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Steelers to Wear Color Rush Uni on Thursday

The Steelers have just announced that they’ll be wearing their mono-black Color Rush uniform for this Thursday night’s home game against the Patriots.

This will be the first time this season that the Steelers have worn the CR design. It was last worn on Nov. 20, 2022, against the Bengals. According to the team’s website, the Steelers have gone 7-2 in this uniform since its introduction in 2016.

This will also be the second time in the Steelers’ past three home games that they’ve worn a non-primary uniform. They wore their throwbacks on Nov. 12 against the Packers.

The Steelers will have four games remaining after this Thursday. Three of them are on the road, and they’re slated to wear their standard white road jersey for those games. Their one remaining home game after this week will be on Dec. 23 against the Bengals, and they haven’t yet announced what they’ll be wearing for that one, so the throwbacks or Color Rush design could conceivably appear one more time.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing the Steelers’ announcement to my attention.)

Comments (9)

    As per Phil’s 2+3+2 columns, I’d like to see a yellow (gold) version of their jersey with those black pants.

    Iowa looked good in black/gold/black, so I know the Steelers would look good too.

    And for people who think I dislike all mono-black unis, this is my favorite exception. Missouri, and yes… the Ravens, are also fine with me.
    In fact, given a choice between the *current* home unis and these, give me these. If it comes down to these and the 70s/80s unis, it’s pretty much a tie for me.

    The Steelers have classic unis and excellent throwbacks from several eras. There is no reason for this set to exist.

    Patriots should wear the red/white they wore against the chargers on sunday. There is plenty of contrast.

    Don’t care for the mono uniforms. But the yellow pants stripe definitely helps the Steelers look. I wish the Lions would use a silver pants stripe on their mono-lulu blue uniforms.

    the lions do have a silver stripe on their blue pants. its their plain white”our bags got sent to omaha and we had to borrow the other team’s practice” pants that need to go

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