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Early Bird: Eagles’ Throwback Appears to Leak Ahead of Monday Unveiling

The Eagles announced yesterday that they’ll finally unveil their Kelly green throwbacks on Monday. But as you can see above, it looks like the jersey design may have leaked.

That tweet is from @PHLEaglesNation, a popular account with over 146,000 followers. The account owner added this reply to thread:

Here’s a closer look at the jersey, which, as expected, aligns with the team’s Randall Cunningham era:

The design seems to match the child’s jersey that leaked back in early June:

None of this is particularly surprising — it’s been pretty well understood for a while that this would be the era that the Eagles were reviving. They will presumably make that official on Monday.

While we wait for the unveiling, check out my recent deep dive on the Eagles’ Kelly era, which you can read here.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @MetsYeet for bringing this leak to my attention.)


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    I hope they bring back the sliver pants and not just matte grey. If the raiders can do it so can the eagles.

    I’m crying of happiness. (Quizá estoy exagerando un poco, quizás)

    ps- Sorry for writing in Spanish, I’m excited.

    I hope they wear a white jersey from that era in 2024. They seemed to wear white at home an equal amount of times during the Buddy Ryan era.

    Hot weather games and any time the Cowboys came to the Vet were white jersey games at a minimum.

    Say it with me, they need to go back to these full time.
    I saw another post while scrolling socials today lamenting that the NFL has gotten darker and less colorful in general, uni wise in the past 15 years and I couldn’t agree more. We need more brightly colorful unis!

    “they need to go back to these full time.”

    This sentiment is just about evergreen. Only teams I think it doesn’t necessarily apply to are the Saints, Vikings and 49ers. Not even that their throwbacks are bad, I just think they’re the only two with current sets that are better. But for the rest (Broncos color rush, Dolphins, Bucs, Falcons, Pats, Giants color rush, Eagles, Titans keep the Oilers jerseys, Seahawks)

    49ers: wearing near-replicas of the Montana/Young Era
    Saints: what they have is OK but the throwbacks are better (darker gold, sleeve stripes, stripes on pants, no leotard look, better socks)
    Vikings: current set is terrible (asymmetric sleeve stripes, dumb-as-hell nesting numbers

    These are as unremarkable now as they were then… but this will do as a replacement of the black jerseys/helmet alts.
    I do agree that the league could lighten up a bit; these help.

    Ready to see these on the field. I really like the midnight green jerseys when they came out. But, so many teams went with a darker shade of their colors back then. Seems dated now. That Kelly Green should look fantastic.

    Very weird that it’s in the Vapor Untouchable style when the Eagles have moved to the Vapor F.U.S.E. template for their primary jerseys. And I believe every other throwback to be released this season has also been in the F.U.S.E. pattern. The general “look” is probably correct but gives me doubt as to the legitimacy of this.

    I was thinking the same thing, it doesn’t make sense to release throwbacks using the old template. But most likely this is just Fanatics using an old picture for the ad and photoshopping the numbers and logos onto it.

    I’ve also never seen a Nike Limited retail jersey be customizable. Only the screen printed game jerseys and elite $350 jerseys are. Between that and it being in the Vapor template I really don’t think this is legit, even though it’s probably relatively accurate.

    Step Two needed after they go back to Kelly green full time: Get rid of the cartoon “choking eagle” logo. It looks like it’s choking (you can’t unsee it), which is precisely what the team does. Go back to the majestic eagle in full flight carrying a football. So easy.

    With all these great NFL throwbacks I will really enjoy watching the Sunday NFL highlights this year. A feast for the eyes and will feel young again!

    Interesting note: The originals were screen printed numbers and logos and these are sewn on. After Jeff Lurie bought the team, in 1995, they did have a season of wearing the Kelly greens with sewn in numbers and a thinner black outline around the numbers. But for most of the Cunningham era, the numbers and logo were screened on.

    A big part of me wishes they’d go all the way and screen print it all this time, but the promo video clearly showed it sewn on.

    These have been in my FB ads and such for a few days from another site. White and green versions

    Amazing. The fanatics leak was pretty damn close, this is the only one it did not hit. It had August 1 as the availability date for the Eagles throwbacks. Regardless it’s going to be cool to see this back on the field, far and away the best birds look since the early 60s. They absolutely have to wear them against the Cowboys!

    Got an email from the team today indicating that would be available for sale Monday morning (July 31) at 9AM.

    UPDATE: the Eagles have given up. Pics of the full uniform all over their social media. And they look amazing. Pants are a little lighter than the old silver but they got it all right – striped socks, all-silver wings, silver pants. So good.

    Yep. Gorgeous.

    This is what happens when you try to get cute with your unveiling.

    It’s also not like we didn’t know what’s coming anyway…

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