youth had a transformative effect. Let’s take a look!