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Cowboys to Wear Color Rush Uni for Sunday Showdown With Eagles

The Cowboys will be wearing their mono-white Color Rush uniforms, complete with the white alternate helmet, for this Sunday night’s crucial NFC East showdown against the Eagles.

Dallas’s CR uni was introduced in 2015, and they’ve continued to wear it at least once per season since then. For the uniform’s first seven seasons, it was paired with the team’s standard silver helmet. But last year, with the lifting of the one-shell rule, the team was able to create a mono-white CR combo by adding a white alternate helmet:

This will be the second and final time this season that the Cowboys are wearing this uniform, and the first they’ll be wearing it at home. They previously wore it while defeating the Chargers in L.A. on Oct. 16.

The Cowboys aren’t the only team going CR in Week 14. The Steelers will be wearing their CR uni for the Thursday-night game.

This Sunday’s Cowboys/Eagles game is scheduled to kick off in Dallas at 8:20pm Eastern.

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    Odd that they have kept the white pants featuring the center silver stripe since switching over to the white helmet with this combo. The helmet has no center silver stripe, so this look would work better with the white pants they wear with their navy throwback jersey.

    It bothers me as well but to me, the solution is to add silver to the middle of the helmet stripe instead of taking away the silver on the pants stripe.

    (You could also make the case to add silver to the inside of the number and star outlines on the jersey too, but I fear that ship sailed with their navy jerseys so many years ago that they’d want the CRs to match those better at this point.

    I am here for the suggestion of a fifth (someone fact check that) helmet design for the Cowboys.

    Pretty sure they only have three at the moment.
    1. Standard silver
    2. White with solid star (that pairs with navy throwback jersey)
    3. White with outlined star (that pairs with mono white uniform)

    I believe there are 8 teams that have three helmet designs:
    Chicago (hasn’t worn the throwback stripe yet this year), Cleveland (counting white facemask as a different design), Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, San Diego, both New York teams.

    This. And while the packers are a well dressed team, I’d like to see them throwback against the throwback giants on Monday night.

    As much as I do not like mono color I have nothing against mono white, especially in this case with the navy sleeves. Indeed too bad the Eagles will not wear kelly green for this game.

    I think the venting on today’s helmets is very noticeable on white helmets, and I found it particularly stark-looking on the Cowboys’ lids on Thanksgiving. I think combined with the dark navy logo, the dark vents were very intrusive. It’s there on other white helmets, but I don’t think it looks as bad e.g. paired with the Patriots red and blue logo.

    The chaotic answer would be for the Eagles to break out the mono Midnight Green look that they wore once in the late 90’s

    The plan all along has been for the chest mark to be updated in 2024: link

    Why? Because it takes two years to make a uniform change, but you can change field graphics whenever you want.

    Would it make more sense to hold off on changing the field graphics until you can change the jersey graphic? Yes. But that’s not how they’ve chosen to handle it.

    Thanks, I guess I just didnt think changing that tiny wordmark would count as a uniform change…but of course it does. On a similar note, the Colts still use their old wordmark in their end zones. I read they were going to replace their turf field before next next season, which I assume means that’s when their new mark will make its field debut. Similar question that you had above, why not change it all at the same time?

    I didn’t realize the Colts had a new wordmark. Googled it and yuck, I wish they wouldn’t have done that.

    Not as great as their throwbacks – but a nice set none the less.
    The Eagles have exhausted the wears for their light-green/gray alt’s, right?
    A good opportunity to go mono-midnight? Hmmm….I might like that.

    I bet Philly wears all-black in this game. They’ve worn all-black visiting Dallas the past few years and this would create a nice contrast.

    Yeah, it would be just like Monday night’s all-black Jags vs. all-white Bengals, which marred a great game with terrible aesthetics.

    Paul be like: Why the Cowboys wearing all white is a symbol of colonialism and white supremacy

    I was always puzzled when people would say that Donald Trump was “living rent-free” in his critics’ heads. I mean, the President of the United States is literally the most powerful person on the planet. *Shouldn’t* people be thinking about him? Don’t we do that for every president?

    But me, I’m just some guy. Yet I appear to be living rent-free in this reader’s head. Go figure.

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