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Details on Texans’ New Uniforms Begin to Emerge

We’ve known for a while now that the Texans had new uniforms in the works for 2024, but now we’re getting a few more hints and details about the bigger picture.

That comes from a mailbag column by Drew Dougherty on the team’s website. Here’s one of the reader-submitted questions and Dougherty’s response:

Are we getting new uniforms for next season?

Yes. They’ll be revealed the week of the NFL Draft in April. If the Texans don’t play again at NRG Stadium in the playoffs, Sunday was the last time you’ll see them wear the home uniforms they’ve worn since 2002.

Just to be a bit more precise, the 2024 NFL draft begins on April 25, so Houston’s unveiling will presumably take place a day or two before that date. The timing here isn’t a surprise — draft week has become the preferred time period for NFL uni unveilings — but it’s good to have it confirmed.

Dougherty’s response also makes it clear that the home uniform will be changing. Again, not a surprise, but it’s good to have it spelled out.

The next reader-submitted question was also about uniforms:

Are the new uniforms going to have “H-Town Blue” being a primary color? Are we going to have a new logo as well?

No, and no.

But H-Town Blue will be incorporated in some of the four uniforms the Texans will wear next season.

The logo isn’t changing.

“H-Town Blue” refers to the Oilers’ shade of blue (or, if you prefer, Columbia blue), which has been the subject of a lot of uni speculation. Dougherty’s response makes it clear that this hue will be an accent color, not a main color. He also reveals that the team will have four uniforms, and that the logo is remaining the same.

The Texans’ final regular season game in their current uni set is scheduled for this Saturday night, when the play the Colts in Indianapolis.

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    Their uniforms were not pillars of great design by any means, but they were also far from the worst the league has to offer. The current ones are simple enough that they don’t really feel dated, and building up 20+ years of cachet is valuable. I’d put even money on the new ones being worse.

    I have to disagree. The Texans and Chargers are 2 rare examples of modern classics. The font is unique without being too overwrought. The colors are all-Texas. The logo works. Not thrilled about the monochrome looks in 3 shades but beyond that, they have one of the few newer designs that aged well.

    The Texans remind me of the Washington Nationals, sort of a correction to the zany branding 1990s. They blend in, they’re boring, they’re fine.

    Very well I put. I totally agree. Hopefully they are not terrible like the Falcons or alarm clock number Buccaneers.

    “H-Town Blue”…I ROTFLMFAO every time I read that.
    I’m Calling It Steal Blue.
    It’s a shame the Texans feel it necessary to revamp the uniforms – I always liked them.
    “Battle Red” remains part of the pallette…perhaps becoming more prominent/primary?

    Why isn’t H-Town Blue a primary colour on at least an alternate? Four uniforms: navy, white, red, and…?

    Actually, the question Drew was asked was, “Are the new uniforms going to have “H-Town Blue” being a primary color?” Drew says “No, But H-Town Blue will be incorporated in some of the four uniforms…”, which, to me, doesn’t rule out a Columbia Blue uni and doesn’t necessarily mean that C. Blue will only be an accent color..he may simply mean it won’t be the main home or road, which are commonly called “primary”.

    My guess is they go heavy red for the primary. Interesting that they are going to have 4 uniforms. I’d assume, home, away, “color rush”, Oilers?

    Their arch rivals will always be The Titans and I suspect Tennessee will revisit the Oilers look more permanently when they get the new stadium. Two teams vying for the same light look in one div wouldn’t make much sense. Texans should embrace red and go all in..

    Texans uniforms to me have always been flat. I’d like to see a white (remember the prototype) or silver helmet. The set needs more contrast between shell, jersey and pants.

    The Texans unis are perfectly fine the way they are. Like the Jets in 2019 this is change for the sake of change.

    Of course the best way to sell merchandise is to add players that fans will want to buy the jerseys of. C.J. Stroud would seem to be a pretty good start.

    As a Cardinals fan I can recall many years of having a Larry Fitzgerald jersey and the only other choice being a bunch of players I didn’t want to make that investment on.

    That said, Columbia blue for the Titans would be great.

    Yep…fans’ opinions should be regarded as a major factor in any new uni designs…
    Especially when it comes to this Oiler-Titan argument over Columbia Blue…
    Without Oiler blue as a main color, what is the point of ANY redesign?

    I dunno. They’ve been around 20 years and still have no real visual identity. The uniforms still look like Generic Football Team in a movie that didn’t have the budget to pay for rights to real team logos and names.

    I’d actually expect them to go kind of wild here because certainly they’re aware that their look is bland.

    As I said, their current look is just fine; traditional without being derivative, recognizable without being garish. I especially like that they still have TV numerals on the sleeves; I think they and the Raiders are the only teams that still do (although I’m holding out hope that the Jets correct their 2019 mistake and bring them back…..).

