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Category: Spring Training

Pete Crow-Armstrong’s Epic NOB Makes Its MLB Debut

Where does he stand in the MLB NOB sweepstakes?

Giants Prospect Goes S&S: Stirrups ’n’ Shorts

Vaun Brown has the potential to have the most distinctive pants/hosiery stylings in big league history.

Reading the Tea Leaves: O’s, Phils Appear to Be Close to Uni Ad Deals

It’s hard to be 100% certain, but Baltimore and Philly both appear to have something up their sleeves.

Green Wave: MLB Releases St. Paddy’s Day Caps

’Twill soon be the season for the wearin’ of the green and gold.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Wear Green on March 17

Click to enlarge There are two primary ways for MLB teams to mark St. Paddy’s Day. The first, as exemplified by both teams in yesterday’s Tigers/Phillies game (see above), is …

Play Ball! Spring Training Games Provide Lots of Uni Observations

Click to enlarge Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be safe and well. MLB spring training games got under way yesterday, and we …

MLB Summer Camp Leads to Uniform Intrasquoddities

For all photos, click to enlarge So it turns out that MLB summer camp is waaaaay more uni-interesting than MLB spring training. For spring training games, teams wear lame-o merch-dump …

Spring Training Resumes … In Days of Yore

By Phil Hecken, with Ronnie Bolton Follow @PhilHecken Well, the coronavirus pandemic has arrived here in the United States, and for sports (and uniform) fans, that means we’re going to …