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Source: Green Bay Packers Adding White Alternate Helmet

If you’ve been following my recent NFL-related posts, you’ve probably noticed that I keep referring to a source who says he was shown all of the new uniform designs for 2024. This source got in touch with me earlier this month, but I didn’t go public with any of his claims because he didn’t have any supporting visuals to corroborate his descriptions, and I wasn’t able to confirm any of his descriptions myself.

But as more teams have unveiled their designs and more leaks have emerged, this source’s descriptions have proven to be 100% accurate. So I now feel comfortable reporting on something else he told me: The Packers, he says, are getting a white alternate helmet.

To be clear, my source’s previous track record doesn’t automatically guarantee that he’s right about this. Given my previous interactions with him, however, I think it’s highly likely that this is happening.

I asked if there’s a new alternate or throwback uniform to go with this new white helmet. “Sorry, I don’t remember,” the source responded. “I am assuming no. But if there is, it would have been so subtle that I couldn’t tell at first glance.”

While a white Packers helmet may sound heretical, there’s actually some precedent for it. The team went with white lids in 1957 and ’58, as shown in this graphic from the Gridiron Uniform Database, followed by some photos:

It’s not clear whether the Packers are planning a late-1950s throwback or if they have something else in mind. It’s worth noting that their Color Rush uniform, which they last wore in 2022, is white over white, so a white helmet would pair well with that:

If the Packers do indeed add a while alternate helmet for 2024, they probably wouldn’t be the only NFC North team to do so, as the Vikings are apparently getting a new white lid as well.

If anyone knows more about this, I’m all ears. Anonymity assured, of course.

Update: My source just got in touch to say, just for clarification, that the white helmet will have the standard Green Bay “G” on the sides. (Insert Tiki Barber joke here.)

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    Reserving judgement but I can’t imagine this is going to look good or at least better than the current helmet.

    Please be a white version of their current helmet with a yellow “G” and yellow center stripe.

    I love a good meltdown

    Why has the league just decided to make the 2+3+2(+3) project a reality for some reason

    Yet hardly any color vs color games, when many teams could easily do it. Chargers/Raiders. Broncos/Chiefs. Seahawks (lime) 49ers.

    All of this white uniform flare and stormtrooper look is taking over the NFL…white is the new black!

    I try to give credit to Boise State for initiating change as far as imagery in college football, with the Bluefield obviously a forerunner to the uniform craze…

    Lol more like let’s blame new era and such. Anyway to sell merch right. But they gotta pay these mega deals somehow!!!!!!!

    Those old 1957-58 uniforms just don’t feel like the Packers. It reminds me of the Jets. I wouldn’t recommend throwing back to those uniforms, personally.

    Throwbacks from the 1950’s for the Packers is a terrible idea. Those were sucky years with not many wins.
    Throwbacks to the Lombardi era would be the best.
    Please Nike do not F with our iconic look!

    If you’ve read any of the interviews that Paul did, you’d already know that Nike can’t do anything without the team approval. So don’t blame Nike.

    The white helmet thing is funny to me because growing up playing pop warner, white helmets were the default for everybody because they were the cheapest. It was almost embarrassing to be seen in them, yet now everyone wants in on it. Kind of funny

    That’s what I thought of when I saw the Broncos new white hats.

    If you showed me that 1950s design and didn’t tell me who it was, GB might be my third or fourth guess. It looks like a color-shifted Colts or an old knockoff of Jets/Eagles.

    I don’t think the Packers thing will look bad, but that 1950s set will translate into a mostly blank uniform with nike logos all over it. These old, basic throwbacks don’t have the same effect when there’s a swoosh so prominently displayed on every visible surface.

    I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll see the circle-G on this helmet. There’s a pretty low ceiling to what can be achieved with these. I think I’d prefer something more like the green/yellow/green shown on the figurine, although I think their most recent version of that set (plain yellow/green/green) was poorly received (I didn’t mind it).

    However, comparing this with the other things we’ve been seeing lately, I’m not going to complain about a basic, no-frills football uniform that actually looks like a football uniform.

    playing pop warner, white helmets were the default for everybody because they were the cheapest. It was almost embarrassing to be seen in them, yet now everyone wants in on it.

    I’ve been saying ever since the plain white pants and untucked undershirts became all the rage:
    Kids from poorly funded football programs used to dream of looking like the pros. Now, pros dream of looking like poorly funded youth football programs.
    I just don’t get it.

    Totally on point. WFWS to go with BFBS and the players will all end up looking like chess pieces. Reversible practice gear chic.

    The game will be played in Brazil. The host city wont allow any team to wear any shade of green.

    As much as I love Bucco Bruce and Pat Patriot and was happy for their return, I’d give them both up and go back to the one shell rule if it meant no more of these ridiculous WFWS Icicle Stormtroopers White Out helmets.

    Fun to see Uni-Watch getting credit on the local GB news stations for this story. GB news report on the Packers before most everything else during the season on Sundays, so not surprising to see them pick up on this as well.

    I’d really prefer if the NFL let teams wear any color they want.

    There are 17 games so why not make 17 unique “Uniforms”?

    It’s,going.that way…I would actually be impressed if someone was able to “re-imagine” with color corrected story telling outfits every team.

    It’s not a game anymore.
    It’s a farce.

    *The skill of subtle sarcasm is an art…not a science.

    White helmets aren’t even a good look for teams that normally wear them. Teams that have actually good-looking helmets adopting white chapeaux? Just the absolute trashiest thing Nike has ever foisted on the gridiron.

    I would be more than happy if the Colts, Cardinals, Dolphins, Penn State and Texas were the only teams with white helmets.

    There might be a couple more, but that’s off the top of my head.

    A green helmet with a yellow logo, stripe and facemask for the all green 50’s uniforms would look good.

    I think it’s most likely going to be a white helmet. “Icy White” is a new trend now. My only concern is that they will look like the Jets.

    Not sure, but read article about a game being
    Played in Europe and the stadium their in
    Is a soccer team that wears green uniforms.
    They won’t allow anyone to wear it in the team colors in that stadium but the soccer team.
    I believe they are playing the eagles also wear
    Green as so Green Bay so, no green? the white
    is most likely the alternative to dissuade the
    Soccer team.

    I think it was Brazil, and the issue is that the stadium informally prohibits wearing green because that’s the color of the team’s big rival. Philly is the official home team. I’m expecting to see black jerseys vs white jerseys, but we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.


    Is their color rush technically an alternate since it’s the same jersey? Lots of teams rotate pants and they aren’t “alternates”.

    I wonder if this white helmet has anything to do with the Brazil no-green fiasco

    All teams should have WFWS and BFBS helmets en route to the ultimate all WFWS versus BFBS matchups the players love so dearly. The modern players are allegedly allergic to bright team colors.

    Go with an all forest green jersey / pants. Make the green stripes white and keep the yellow strip. Make the helmet forest green with a metallic flake in it . . . or would that be too hard for the offense (Love) to see players (WR) down field ?

    It would be so funny if they wore the 1958 throwbacks against the Jets with Rodgers.

    The white is overused and unnecessary. The Packers number font is the best in the NFL. I think the Steelers and Bengals should switch to that style.

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