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Report: Giants, Cards to Play in 2024 MLB Field of Dreams Game

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There is no MLB Field of Dreams Game this season, because the ballpark in Iowa is being renovated. No official announcement has been made about the game’s possible return in 2024, but The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that the retro-styled game, which in the past has featured old-timey throwback uniforms, will indeed be restored to the MLB schedule next year, and that the Giants and Cardinals will be the two participating teams.

This is great news, because the Giants and Cards both have deep uniform histories to choose from. When I wrote a piece last year about the best Field of Dreams throwback option for every National League team (I also did a corresponding piece for the American League), I suggested that the Giants go with their late-1920s road design:

But that’s just one option. Here are the Giants’ uniforms from their time in New York and San Francisco.

As for the Cardinals, my pick was their mid-1920s road uni:

Again, that’s just one option. For St. Looie’s full post-1900 uni history, look here.

But there’s an additional wrinkle: The Chronicle report says there’s a strong possibility that the 2024 Field of Dreams game will be played at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Ala., instead of in Iowa. Rickwood Field is America’s oldest professional ballpark and former home to the Negro Leagues’ Birmingham Black Barons. The Giants have a connection there, because the Black Barons’ roster in the late 1940s included a young Willie Mays (who was still in high school at the time!). So if the game is played at Rickwood, the Giants might wear Black Barons throwbacks, which would mark the first time the Field of Dreams Game has featured Negro League uniforms.

What might a Black Barons throwback look like? Here are some old photos showing a range of possibilities:

If the Giants went that route, I imagine the Cardinals would also go with a Negro Leagues design. They have played many times as the St. Louis Stars. Here’s how some of those games have looked:

Per the Chronicle report, MLB will officially announce the details for the game sometime this week.

(My thanks to reader Erik Spoonmore for bringing the Chronicle article to my attention.)




ITEM! A Deep Dive on the Eagles’ Kelly Greens

Having spent the past two weeks doing deep-dive Uni Watch Premium articles on two of the NFL uniforms that are being revived as throwbacks this season — the Seahawks’ silver/blue uniforms and the Bucs’ creamsicles — I’m turning my attention this week to the Eagles’ Kelly greens (whose latest throwback iteration leaked last week). I’ve come up with a dozen fun facts about Philly’s Kelly period, most of which you probably didn’t know or have forgotten.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paying subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you access to my full Substack/Bulletin archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration.



One Last Father’s Day Reminder

Father’s Day is coming this Sunday, and Phil will once again be posting photos of Uni Watch readers’ “Dads In Uniform,” an annual tradition that began in 2013. This is always a very special day, and we’d love for as many readers as possible to participate — especially those of you who haven’t done so before.

To take part, email one photo of your father, grandfather, or uncle in uniform (it can be sports, military, work — as long as it’s a uniform). along with a short description of 100 words or fewer, to this email link by midnight Eastern tonight. Again, only one photo per person and limit the descriptive text to 100 words. Phil will run all of the submissions on Father’s Day. Thanks!



New Cap Reminder

After a bunch of false starts, I’m happy to announce that we are once again offering a Uni Watch ballcap! This one is a 100% cotton low-profile strapback (i.e., a “dad cap”). It looks great and, like all Uni Watch products, does not have a visible maker’s mark.

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Can of the Day

Hey look, it’s Brownie the Elf! But instead of holding a football, he’s holding a bowl of salted peanuts. Note the slogan: “The more I eat, the more I want.” Truth in advertising!

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    I was at the Field of Dreams recently and was disappointed that they were “renovating” the stadium. It looked like the field was still there but the “stadium” was completely down.

    I think a “touring feast” for vintage games would be a good thing. Have the games at places like Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson (which has been renovated), and Williamsport as well as Dyersburg.

    I love this idea, too. Playing these games at ballparks with true history as opposed to a field built solely for one game is a much better way to honor the past.

    While I’m very glad that Hinchliffe Stadium has been reborn, its’ configuration for baseball doesn’t seem all that suitable for MLB play. I’m sure that can be remedied in short order.
    I too would love to see these games begin to barnstorm, so long as they don’t get gimmicky (i.e.: NASCAR races at LA Coliseum, pouring tons of soil onto Bristol’s concrete to make it a ‘dirt’ track).

    The San Francisco link to the Dressed to the Nines database is missing the NL flag, so the results page is dumping every team’s uniforms from the beginning. Here’s the corrected link: link

    If the game is played in Iowa, the Giants should wear the uniform of Archie “Moonlight” Graham, one of the characters in the movie who was based on a real ballplayer.


    But, the version you suggest is pretty close to what the character played in the movie!


    I love the Field of Dreams games — and appreciate the focus on being positive!

    Love the Can of the Day!! Aside from the elf, I really like the banner for United Fig & Date Company.

    I am ambivalent about the uniforms, but that triple B cap s a must, if they go the Negro League route. Very cool!


    If either team wins the World Series this year (not that it’s looking likely), they should really wear their “World(‘s) Champions” uni in this game.

    If it is played at Rickwood Field then the ONLY uniform the Giants should wear is the Black Barons. This is a clear nod to the great Willie Mays and wearing anything else would be inappropriate.

    I agree that Negro League unis should be worn at Rickwood Field but there’s a small part of me that is hoping the Giants go with the 1916 purple plaid.

    Playing it in different historic stadiums is the way to go, I think. And I also hope that if the Giants opt for a Black Barons uniform the Cards will follow with Stars uniforms. Plenty of nice options to choose from for both teams. But for one game only: leave off the sleeve ads…

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