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Angels Pitcher Carlos Estévez Shits All Over MLB’s New Jerseys

Nike and MLB were fortunate enough to get some very detailed user feedback today in Anaheim, as Halos pitcher Carlos Estévez was signing autographs for fans and someone presented him with a pre-2024 jersey for him to sign. Estévez immediately got a wistful look and made it very clear to everyone that he preferred the old jersey style to the one he was wearing.

I’m sure the appropriate parties at Nike and MLB will thank Estévez for his feedback, take it to heart, and respond accordingly.

(My thanks to our own Anthony Emerson for letting me know about this video clip.)

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    It certainly wouldn’t improve the color contrast between the jerseys and pants, that’s for sure!

    Curious as to why that’s interesting. Is it because he’s got a Nike shoe contract, so he shouldn’t disparage the unis? The only positive reviews of the new unis I’ve seen are all from Nike-signed players. Or is it interesting because he clearly doesn’t like the new Nike jerseys yet he’s fine wearing Nike shoes? I’m sure he had a Nike shoe deal before the Majestic>Nike switchover.

    Also, just because Nike makes shitty uniforms doesn’t mean they also make shitty shoes.

    “ Curious as to why that’s interesting. Is it because he’s got a Nike shoe contract, so he shouldn’t disparage the (Nike) unis?”

    Yes…that is exactly why. He has an endorsement deal with Nike so he shouldn’t be sh*tting on the company that pays him. Simply signing the jersey and moving on would have been the professional thing to do.

    Assuming he signed the deal before this year’s comedy of errors, I don’t have a problem with what he did.
    I would use a less harsh description for his reaction, though.

    Im gonna guess you work for Nike or are otherwise a pathetic bootlicker. Every single player should be RIPPING Nike every chance they get. Their CEO should be making a statement apologizing and promising immediate fixes no matter the cost. That’s how you handling messing up this bad. Instead Nike goes with the defensive bs they have spewn.

    One wouldn’t think he would crap all over the hand that feeds him in his shoe contract by dissing the Uniform from the same company. Possible he checked with the corporate bigwigs as Nike before he said his piece?

    Thus my comment of “Interesting”.

    I don’t know if he “shit all over them”. It’s clear he misses the old ones and that’s a knock on the new ones, but smiling and shaking his head and saying “these are way better” doesn’t really equate to the aggressive and vulgar take the headline is suggesting.

    I agree. The headline was a bit hyperbolic. It’s obvious that he misses the older togs, as I’m sure most of us fans and his fellow players do.

    Well, I for one am clutching my pearls at this grave injustice done to Nike’s small mom-and-pop business.

    We can say “he shouldn’t be saying anything about Nike’s awful jerseys since they pay him to wear his shoes” (shut up and dribble) but we could also say “Nike shouldn’t put him in an embarrassingly awful jersey when he’s endorsing their product.” These jerseys look like pirated knockoffs, and nobody’s allowed to say anything about the emperor’s new clothes? To hell with nike.

    He’s going to get an earful for this, I’m sure, but it’s not like he was rudely profane or really went out of his way to disparage the company. This isn’t something he composed and published on X-Twitter for the world. This is a fun moment between him and some fans, which somebody recorded on their zombie-pacification-and-surveilance-device. Most of Estevez’s communication here is nonverbal. Nike can cancel his endorsement if they want to (they won’t because that would only make them look worse) and he’d be just fine.

    It does present an ironic situation where the player says something like “this is a real one” while the jersey that the player is wearing is the one that looks cheap and fake.

    I’m not here to pontificate why taking the high road is preferable to using scatalogical metaphors. Just as I don’t want to be “that guy” who prudely wrinkles his nose at dirty jokes, I think Paul would rather not be “that other guy” who never misses an opportunity for a fart/piss/turd reference. I don’t want Uni Watch to turn into my old job!

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