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Seattle Seahawks Unveil First Throwback Uniforms in Team History

We’ve known since last year that the Seahawks would be reviving their old blue/silver uniform design as a throwback for 2023. Today they finally unveiled the retro threads, and I have to say they look great. My only real gripe is that Nike’s new template interrupts the piping on the collar, as you can see above. (I realize some people may also feel that the pants don’t look sufficiently metallic, but that ship sailed more than a decade ago.)

The design is based on the team’s 1990s uniforms — blue facemasks, no sock stripes. Here’s a bunch of additional photos:

One oddity: The NOB font isn’t historically accurate. That’s such an easy thing to get right — why would they botch it? But look:

Also, as you can see in that photo comparison, the 7s don’t match. (UPDATE: As several commenters noted, the Seahawks wore both kinds of numbers at different times.) None of these little glitches are dealbreakers, but it’s disappointing that there are so many of them.

The Seahawks will wear this uniform on Oct. 29, when they host the Browns.

Seattle wore several slight variations of the blue/silver combo from their 1976 inception through 2001 and then switched to their current dark-blue helmet in 2002. They could have revived the original look as a throwback anytime from 2002 through 2012 but opted not to, and then the advent of the one-shell rule in 2013 made a silver-helmet throwback impossible. The one-shell rule was lifted in 2022, but retail supply-chain issues pushed back the throwback’s launch to this year.

Want to learn more about the uniforms that these throwbacks are based on? I recently took an in-depth look at the Seahawks’ blue/silver uni era, filled with obscure fun facts and great visuals. You can access that article by becoming a paid subscriber to my Substack. Subscribing will also give you access to my full Substack archives, including my recent deep-dive looks at other uniforms that inspired this season’s new NFL throwbacks — the Bucs’ creamsicles, the Eagles’ Kelly greens, and the Oilers’ uniforms. My thanks, as always, for your consideration and support!

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    The NOB font looks slightly different compared to the original, seems like it is more rounded while still being sans serif.

    I actually think it is pretty accurate. Compare the “7” on Paul Green’s jersey in the ’83-’93 unit set with the same font (link) or the “S” on Brian Blade’s nameplate on the same set (link)

    So, the 8:32 was reference to when the Kingdome was imploded. Now I wonder if it was imploded at 8:32 because of the 832 steps on the Space Needle… All in all it looks great. I’d prefer if the socks weren’t just blue though.

    Only bit of peer review: I would argue that they didn’t switch to their ‘current’ dark blue helmet until 2012, since they had both gunmetal and navy blue as official colors from 2002-2011, and the helmet then was gunmetal. They got rid of the gunmetal altogether and switched to navy when they switched to their current uniform set.

    Overall, I think they hit the mark with these. The Kingdome tag on the inside of the jersey is a nice touch, but no one’s ever going to see that on the field. I was worried about the sleeve stipes and how that would look with modern jerseys, but these appear to be a reasonable execution.

    The collar is unacceptable. But the worst byproduct of the Nike template is the inability to do a true wraparound sleeve logo. It was the best part of the 80’s jersey.

    My lord, those are soooooo much better than the current set. I so wish they would just return to these. Also, can’t you just, you know, for the sake of the unveiling, tuck in your f-ing shirt people? Looks like shit on the field, but it’s even worse in a situation where you are actually trying to display the damn thing. Geesh!

    To be fair, the modern NFL player is a slob and an asshat and the t-skirt trend is just further evidence of it.

    Every generation says that about the generation before them (and before them).

    I hate the new style, but it’s just their way of being different from their parents/grandparents.

    I guess the truth is we wear a uniform everyday to represent ourselves to everyone… I work construction, some days I’m dressed to the nines in my “meet the homeowner” outfit very sharp very clean… the next day I’ll be in sweats because I’ve got to climb into an attic, the next day my clothes are inside out because I have to paint… the next day I’m in a tie at a board meeting…reminds me of the Looney Tunes where Bugs and Elmer acted according to the Hat they wore…

    interesting the hottakes on how players present themselves. why is our societal standard for professionalism attire the way it is? could be coded in culture and class structure. anyways, I love the pants here. have a good day uniwatchers

    On one hand, I agree with you one hundred percent. On the other hand, there are too many men walking around in public like slobs for me not to think that you are a hypocrite and doing the same thing. You may not be walking around with your shirt untucked, but you’re probably one of the million men walking around in flip flops, sandals, or nurse clogs, something your grandfather’s would NEVER do.

    Walking around public in casual and/or sloppy attire when previous generations were far more formal in their attire is not the same as the issue he is pointing out with NFL players. In the case of NFL players they are out of a specified dress code for their job, that is far different than simply choosing to dress far less formal in your personal life. Certainly the NFL has stopped enforcing their dress code, but it still does exist in some form.
    Likewise dressing sloppy (e.g. the way players have untucked undershirts coming out between their jersey and pants) is different than dressing incredibly casual or informal. One can dress casually (golf shirt and shorts) without being sloppy (clothes are wrinkled, etc).
    That all said, I’d agree that the degree of informal dress has reached absurd levels. The people I interview for positions at work certainly don’t look like they want to be taken seriously. Sweatpants and gym shorts, no matter how comfortable, are meant for use around your home or while exercising, that is it. I believe Seinfeld said it best, a man wearing sweatpants in public is a message to the world they have just given up.

