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Denver Broncos Unveil White Alternate Helmet

After dropping hints for nearly four months, the Broncos have finally revealed their new alternate helmet. As was widely expected, it’s white. We didn’t know if it would feature the team’s primary logo or the retro “D” logo, but it turned out to be the latter. So it’s basically a color-swapped version of the Color Rush helmet they’ve been wearing since 2016:

Fittingly, the white lid will be worn with what had been the Color Rush uniform — orange jersey, orange pants. Here’s how that combo will now look, compared to the old look with the navy helmet:

I wouldn’t say that the white-helmet version looks worse, at least when viewed in a vacuum, but I do think it looks significantly less Broncos-y. Feels more like an NCAA uniform, at least to me. Again, not a terrible look, but it just doesn’t feel like the Broncos.

This new white-helmeted alternate uni will be worn for two games this season. The team says it will be announcing the two game dates “later this month,” which means sometime between now and next Monday, July 31.

Meanwhile, the Broncos may be overhauling their primary uniforms for 2024 or ’25. The current set, which was revolutionary and even radical when it was introduced in 1997, now feels badly dated. I recently did a deep dive on that uniform set, which you can see here.

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    “Feels more like an NCAA uniform”

    Yeah that has major Oklahoma State vibes.

    Swap in some white pants, & they’ve got themselves a pretty decent football uniform

    Ditto. Although it’s un-Bronco-ish, with white pants that would look really good.

    I prefer white jersey and/or white pants be worn with a white helmet. For mono orange, I’d rather an orange helmet. But I agree that it looks less like the Broncos.

    Similarly, I thought that getting an orange helmet would help the Bears’ orange jersey feel more like part of a cohesive uniform than when they wore navy/orange/white. It did look better in a vacuum, but less like the Bears. I decided last year that, much as I enjoy seeing alternate looks, my favorite Bears’ uniform is the traditional navy/navy/white.

    As a Bears fan, I have never been a fan of the orange alternate jersey. The helmet just isn’t them either. They have, in my opinion, one of the best home uni sets in the NFL. I like the away set. But, it just doesn’t pop like the home set.

    The helmet is nice – but wearing it with an all-orange uniform seems odd . . .
    The hope hear is that the Broncos have another TOTAL MAKEOVER in 2024/2025

    Just made a “blah” uniform even more “blah”. I liked the mock ups of that helmet paired with an all white uniform. But, it makes no sense with the solid orange set. Unless, the Broncos are putting the feelers out there for what fans may like with a new uni set?

    Yeah we need that makeover ASAP. This looks like the Syracuse alternate but hey, at least it wasn’t BFBS!

    Why not go with a royal blue and change the shade in the rest of the uniform to match? Would changing the color-rush jersey have reset the 5-year rule and precluded a primary uni redesign next year?

    Ugh. This is so bad. Light colored helmets look so bad with darker mono underneath.White pants would help. But it’s odd because you know the fans wanted a proper light blue helmet.

    Actually, the only mono jersey/pants combos I like have white helmets (Bills and Wisconsin, off the top of my head).
    Full-on head to toe mono is mono-tonous.

    My hope as a broncos fan is that they’ll be reverting to the old set next year, and the plan is for this to become a road alternate helmet.

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single team that looks good in a mono uni, but man that mono orange is terrible. The white helmet doesn’t do it any favors. I wish they’d just gone with a real retro helmet.

    A major overhaul for the Broncos can’t happen soon enough, although I don’t have any faith that Nike won’t completely screw the pooch…again.

    yeah, as has been pointed out, change the pants to white and that’s a perfectly cromulent look.

    I’m sure some of the players will be wearing solid white socks instead of the orange. That will be slightly easier on the eyes.

    Not sure why a white helmet is good with orange jersey and pants. I agree with some here who suggest it would look good with an orange or white jersey with white pants.

    Make the helmet blue, switch the pants to white and it’d a very good Broncos uniform.

