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Let’s Talk About the Eagles’ Beautiful Kelly Greens

[This post is part of Uni Watch Positivity Week. You can learn more about that here, and you can see all the UWPW posts here. — PL]

Having spent the past two weeks doing deep-dive Uni Watch Premium articles on two of the NFL uniforms that are being revived as throwbacks this season — the Seahawks’ silver/blue uniforms and the Bucs’ creamsicles — I’m turning my attention this week to the Eagles’ Kelly greens (whose latest throwback iteration leaked last week). I’ve come up with a dozen fun facts about Philly’s Kelly period, most of which you probably didn’t know about or have forgotten.

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    Does anyone seem recall years ago if some teams started out the season with mess jerseys. Then, went with a solid fabric during the cold months?

    I love the kelly green and silver, but color aside, the design of their current jerseys is far and away the more attractive uniform in my book. I would love to see them try the current uniform but simply swap the dark green for kelly and make the pants and helmet wings silver.

    Blech!!! I don’t like ANYTHING about the current uniform OR helmet design OR the colors. Bring back the 1985-1995 uniform, helmet, and colors full time, please!!!

    One detail left out of the 1974-84 unis: The 1974 helmets were metallic green. I thought it was only for the one season, but according to some people in this forum, the helmets were phased out for a flat green, then the green we came to know, through ’78 when the team switched helmet companies.


    At my high school the basketball team wore kelly green and the football team wore that dark hunter green. Glad I played football.

    The color of the uniforms in the article photo looks darker than kelly green. Is it just the photo lighting? Because, to me, the kelly green throwbacks will be a lighter shade of green than what is shown.

    The rather nuanced aspect of the Eagles Kelly Green uniforms of the 80’s and early 90’s that do not get a lot of attention and are somewhat non-conventional are the white socks they wore with both home and away sets. Most teams with silver pants like the Cowboys and the Lions wore blue dominant socks, I would like to see what the Kelly Green’s look like with Kelly Green striped socks similar to the socks they wore with the 1960 Throwbacks they wore in the 2010 game against the Packers.

    There are obviously many shades of kelly green, even with the Boston Celtics over the years (especially in the trimmings of the white uniforms). The one shown for the Eagles throwback is a very light shade compared to the action photos of the ers it should refer to that I have seen so far. As for the socks, I always prefer white tube socks with a colored striping on the top part.

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