    Old helmets didnt have hawk logos that touched in the back. If I walked into a stadium and saw these from afar I would just assume it was The Lions. That couldnt have been said of the actual old seahawks

    Thanks for that! I was wondering if that detail would be included. Is it me, or does anyone else think the blue hue is off?

    Only problem I have with the throwback helmets is the logo needs to be pulled farther to the front. Logo looks like it is placed on the backside of the helmet

    The Seahawks have a bottom 5 uniform in the NFL, if they switched to this full time they would instantly be top 5.

    WOW!!!!!!! Those are so great! I know the current set is what a lot of the younger generation want to keep due to the Super Bowl appearances. But that color blue mixed with the green/silver is off the chain. Maybe it was the lighting in the Kingdome. But, I don’t recall the blue/green being that vibrant. Definitely the best throwback I have witnessed so far (well maybe tied with the creamsicles). Wish it would be their primary and then have the navy/neon green then be an alternate/throwback.

    The Vikings are at the top of my throwback chart…at least for now; the Seahawks come oh so very close with these though.
    I don’t despise their current uniforms, but these are deserving of more than 1 appearance.

    One thing that bugs me about the helmet is that the ‘hawk’s head sits too far back, shortening the two-color stripe. The throwback beak ends just above the helmet earhole. The original beak is significantly more to the front.

    You are quite right. I guess they are trying to maintain the 2 inch gap between the logos on the back but need to make logo longer to move beak forward. Guess helmets are larger shelled these days with more air vents to work around

    They did a good job, those unis look sharp, the neck bothers me too, but they can’t do anything about it. One thing I don’t like about this new template that Nike is using is the front numbers are too low. There is too much empty space between the NFL logo and the top of the numbers, those numbers should be up almost at the tip of that new V pattern on the front.

    It’s not just the NOB — the number font is completely different as well. Compare the 1 and the 7 from the pic of the original to the 1s and the 7s in the photo gallery.

    Maybe I missed it somewhere in the article or in previous comments, but am I the only one who noticed that the number font is different? Compare the 7 in David Friesz’s jersey to Geno Smith’s. Also there is a difference in the 1 in Friesz’s jersey and the current player at the top of the article (sorry, I don’t know who #14 is currently for the Seahawks).

    The font for the “2” is off as well. I just got my old Joey Galloway jersey out of the closet to compare.

    I believe it’s actually accurate, but for the font the used from 1983 to 1993 instead of the majority of the 90s.

    Agreed. This font looks to be correct from mid 80s to early 90s. Quick image search for Dave Krieg indicates that this font would be correct for the numbers for at least the early 90s.

    Concur as well on the number font, down to the angled upper right on the 7. Though the NOB font looks to be a bit more modern than the one used in the 80s. I’m having a hard time finding a proper shot with an M in it from the 80s, but there’s just something about the modern M that makes me think the font is newer.

    Number font and NOB font are close but not right. The oversized numbers are generally accurate from what I remember.

    I can live with the inaccurate NOB and number font, and the stupid collar, if that’s what it takes to get these beauties back. Pity it’s only for one game

    It’s a compromise, but this is the best Nike collar we’ve seen since they’ve had the contract. Not counting holdouts like GB.

    I wish Nike would find ANYWHERE else to put that swoosh. I can’t really complain about the sleeve logo. That’s a tailoring issue due to modern players preferences that no brand can avoid. But insisting on having the swoosh on the upper sleeve means that most teams sleeves look crowded and many look poorly planned, and varying from player to player some sleeves look as good as can be expected while others look an absolute mess. Again, this is in large part due to player tailoring preferences, but fixing this issue is actually quite easy.

    Don’t give them ideas. It’s a miracle they haven’t yet sullied the front of the jersey with their logo like MLB.

    Interestingly enough, if you go to the pro shop, the version they’re selling to the public is the authentic 1983 cut with proper collar and proper sleeve.

    Seahawks fan here! A great day. I have a ton of Seahawks merchandise and the navy is so drab. So happy it’s green and royal blue again!!!!

    Look at all the teams, college/NFL/MLB, that have gone with a dark navy blue over the past couple of decades. Seems it is a fad just like the BFBS crap. And, when they do go back, it’s such a BIG improvement. BYU, PITT, Brewers & Mariners throwbacks, etc.

    Nike: (unveils throwbacks)
    Fans: “These look great! They should wear these full time!”
    Nike: “Sounds like they’re about due for a bone-colored jersey with a Papyrus number font.”

    Not much I can say about these except “These look great.”

    That said, I honestly don’t mind the Seahawks modern look. Is it traditional? Not in the slightest. But out of all “modern” style uniforms, theirs works the best and has become something of a “modern classic” to me. Lots of teams tried to copy the look/vibe after them, but I’ve always found the Seahawks to be the only ones that just worked. I’d go so far as to say I like them. But only for them.

