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NBA Announces 2027 All-Star Game Location and Logo

The NBA announced last night that the 2027 NBA All Star Game will be played in Phoenix.

You can see the game’s logo in the photo shown above. Here’s a better look:

This will be the fourth time that the game has been played in Phoenix. The three previous times were in 1975, 1995, and 2009. Here are the uniforms from those years:

Meanwhile, here are the locations and logos for the 2025 and 2026 All-Star Games, which are being hosted by the Warriors and Clippers, respectively:

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    It isn’t often that I can say this, but I like every single one of those unis. I hope I can say that in three years…if they’re still playing All Star Games by then.
    I really didn’t like the ’96 ones in San Antonio (the ones with the chili pepper on the front and the weird numbers). Those ’95s from Phoenix, though, had just the right amount of garishness.
    ’09 was one my Top Five choices, in part because they had the names under the back numbers. Very good design overall.

    1975 by far the best. How cool would it be to have that be the standard — mimic the host jerseys with EAST and WEST on the chest?

    Eh… Problem with that would be Isiah Thomas wearing a “Bulls” uniform, Jordan wearing a “Knicks” uniform, etc. I know it’s not literally the same but too close that I’m not sure I’d like to see it.

    Celtics players wore Laker purple with gold trim during the 1972 ASG at the Forum. Not sure if Laker players wore green in an actual ASG in Boston.

    The last NBA All-Star Game in Boston was 1964, so there’s probably no one alive now who could tell us if the Lakers wore green in that game.


    Interesting that each of the next three all star games will be in the western US.

    fourth one for Phoenix. Milwaukee is on its second new building since hosting last in 1975, and can’t get it. Wonder why

    Don’t despair. Detroit* hasn’t hosted the game since 1959!

    *The 1979 game was played at the Pontiac Silverdome.

    It’s a goddamned crime the Palace of Auburn Hills never got an ASG. The location with respect to the Metro Detroit area was not ideal, but the building itself was fantastic.

    It’s in their name. Everyone wants to come to Phoenix and enjoy the SUN!

    I wonder if your “wonder why” was an actual question or rhetoric.

    KC built the Sprint Center (Centre?), which got renamed after T-Mobile bought Sprint, hoping to attract a NBA team to Missouri. After the news stories of KC fans potentially having to have limbs amputated due to frostbite, I can see why the league might want to keep it in warm weather cities, just in case. I wonder if they will ever play the NBA ASG in Hawaii.

    Also, plenty of northern/”cold climate” cities have hosted since the 1970s, including Indianapolis just last month.

    Was hoping the announcement would be that 2027 will be the final all star game.

    And 1975 unis are cool.
    The others? Dogshit.

    Man, I really don’t miss the “everyone in XXXXXL shorts” era of basketball uniforms.

    And I say this as someone who mos def wore XXXXXL cargo shorts as a teen.

    Another thing to love about the 1975 photo – Jim Price and Jo Jo White wearing Pro-Keds!

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