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Diamondbacks Debut New City Connect Batting Helmet

The Diamondbacks wore their City Connect uniform for last night’s home game against the Cubs — the uniform’s first appearance of the 2024 season. And as you can see above, their uniform has a new element this year: a dedicated batting helmet design.

There are several odd things about this. First, the D-backs launched their CC uniform in 2021. If they wanted a “Snake-S” helmet logo, why wait until the uniform’s fourth season?

Moreover, the new CC helmet logo doesn’t match the CC cap:

Maybe the new helmet logo is a trial balloon for a possible new cap..?

(My thanks to @DbacksStatsInfo for bringing the new helmet logo to my attention.)

Comments (19)

    What a disaster…. The Cubs broadcasters made fun of these uniforms all night during the game last night. — Kept calling them the Savannah Bananas.

    The D backs are the one uni I would love to design. I have shiny copper tops(the Duracell sponsorship already built in), with matte silver pants. Alphanumerics in Turquoise (speckled even better). Sedona red only as trim or the logo. Font? I like what they have, just more metallic. Red top alts. Cap? Make snakehead more fiercely severe, like the Decepticon logo.

    I actually like the color of these but am I the only one who thinks these looked way better with the white pants?

    I was actually at the game last night, and noticed this. Wasn’t nearly close enough to the action to take any decent photos unfortunately.

    I was thinking we could really use an NL West team with a blue, cursive font and red numbers.

    I’m gonna guess a new helmet logo because that old one is now outdated. had the D-Backs not made teal a primary color, they probably would’ve kept the sand and red A logo on the helmet.

    Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs the t-shirt, Spaceballs the coloring book, Spaceballs the lunchbox, Spaceballs the breakfast cereal! Spaceballs the flame thrower!

    I like this snake logo and love to wear it on a hat. But the 2024 edition of Serpientes is more yellowish than the 2023 version, it seems.

    It’s a little too stylized for me. I don’t know if I would recognize this as an “S” without context.

    I still can’t see the names clearly on the back of the uniforms. I’m sure fans in the upper decks can’t see them clearly either.

    I like the name Serpientes better than DBacks and I like the new S logo (though it feels a bit small?), but that jersey color is awful. I’m not sure what they were thinking with that.

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