Uni Watch Classics: Squatchee Etymology

[Editor’s Note: Today I’m running a post that originally ran on Nov. 18, 2015 — not because I’ve run out of new content (I haven’t!) but because this is a really good entry that many of you may have missed and others will enjoy rediscovering. A fun blast from the past. — PL]

At […]

Some Thoughts About MLB Official Scorers

Note the “Hit” and “Error” indicators in the sign; click to enlarge

I was recently watching a ballgame on TV. At one point a batter hit a grounder that sent the shortstop deep into the hole, where the ball clanked off his glove. And that’s when I heard the broadcaster […]

Orel Hershiser: Man of Many Uni Quirks

Reader JaceSon P. Barrus recently brought to my attention a discussion that took place in the Dodgers broadcast booth on July 6 between play-by-play man Joe Davis and color analyst Orel Hershiser (shown above during his final MLB season, 2000). Here’s the transcript:

Joe Davis: Did you ever deal with tipping [your pitches]?

Orel […]

Dodgers Rookie Has Dirty-Uni Night for the Ages

There was an amusing incident on the fourth pitch of last night’s Mets/Dodgers game, as Dodgers rookie first baseman Matt Beaty fell into the stands while attempting to catch a foul pop and apparently had a run-in with fan’s Dodger dog (or maybe some nachos), because he emerged with uniform pants covered in mustard […]