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Category: Negro Leagues

Giants and Cardinals Throw It Back for Rickwood Game

It was a beautiful setting for a tribute to the Negro Leagues and Willie Mays.

Critiquing the Cardinals (Stars) NLB Throwbacks for the “MLB at Rickwood Field” Game

Cardinals uniform historian Oliver Kodner takes a hard look at the NLB throwbacks to be worn at Rickwood.

MLB Officially Announces Rickwood Field Uniforms

MLB confirms the Negro League throwbacks to be worn next week at Rickwood Field; MiLB unis also announced.

Are These The Rickwood Field Jerseys? MLB Shop Gives Hint

Jerseys for sale in the MLB shop show probable uniforms for the Rickwood Field game

Envisioning Better, More Accurate Throwbacks for MLB at Rickwood Field Game

Cardinals Uniform Historian Oliver Kodner creates accurate Negro League uniforms on the modern baseball template

Leaked Cap Gives Clues To Rickwood Field (of Dreams) Uniforms

A leaked cap provides clues to the uniforms to be worn at the Negro Leagues tribute game at Rickwood Field.

MLB Faux-back Concept Series (Part II)

Designer Casey Vitelli returns with a set of MLB Fauxback jerseys for every MLB team – Part II

Negro League Inspired Jerseys for Every MLB Team (Part I)

Designer Casey Vitelli returns with a set of Negro League inspired jerseys for MLB teams – Part I

UW Reader Attends First Negro League World Series Logo Unveiling

Reader Luke Vaughan attended the NLBM announcement of events marking 100th anniversary of first Negro League World Series

Negro League Team Apparently Used NOBs Way Back in 1942!

It’s a major historical discovery!

G League Team to Wear Uni Inspired by Negro Leagues Ballclub

A very interesting basketball/baseball crossover design.

Baseball Hall of Fame Announces Negro Leagues All-Star Tribute Game

The game will take place next May and feature a slew of ex-MLB players.

Report: Giants, Cards to Play in 2024 MLB Field of Dreams Game

The retro-styled game isn’t being played this year, but it’s reportedly on its way back for 2024. Here’s a look at some of the throwback uni possibilities.

EXCLUSIVE: Tigers Focus-Grouping New Throwbacks

Good morning, and happy autumnal equinox! Autumn is my favorite season and “autumnal” is my favorite adjective (I like how the silent “n” suddenly gains a voice), so I count …

MLB and MiLB Teams Plan Throwbacks for Juneteenth

Click to enlarge The Giants yesterday announced that they will celebrate Juneteenth this Saturday by wearing San Francisco Sea Lions throwbacks. The Sea Lions played for one season — 1946 …