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Our First Look at a Giants Jersey in Nike’s New Template

First we had the D-backs, then the Tigers, then the Dodgers, and now we have the Giants showing us how their home jersey will look when rendered in Nike’s new tailoring template, which all MLB teams will be using next season. The sneak peek came at the team’s introductory press conference for South Korean outfielder Jung Hoo Lee, who just signed with the team as an international free agent.

Here’s what I noticed: First, the sleeve piping looks a bit more robust:

Second, as we’ve seen with other teams, the MLB logo on the back of the jersey is positioned lower, the typography on the back is smaller, and the NOB is rendered in a tighter arch:

And as we’ve also seen with other teams, the numeral fabric is perforated:


Although not related to the new template, that NOB is also worth discussing. The Giants don’t have another Lee on the roster, but they apparently included his initials on the NOB (and no periods!) because that’s what he consistently wore in Korea:


Also worth noting: Last season the Giants had an advertisement on one sleeve and a team logo on the other, but Lee’s jersey at today’s press conference was blank on both sleeves. It isn’t surprising that the sleeve ad has been removed, because the advertiser has been embroiled in a scandal, but it’s disappointing to see that the team logo patch is also MIA. Dang.

Update: Reader/commenter Dave S. points out something I missed, namely that while the gold drop-shadow has been retained on the uni number, it is no longer being used on the NOB lettering:

Okay, that’s it for me until Monday. Have a great weekend!

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    That was fast! Yeah is it just me or is the actual NOB tendered in a slightly different font, too? And very strange that there’s no sleeve patch on the jersey. I didn’t even catch that.

    The number font on the new template don’t even match the previous one. Nike continues its tradition of ruining traditional sports jerseys

    Haven’t bought a authentic jersey since Nike took over. I even got a Wembanyama Nike jersey on draft night and the number is so thin you can see the glue line under it.

    Funny how so many folks get excited when Nike becomes involved with their favorite league or university. But that attitude quickly shifts once the mediocre-to-lousy designs start coming. And at least is consistent. Their uniforms for MLB, NBA and NFL all suck.

    That’s why I’m an Under Armour guy. At least they put effort into their designs (see the XFL and any colleges they do)

    It looks like the numeral font as well as NOB is thicker than previous unis. And thankfully they respected the placket! Though it’s easier to screw up on a script font I suppose.

    Plaid sportscoat, buttoned, shirt buttoned up to the neck, with no tie? Interesting new executives look.

    Another thing in business that’s become a thing. And it never looks good. Throw a tie over it or unbutton the top button.

    And yet, the Giants video (link in today’s Ticker) shows the gold drop-shadow in place on the NOB. Strange!


    Too much orange on the collar and sleeves. It makes the jersey look like a cheap Kohl’s or Kmart jersey.

    Lee is a very common Korean family name (along with Kim and Park) so he must have taken his initials as NOB with him to San Francisco, maybe for good luck and for identification for Korean fans watching the Giants.

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