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MLB Releases 2024 Spring Training Caps

The full slate of 2024 MLB spring training caps, a few of which previously appeared on MLB’s Canadian website, have now been released. Here’s the breakdown:

National League East

National League Central

National League West

American League East

American League Central

American League West



And there you have it. The first spring training games will take place on Feb. 22.

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    Red Sox cap posted twice and Blue Jays are missing. More importantly, where can I buy one of these??

    I think the Twins cap is spectacular. I hope these are the batting practice caps (without the spring patch.)

    One thing to note: The Orioles are using the O’s logo, so the version we saw last week with the bird must be an alt of some kind.

    They’re all on the store.

    Looks colorful….

    I think Toronto got replaced with Boston or they moved to Buffalo again….

    These are very very nice. Looking forward to picking up a Red Sox version without the Spring Training patch.

    I wonder where the Orioles ornithologically correct white panel cap will be used. Maybe it’ll be an alternate used elsewhere. It’s not a Spring Training cap nor is it a “Clubhouse” cap.

    It’s looking like it might be a part of a separate “batting practice” collection. There are different versions of the Tigers and Twins ones floating around the net.

    Agreed. These are some very nice caps. The Marlins cap in particular is way better than the standard uniform cap.

    Some of them are great, some are OK, but I’m definitely buying that Giants cap.

    That Astros logo on the cap is one of the worst designs ever. I get that the H-star logo inside a roundel exists so they have a more classic primary logo instead of simply using their cap logo as both cap and primary logo. But when rendered on a cap the roundel logo is redundant, just use the basic H-star logo.
    If they feel the need to use a different logo for this alternate design then put the star with the orbit that they use on their connect uniform.

    The Nats just keeping further away from the curly W. I wonder if the late Ted Lerner liked it more than his son.

    Love the BoSox and Tigers hats. The fabric looks strange but I’d consider buying one of each.

    Love the Yankees cap. Fresh, boundary-pushing design. Just kidding. Love that the Yanks stick to the classics. They stand out by doing nothing.

    I wonder if the Orioles tri-color cap with the ’89 bird is a BP cap after all. Like, they’re using different designs for spring and BP now. This Tigers 2024 BP cap with the 80’s road jersey design was posted to a Detroit retailer recently. link

    As a Phillies fan, I find their cap uninspiring. Some of the others I think are great.

    The Nationals cap looks black, but I’m sure it’s just really dark blue. Doesn’t look good with the blue “W”. They really went wild with the Angels. How is this different. I really like the Diamondbacks cap color. But how do they still call this color “teal”? It’s either aqua, or more appropriate being in Arizona they should call it turquoise.

    Teams I care about:

    Twins: One of the best secondary marks in all of MLB, this deserves to be on an on-field hat of some kind. A real standout here.

    Brewers: I don’t share the consensus love for the BiG logo, and my biggest beef with it is that the team consistently deploys it as a blue-on-blue ghosted logo, and even the best logo makes for a crappy looking cap when the logo is ghosted (for example, the Angels, with their awesome A and dreary cap). Seeing the BiG in high-contrast blue on yellow almost makes me think it’s a good team logo. Almost. Excellent cap for this team.

    Nats: See above re ghosted logos. Just a terrible cap, in a way that perfectly reflects the team’s current active effort to uglify its uniforms in every conceivable way.

    For the most part, I really like the caps that use secondary marks, like the Phillies and Cubs. Props to the Yankees for just recreating their regular on-field cap, and holy cow Colorado, why isn’t that your regular on-field cap both home and away?

    I like Phila, Cubs, Cards, Boston, Toronto, and KC. Bonus points to the Yankees and Reds for being obstinate. Cubs and KC are probably my favorites. The colors and composition are nice, but they don’t go overboard.

    I don’t like Mets, Nats, ‘Zona, Tampa, Detroit, Seattle, Houston, and Oakland, but I suppose the bright colors make sense for spring. Tampa and Detroit are my least favorite because I don’t like the logos, and the neon hats really draw attention to them in a bad way.

    Dodgers’ script “D” reminds me too much of the Soviet/Russian “Dynamo” sport clubs. I do like the Twins’ flag logo, but not so much on a hat.

    Is releasing a new Spring Training cap each season a shameless money grab? Yes. Is the Red Sox 2024 Spring Training cap gorgeous and did I buy it? Also yes.

    I like several of these cap designs (especially the Rockies, who sorely need a purple hat in their rotation). But there’s something about the texture of them that is really off-putting to me.

    My opinions on all of these:
    PHI – Good hat, kinda want more blue on it
    ATL – Pretty nice, like it
    NYM – Meh, I kinda wish they put Mr. Met on it
    WAS – Worst of the bunch. I don’t know what the Nationals are doing with their uniforms, but I don’t think they do either.
    MIA – Good, better than their main hat. I might prefer it with just the fish on it. Or maybe not.
    CHC – Awesome use of the secondary logo. The Cubs need to use more powder blue in their uniforms, it just works for them
    MIL – Okay, not the best but not bad
    PIT – Solid as well
    CIN – Uncreative. Come on, do something. Mascot, alternate logo, even the city connect logo. Or don’t.
    STL – B I R D . This is all I need from life, this one logo on a hat.
    COL – Come on, Rockies, this is a great hat, and you choose not to use more purple in your actual uniforms? USE MORE PURPLE IT’S A GREAT COLOR AND YOU’RE JUST WASTING IT i’m sorry for shouting what were we talking about?
    LAD – This is the only spring training cap the dodgers should ever use. They should use it in the regular season too.
    SF – Yes.
    ARI – I love this color as a base on a spring hat.
    SD – See ARI
    BOS – This is a hat I would absolutely wear. (mainly because I root for this team, but also for the hat itself)
    BAL – Bird where?
    TOR – This is the best hat out of all of these. This needs to be seen by everyone, everywhere, at all times. Wear it in the regular season.
    NYY – Creativity is not something the Yankees have had in a century. It’s not like they need it, but come on.
    TB – They need to wear yellow more. Idea: Use powder blue on the road jerseys, but yellow as the accent color everywhere else
    CHW – Meh
    MIN – The flags are a great alt logo, but I don’t know how I feel about them on a hat.
    DET – See MIN.
    CLE – Good spring hat.
    KC – A bit low-contrast, but overall ok
    SEA – Great hat. Love it.
    LAA – Wow. Nothing. Not even a little creativity. Bad.
    HOU – The colors are giving me weird feelings, and they aren’t good ones. Houston, we have a problem.
    TEX – Is this just the Sunday alt hat without the royal brim? Yes, yes it is.
    OAK – Fine. Just okay. But what about putting an elephant on it?
    Overall, these are soulless cash grabs. But they’re really good, so I don’t care that much.

    I guess I missed the announcement that the Mariners changed from Northwest Green to teal …. Friggin’ Nike ….

    Other than the Twins, D’backs, Rays, Brewers and Padres, these are largely meh. And that Blue Jays lid with the light brim is going to get dirty in a day or two, between dirty hands, pine tar and dust.

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