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Category: Collectibles/Memorabilia

Whatever Became of Harvey Haddix’ (Im)Perfect Game Uniform?

Why Harvey Haddix 12-inning perfect game uniform isn’t in Cooperstown

Check Out These Super-Cool DIY Pocket Schedules!

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation this week, but he left behind this post about an awesome DIY project. Enjoy!] Way back in 2007, when this blog was a bit …

A Look at a Beautiful 1941 Bicycle Catalog

A fun new addition to the Uni Watch reference library.

Auction Action: The Latest Treasures From Grey Flannel Auctions

It’s a treasure trove of uni-related goodness!

Oxford Pennant Celebrates NHL License With Big Uni Watch Raffle!

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, we have a big prize for a lucky Uni Watch reader.

Uni Watch Reader’s Memorabilia Featured in Broncos Museum Exhibit

Tom Jacobsen’s collection has been featured on Uni Watch before. Now it’s featured in a sensational new exhibit.

Creating Mini Championship Banners Out Of Paper

Memal’s replica banners spruce up his home and look great

A New Addition to Uni Watch HQ

I found this really cool vintage metal cabinet — and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Some Very Cool Items I Just Saw at a Vintage Shop

A recent shopping trip turned up some great stuff.

A New Sub-Niche: The World of Sports-Themed Postage Stamps

We all know that there are sports-themed stamps out there. But did you know that there’s a whole organization and magazine devoted to collecting them?

Jimmy Lonetti Scores Again with Vintage MLB Gumball Machine

A longtime Uni Watch reader has added something special to his baseball glove-repair shop. Here’s the full story.

Let’s Talk About NFL Bicycle Hubcaps!

I’m trying to learn more about this little-known vintage collectible.

MLB Rookies to Wear ‘Debut Patches’ for 2023

A new uniform element is about to launch as part of Opening Day.

The Saltwell Files, Vol. 2: A 1960 NFL Merchandise Catalog

Today we take a peek at a rare catalog that documents the early days of NFL merchandising.

The Saltwell Files, Vol. 1: A Bonanza of Vintage Sports Merch Catalogs

A team executive saved tons of old merch catalogs from the 1960s and ’70s. Half a century later, we have the fun of checking them out.