Auction Catalog Reveals Rare MLB Uni Gems

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The photo shown above is of Yankees shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh. We can tell it’s from 1918 because he’s wearing the red, white, and blue armband that the Yanks wore that year to show support for America’s involvement in World War I. Several other MLB […]

Tales from the Dream Shop: Restoring a Buried Treasure

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It’s been much too long since we’ve had a guest entry from baseball jersey restorer extraordinaire Bill Henderson, whose business, the Dream Shop, has been featured in several previous Uni Watch entries.

Today’s story from Bill is particularly interesting because in addition to showcasing […]

Long-Lost Gas Giveaway Provides Blast from Cubbies’ Past

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Check out this illustration showing various Cubs players who won the National League MVP Award. A great composition, and so many great uniforms!

That wonderful illo appeared on an 8.5″ x 11″ print that was given away in the mid-1980s by Chicago-area Unocal 76 […]

A1 Steak Sauce’s 1994 NFL Trading Cards

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Longtime Uni Watch reader/supporter Robert Brashear recently got in touch to let me know he’d found something interesting buried in a drawer: a set of 28 A1 Steak Sauce “Masters of the Grill” recipe cards from 1994, each with a different NFL player on the […]