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2024 MLB Batting Practice Caps — Distinct from Spring Training Caps — Begin to Emerge

MLB’s 2024 slate of batting practice caps (not to be confused with the 2024 spring training caps or clubhouse caps) hasn’t yet been officially released, but five of them have appeared on the San Diego-based lifestyle website Billion Creation.

The best of the bunch is clearly the Pirates design shown above — love those Stargell stars! — but most of the others aren’t bad either:


I don’t much care for Colorado’s (and not just because it’s purple), but all the others are pretty good.

Those are the only five BP designs currently shown on Billion Creation. But I have a strong suspicion that the mysterious Orioles cap that I wrote about last week is also a BP cap. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s what that one looked like:

In addition, this appears to be the Twins’ BP design:

(My thanks to Jordan Georgeson for bringing the Billion Creation listings to my attention.)

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    MLB keeps rolling them out.. Soon enough, they’ll have “Bullpen Caps”, Caps that only the relievers wear in the bullpen, then walk-up caps, caps that the relievers wear when they run from the bullpen to the mound, then “Warm-up” caps, caps that the relievers wear when warming up pitches, before putting on the regular game hat. What other merch can they squeeze out? Maybe a different helmet that the players wear when they trot around the bases for a home-run that the first base coach gives them when they round first

    I have to agree. I hate the money grab, but I like to see gnarly designs. These are the types of caps I hope to find at Ross Dress for Less for $9.99 in a few years.

    Good catch, it has to be to pair with their current look. It’s sharp they should go to a pinstripe set and mix the current colors with the past unis.

    Received a reply from that sellling company, they only have the high crown Stargell stars. Bummed aht for sure

    We’re not suckers, Phil.

    If I really like a cap, I’ll buy it and wear it. If I don’t like it, I won’t. I never gave MLB and New Era any money I didn’t want to give it. That doesn’t make me a sucker or a fool.

    I get it when you guys say you don’t like a particular design. I get it when you say you don’t think a particular line of caps needs to exist. Those are valid opinions.

    But don’t insult the Uni Watch readers who like some of these just because you don’t. We can disagree and still “get it.”

    Does that Marlins cap use teal? Mixing the throwback color palette with the modern logo seems like an interesting choice if they are doing that. I remember reading that the teal throwbacks would be discontinued this year because they don’t sell any better than the regular unis.

    Funny if that’s the case because they don’t sell well, because the Marlins/Nike/Fanatics/whoever was in charge of selling the throwbacks made it nearly impossible to find anything

    Looks like I was half right… I thought the Baltimore cap was going to be the BP/Spring Training cap, but that was assuming the Spring Training caps were the same as the BP caps with an added patch.

    I didn’t expect two separate lines of caps to come out, but honestly I don’t hate any of these early looks.

    The pinstripes meeting above the logo but not at the top on the Marlins and Rockies caps are very weird.

    The Pirates cap is a winner, for sure. I do not like how the pinstripes are laid out on the cap.

    Interesting that the cloth texture seems to be either like the Pirates (waffle-like) or like the Rockies/Marlins (more traditional cloth). Seems like it should be one or the other…

    the waffle-like texture looks like it is on the fitted hats where the regular cloth is for snapback/adjustable

    I like the Pirates’ cap, but the stars should come separately and should be velcro or pinned.

    I really like the colors of the Padres’ here, but the shape of the grey part being different than the paneling will always draw my attention.

    Houston’s looks really nice from a color standpoint, but the alignment of the horizontals looks a little strange to me.

    I really want to like pinstripes on a ballcap, but they never look right on contemporary examples, largely due to spacing and the way they line up with the panels.

    As far as merch dumps go, this one is… not bad. I appreciate that designs aren’t boilerplate and show some effort to be specific to the individual teams.

    Interesting that the BP caps and the spring caps are different this year. Hopefully the Yankees use the top hat logo for these.

    So let me get this straight: when a player arrives at his spring training locker, he’ll be putting on his Clubhouse Hat. Then when it’s time for batting practice, he’ll take his Clubhouse Hat off and put on his Batting Practice Hat. When batting practice ends, he’ll go back to the clubhouse, take off his Batting Practice Hat, and put his Clubhouse Hat back on. When the game starts, he will once again remove his Clubhouse Hat, don his Spring Training Hat, and hit the field. When the game is over, back to the clubhouse and the Clubhouse Hat. This is more costume changes than a Taylor Swift concert.

    Hey Paul –
    It looks like the pinstriped hats are not BP hats – thankfully! You can tell by the sticker (snapback) & the material which looks to be the standard polyester/wool rather than the BP hat material.

    I don’t understand why they need a different hat for each situation……1 hat could be used for everything. It’s unnecessary

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that on New Era’s website, their homepage shows a few caps stacked on top of one another to advertise their ST collection…except the top cap, a Rockies ST cap, DOESN’T have the ST patch on the side.

    It’d be kind of silly of them to NOT sell the ST line without the ST patch, since it would appeal to so many additional people, but the line of ‘additional’ hats up here, especially the existence of this Rockies one, seems to countermand that.

    Unless they’ve gone full crazy and have decided that teams need separate home and road BP caps; they could be making the ST ones home, and these other ones the roads, with exceptions. Interesting for sure.

    I really love that Pirates one, and it’s not just because I am a PA resident. I love that it is a nod to the 70’s Painter Caps with the Stargell Stars. It is IMO a fantastic cap

    So–I will admit that I might be forcing myself to explain these because I happen to actually like a lot of the designs, same with the Spring Training Caps. For me, the difference between BP hats and the goofy clubhouse caps is that there is a genuine reason to have a separate BP hat.

    I’m bummed they aren’t making the ST caps the BP caps this year. I wanna buy some of them but not with a huge 24 patch on the side.

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