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Category: Uni Watch Positivity Week

A New Sub-Niche: The World of Sports-Themed Postage Stamps

We all know that there are sports-themed stamps out there. But did you know that there’s a whole organization and magazine devoted to collecting them?

Orlando Magic Unveil 35th-Season Logo

With the 2022-23 season just completed, one team is already looking ahead to next season.

EXCLUSIVE: Newly Revealed Photos Add to Seattle Pilots’ Prototype Uni Intrigue

For a team that existed for such a short time, the Pilots have a surprisingly deep uni history. Here’s the latest addition to it.

Syracuse Mets to Honor City’s Pivotal NBA Role by Becoming Syracuse Shot Clocks

The 24-second clock was invented in Syracuse, and now it’s finally being honored on a uniform — but for a baseball team, not a basketball team.

Some Recent Gifts I’ve Received from Uni Watch Readers

How lucky am I? So lucky that my readers send me things! Here are some of the latest arrivals at Uni Watch HQ.

Let’s Talk About the Eagles’ Beautiful Kelly Greens

With the Kellys being revived as throwbacks this season, I’ve done a deep dive on Philly’s original Kelly era, full of fun facts and super-detailed info you probably don’t know about!

Report: Giants, Cards to Play in 2024 MLB Field of Dreams Game

The retro-styled game isn’t being played this year, but it’s reportedly on its way back for 2024. Here’s a look at some of the throwback uni possibilities.

Black and Blue: Panthers Show Off New Uni Combo

Carolina has never paired its blue jersey with its black helmet — but that might be changing.

Jimmy Lonetti Scores Again with Vintage MLB Gumball Machine

A longtime Uni Watch reader has added something special to his baseball glove-repair shop. Here’s the full story.

Every Dawg Has His Day: Browns Unveil New Canine Logo

The Browns still won’t have a logo on their helmets, but they do have a new logo in their visual portfolio.

FIRST LOOK: Panthers Show Off Changes in Jersey Color and Tailoring

We knew these changes were coming, but this is our first look at them.

MLB Releases Stars/Stripes Caps for Independence Day

Two of the teams’ caps had previously leaked, but now they’ve all been officially released.

Orange You Glad: Bucs Set Date for Long-Awaited Creamsicle Throwback Game

We knew they were coming. Now we know when they’ll hit the field.

Welcome to Uni Watch Positivity Week!

Can Paul avoid expressing any negative opinions for an entire week? Let’s find out!