    Now their previous look? With the “not quite blue, not quite green, but definitely ugly” main color? Yeah, those were bad.

    Love these as the throwback. But full time wouldn’t want them to go this route because silver/blue/silver is derivative of the Lions.
    What would be great is a color swapped version of this. Update the logo to the modern design (but keep the bottom stripe green instead of gray) swap royal blue and green for navy and neon, and also keep the helmet navy, go with gray pants.

    Royal blue is much brighter than Honolulu blue. Also, the Lions don’t have green trim.

    “Seattle wore several slight variations of the blue/silver combo from their 1976 inception through 2001 and then switched to their current dark-blue helmet in 2002.”

    The Seahawks switched to the slate blue helmet in 2002. They started wearing the current navy helmet in 2012.

    Yeah, it looks like they took the serifs off the 1’s in 1994, according to GUD. Googling “1991 Seattle Seahawks” I see the same 7 font as in the throwback pic.

    These are great, I’ve been wanting them to throw back to these for a long time, but would it kill them to tuck their shirts in?? It looks like shit. Hate that look and so many guys do it.

    That royal blue and green in the top photo are so vibrant they punch you in the face! Absolutely spectacular.

    I noticed the title specifies “First Throwback *Uniform* in Team History” (adding emphasis on “Uniform”). The Seahawks did wear a throwback jersey and socks in 1994 for one game, though they didn’t change their masks or pants to match, so it wasn’t a full throwback *uniform*.

    LOVE it. Great job Seattle!

    Now, whatever my beloved Colts are up to, please don’t let it be horrible.

    It seems the Seahawks chose the period of their being an AFC powerhouse to throw back to; the Dave Krieg/Curt Warner/Cortez Kennedy era. It’s a great look but my heart belongs to the Jim Zorn years.

    Just like I mentioned with the Creamsicle announcement, this blue looks slightly lighter than the originals. As Paul mentioned then, it could just be lighting differences. However, I think it bears watching when both of these hit the field.

    Love these colors.
    Wish the Dallas Stars would use this green and ditch the black.

    They did the sleeves right; the original uniforms had a simple green-white-green stripe, accented by a thin white outline above and below. According to the Gridiron Uniform Database, they didn’t add the logo to the sleeves until the 83 season. A nice touch – when football jerseys had sleeves, of course; there were a couple of CFL teams that beat them to it, and the USFL Jacksonville Bulls were the first US team to do it, I believe.

    This should immediately be made their permanent uniform, and wear their navy blue as the throwback. I do think the striped socks would be an improvement, though mixing the earlier 70s with the 90s era. Of course, the current players would screw this up. Around the turn of the century royal blue became less popular, and replaced with navy. Of course the Cowboys replaced their royal with navy long before that, but only with their colored jerseys, whereas they still wear royal numbers and trim with their white. Except for their helmet of course.

    These are fantastic! I read that NFL teams can have a total of 4 different jerseys for the season. How many different pants can they have? Can they put the new logo and facemask on the silver helmet and sport it with the wolf gray pants? Even though they’ve done away with the wolf gray jerseys? Thanks!

    Very nice indeed. The current set is not as bad to me as it is to a lot of people but this is one of my favorite uniforms in football. Even when the collar, the V-stitch and the ridiculous on top of the seam swoosh on the far too short sleeves try to spoil it.

    My soul cries in joy. Neon green is my favorite version of my favorite color, but these uniforms are one of two reasons I fell for the Seahawks. (The other was Largent.) I have been waiting for decades for this to return!

    I knew once we won a title, we’d never change back. I also know that Nike’s new “system” screws up some touches and won’t use silver fabric.

    But. If only for one game, this will be so sweet.


    I was a 12-year-old suburban Seattleite when the Seahawks made their debut and became my co-favorite team along with the Steelers, chosen at age nine in part because of their uniforms. Since my NFL formative years were the 70’s, I am still partial to the looks of teams from that era, and will always prefer Pat Patriot, Kelly Green, Luv Ya Blue, and Creamsickles to their current replacements; the one exception is the Bengals, whose original uniforms looked like they were made to meet a deadline. I do like their current look, save the Rave Green atrocities, and not solely because it replaced the middle-era uniforms that were spectacularly unremarkable. [The lighter blue of that Seahawks uniform has survived as the color of the 12th Man flag, a pleasant inconsistency.] But these throwbacks are as close to perfection as Nike can let themselves get, the collar issue due to the, ahem, chassis and the matte pants aside. I love the sleeve logo and the blue face mask and the abundance of the old green, and whoever decided against the historically-correct oversized front numerals deserves public praise. I have privately lobbied for a return to this look as a way to mark the end of the Russell Wilson-Legion of Boom era, and for at least two games next season I will get my wish. Go Hawks!

    I wonder how many of these throwbacks are serving as R&D for future changes. I’m guessing far too early for the jets and buccs. But the Seahawks and tip a lesser extent the titans are due for sure.

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