    The Colts also still do, but I’m worried about how long that will last as sleeves keep getting smaller and smaller

    As an outside observer, I’d love to see them shift from navy to Columbia Blue, just to bring that color back into more frequent use in the NFL, but they’ll do what they’ll do, I suppose. I expect they’re probably going to try and shift further from a blue team with red accents, where they started, into being a primarily red team with blue accents, to further distinguish themselves from both the Oiler legacy and from the Cowboys

    I’m gonna guess that red becomes the primary color, especially the helmet. Primary jersey is either navy or red, white away, alt opposite of primary home, and Columbia Blue fauxback/alt. Either navy or white alt helmet

    I have always thought they did a pretty good job with their unis the first time around.
    Certainly not “flashy” but solid, simple and easily identifiable. Given enough time, they could have become as classic as any other “classic” set. The Bears come to mind as a similar-looking set that we all view as an excellent “classic”. Blue helmets with a logo and no stripes, blue jerseys, white pants with a triple stripe…the only real difference being the sleeve / shoulder stripes. This feels like a situation where the new design will probably worse…but I guess I’ll hold out hope that they somehow improve.

    I think their uniform design is good as is. Sort of bland with the navy blue. The simple solution is to promote the red jersey to the home jersey and then just roll out navy once a year as an alternate.
    But from what it sounds like now, they plan to add columbia blue in, but as an accent color. So essentially they’ll have the same color scheme as the Titans, navy with columbia and red accents? Not liking that, just makes them even more bland and repetitive.

    Always loved the Texans look except the Color Rush with navy uniform and red numbers. Every other combo just WORKED, nothing fancy just good ol plain and simple by the books but no so plain as to be boring like the Jags current set. Glad to hear the logo is staying though, always liked that

    Pft. Titans? Not even close! Tennessee has red, navy blue, Lt blue AND grey. So. . . completely different.

    Yet nearly exactly the same as The Titans – except for some silver elements. Texans should be the red team / Titans light blue.

    Of course all wish they were simply the Houston Oilers with the normal Oilers uniforms, but short if that the Texans have always had a really solid uniform when they stick to basic home and road. As stated above, I’d bet quite a bit that these new ones will be worse. No reason to change what they have.

    So the Titans and Texans will now have the exact same color scheme…

    Got it. I loved having columbia since it helped us stand out from the texans, but not anymore. It’s about to get even more petty so buckle up folks.

    – a concerned Titans fan wondering what our next uniforms will be.

    I like, don’t love, their current uniforms. However, there’s a good chance the new uniforms will be worse. Glad they’re keeping their logo, which IMHO is nicely done. I’m not married to the idea of teams that leave for another city should leave the name, but this is one. But since that didn’t happen, I like what they picked. In a reversal of sorts, I think an Arizona team should be called the Arizona Phoenix.

    “The Texans’ final regular season game in their current uni set is scheduled for this Saturday night, when the play the Colts in Indianapolis.”

    Houston should go out the way they came in: B/W/B/R combo.

    Texans should go full “Florida Blazers” and go blue over red over blue. It’s a nice, patriotic, and unique look. Oh, and they should ditch “Texans” and go back to the “Toros” idea. The helmet logo would make more sense.

    Toros would be a badass name. It has a lot more character than Texans and fits Houston perfectly. It also goes well with Astros phonetically. Not quite Jets/Mets, but there’s a nice similarity there.

    The Texans uniforms are the exact same colors (minus the silver) as New England. I like the logo, but I’ve never been a fan of the navy blue. A hue in a completely different shade of blue would have been better. And as of the most current census, Texas has more Hispanics (legal) than whites. Maybe the mascot should have been Texicans instead of Texans.

    So all Hispanics in Texas are of Mexican descent?? And is the legal bit necessary? SMH.

    I think their currents unis are fine and not outdated so I never thought they would consider changing them, hopefully the redesign will not turn into a disaster. I have a feeling they will make the red helmets primary.

    Also, I’m glad they’re not going to use Columbia blue because people just need to accept the fact that the Oilers belong to the Tennessee Titans.

    “…people just need to accept the fact that the Oilers belong to the Tennessee Titans.”

    When they left Houston, the Titans had their chance to “keep” the Oilers, but they didn’t, the owner rejected the city of Houston and the name Oilers all within a few short years …
    well Houston fans embrace the Oilers identity and the Texans screwed up when they didn’t negotiate for the name…
    In my opinion because of the owner’s childish vitriol, the Titans have been cursed…

    Worst case scenario is 2 mono white and 2 mono black uniforms with either H-Town blue and red accents or navy and red accents, topped off with a red or black helmet. Players would love it.

    I’m excited about the new uniforms. I think they should leave the Columbia Blue out of the new ideas. That color is a part of our History and always will be, but the Oilers moved to Tennessee. We are the Houston Texans. I really would love if they use Black.

    Look to the Philadelphia Phillies Maroon and Baby Blue to get an idea of what the unis will look like.

    That division is easily the ugliest in the NFL. Colts in Royal, Titans in their schizophrenic set of blues and greys, Texans in navy, Jags in teal and black. Awful combinations due to lack of contrast.

    Therefore, the more the Texans go red-heavy, the more I will like them.

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