    Conversely, make the helmet blue, switch the jersey to white, and it’d be a very good Broncos uniform.

    How long does it take before a “badly dated” uniform looks timeless?

    Yup! I actually like the current ones and I’m afraid of a Nike refresh that takes us away from a look that we wore for those super bowls. Most people seem to forget that, fans included.

    Winning should not matter. Bad design is bad design. Unfortunately, most sport’s fans would disagree. That’s the difference between sport’s fans and uniform fans .

    I know the Broncos are doing an overhaul, but they really don’t need too, not entirely. That “color rush” uniform, that jersey is their answer for a new home jersey. It’s perfect. It’s not exactly a throwback but basically a modernized version of their previous set. Just make an inverse of that with navy numbers outlined in orange for the away uniform. Can even do a navy blue alternate with white numbers outlined in orange. Use those helmets, and just introduce some white pants rather than always having orange on orange. That’s the only overhaul they need.

    Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. I assumed white helmet was going with white uniforms for that “icy” look. Instead, we get “somewhat icy”.

    Not big on the white helmet with orange over orange. Would normally be crying for the Broncos to go with throwbacks like everyone else. Have this good feeling they are not going with throwback as they may be going back to them or a similar look with the upcoming primary uni change.

    Hey look it’s Syracuse! Only noticeable differences are blue collar vs orange. Say ORANGE in larger lettering than BRONCOS and the Syracuse S on the helmet instead of the Denver D.

    <img src="link;

    We are truly living in the golden age of NFL uniform overhauls.

    What a time to be alive…

    This is definitely a downgrade. Mono dark jersey/pants with a white helmet is worse than full mono. Looks like they forgot to color in part of their uniform. Not saying the option with the navy helmet looks good, because in general the orange jersey and orange pants is painful on the eyes, but it is certainly better than the navy helmet.
    Not sure why they just don’t use a royal blue helmet, white pants, and make it a throwback option like so many other teams are doing.

    As a Broncos fan, these are exactly what we wanted and everyone that’s a fan of the team loves these. It’s a shame you guys are mostly critical but of course its objective. Looking forward to seeing these on the field.

    I happen to be a broncos fan and I am quite repulsed by the mono-orange design. The white helmet is cool in a vacuum, but it doesn’t make the orange rash uniform look any better. If anything it looks worse IMO.

    Lateral move. But that uniform is so much better than their regular duds, that it still looks decent. I think the helmet would look better with a navy mask.

    I kind of hope they don’t just go back to the boring old “sleeve stripes and athletic font” style. I mean, I for sure get the love for the old uniforms, but they were also the first team to really just say f it, let’s get weird. It would be kind of a shame if they retreated into that boring (if often very nice looking) catalogue template style.

    I’m not looking for the buccos digital clock clown suits by any means, but I’d like to see the broncos try something that is at least new to them. And please stick with the current horse head logo as the primary. And I’d they want to have a d-horse logo, make a modern one.

    Do Orange jerseys aid the QB?
    I noticed when The Face Manning joined the Broncos, they wore the Orange a lot…

    Pretty sure it was just a coincidence. From what I recall the change to orange primary home jerseys was announced the year before the signed Manning. But idk I’m not a quarterback

    I like the helmet and understand the Syracuse comparisons but this actually does not look that bad. All orange would have been worse, all white would have been better, orange jersey and white pants would have been even better, swapping navy for royal blue and go with white, orange, white would have been best. As for the Ice Throne in the promo clip, that belongs to George Gervin and nobody else. I still want that Nike poster.

    The Saints-fan half of me talking here. I’m on vacation, so have been only checking things out sporadically. I don’t know if this was mentioned, but caught a little of the NFL Network last night, where they checked into Broncos camp, and the team is practicing without logos on the helmets. Payton did the same thing through training camp in New Orleans. No big thing; just an interesting-to-me observation. Back to vacation …

    i feel the old orange pants with the blue helmet were unique. These look like a college uniforms. But anything is better than the nike uniform. Im amazed they still wear them.

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